PM Browne calls for political ceasefire as Government fights COVID-19 Virus

PM Pointe FM Radio Programme

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Saturday, during his weekly appearance on a radio programme on 99.1 Pointe FM has called on his political opponents to observe a ceasefire and join his government in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am going to commit myself from today that I will aspire to have nothing negative to say about my political opponents.  I am asking Opposition Leader Harold Lovell and his entire team to join us in a political ceasefire.  It is critical at this time.  The focus should be about getting our people vaccinated to protect lives and our livelihoods.  I am making an earnest call for a political ceasefire between the opposition forces and government for us to understand that the priority at this time is to protect lives and livelihoods by getting our people inoculated in order to achieve herd immunity,” PM Browne told his radio and social media audience.

The country’s leader was at the time responding to a caller who commented on the government’s position that there will be no lock-down of the country to fight the rise in COVID-19 cases.

PM Browne said that unless the COVID-19 situation gets to a point whereby the health system becomes overwhelmed, the country would not go into a lock down.  He said that what is needed is for persons to come together and observe the protocols and encourage each other to get inoculated.  The recent figures indicate that there are 370 active COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda with 40 persons hospitalized.

“There is no other way out and all of us are vulnerable as each of us.  We must understand that there are consequences that go beyond our individual decisions and we have to make decisions in the interest of ourselves and our loved ones and the entire nation as a whole,”  PM Browne stated.

On February 16, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell mounted a social media campaign outlining his support for COVID-19 vaccination, stating that he will take the vaccine.

“I will take the AstraZeneca vaccine or whichever vaccine is recommended by our medical and public health professionals.  It is absolutely important to get vaccinated. It will protect my life, the lives of my family and friends and most of all the lives of the people of my wonderful country,” Harold Lovell posted on his Facebook page.

The government earlier this week commenced its vaccination programme, inoculating front line workers to include nurses, doctors, EMT officers, Members of Cabinet and Parliament and other healthcare workers.  It will continue the vaccination drive in the coming weeks, also taking the vaccination programme to the sister island of Barbuda.

“I make this sincere call for a political ceasefire at this time, recognizing that the country needs us all.  Each of us must take responsibility to fight this existential threat in our country.  All of us must participate in the public education campaign and to convince everyone around us to continue to adhere to the health protocols in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to get vaccinated in order to achieve the much needed herd immunity  so that we can return to normalcy as soon as possible,” PM Browne stated. (Ends)

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  1. Too Little,Too Late.After abusing others by calling them all sorts of names.You would now want them to join with you and help solve this mammoth of a problem.

    • We all need to be engaged in this battle, and that includes you. Mr. Lovell has agreed that the whole nation needs to be vaccinated. Put the partisan chat aside and let’s get the work down.

      • @Conrad the Red…while I respect each and everyone right(S) to decide as they choose, and the Government rights to some degree, by Law to have an individual adhere to certain policies and protocols, can some of us have the same right(s) to say no to taking the vaccine?
        I am not an antivaxer, I simply want to make a personal choice. This entire Nation being vaccinated. Nah! This should not be forced upon everyone!
        I have my antibodies working just fine! I’ll test[saliva, piss, stool, hair follicle, blood(skeptical due to Henrietta Lacks, and John’s Hopkins research, as in HeLa Cells technology)], but I’ll give some blood. Other than that, no chemicals entering via no syringe.
        Again, I’ll test whenever needed. And, take the risk of getting infected, and build antibodies from there. I will survive, live and thrive without a vaccine.
        Again, please take your shots.
        I am not anti vax.
        I have simply being taught from those who’ve fought and lived through other viruses, bacteria, germ warfare on HUE-MANITY, and adhere to some of their principles which have worked for them and is working just fine for me.
        I for one, see an Allopathic physician once every three(3) years for a general check up. I do adhere to the Sciences of the body, being tested by Allopathic technologists, but not necessarily their remedies, and or treatments, except in broken bones, severe fractures. No internal organ removal or replacement, nor treatments.
        Oh, of course the violence around me from guns, knives, chemical poisons, food poisons, bare hands/fist will quicker kill me, than a virus.

      • I got the Moderna Vaccine some weeks ago.I would not discouraged anyone from taking it. Taking it or not is a choice.Each individual has to make.All of you with your crap stories.Fear mongers.People listen to your inner self and make your decisions.

  2. @ RED KOOL AID.
    Kindly show some respect at this time. Let’s put our THOUGHTS and PRAYERS together to end tlhis PANDEMIC.

    • Show some respect ? Why on Earth are you telling someone about respect . They respect your life so much that the tourist policy is still the same . Still bringing Tourists with no qurantine threatening your very lives and the lives of your love ones .You people have no sense do some of you walk on your BRAINS ? Embarrassing !

      • We all need to be engaged in this battle, and that includes you. Mr. Lovell has agreed that the whole nation needs to be vaccinated. Put the partisan chat aside and let’s get the work down.

  3. What has the UPP ever said or done to persuade people not to adhere to the covid protocols (even when I argue that they are unlawfully implemented I still admonish people to adhere to them) or not to take the vaccine. The political leader Lovell made it quite clear that he would take the AstraZeneca vaccine and that he would not take it in secret. Please tell me what more cooperation do you need from the UPP. The only difference between your position and the UPP to date is that the UPP has now called for a total shutdown for at least 14 days because the covid infectious are now spiralling out of control.

    • Exactly Tabor , it’s just a difference of how to get it done not don’t abide by the protocols .

    • @TABOR
      Glad to hear your Political Leader will take the vaccine . Who cares if He takes it in private or NOT. UPP seem to be BOGGED down with Prime Minister taking vaccine a few weeks ago.

  4. The prime minister has a sinister habit of calling for truce and partnership whenever his own efforts are failing and he wants others to share in the responsibility of his failures. Quite a unique strategy of a corrupt leader.
    I would advice anyone to stay clear of entangling themselves in any such debacle.
    Its a ploy he has devised time and time again when he realizes that things are not going good and he needs others to share in the blame.

    If you cannot do the job; ( evidently you just cannot and that is quite pellucid); then just give it up. Run from it. You are burning yourself by staying in the kitchen.


    • Yes, leadership does matter, and that’s why everybody needs to get behind the PM on this one. Any positive comments by UPP leadership can help to push this forward. Our people are in serious danger, and that includes your parents, grandparents, and neighbours. This is a serious time, and everybody with a functioning brain is needs. Calling all patriots to action!

  5. Sir, after you burn down the city, you blame the citizens for not working hard enough to build it back?
    Have to hand it to you. It is either you don’t give a rat’s ass or you are one taco loco.

    • But now that he’s looking bad because his pandemic response has been exposed as a total shitshow, he’s trying to save his reputation.

      Pretty clear he doesnt care about your lives.

  6. When reality slaps some us in our faces.We would then look into the mirror and not like that reflection that we see.Antigua is like the city of Jericho .The walls are crumbling around you,Gaston Browne and your Administration.The people need to stand as one.Not to be divided by you,the Politicians.Right now the “chit” has hit the ceilings.I have an idea.Gaston Browne,it is time for you to wave that white surrender flag and walk away.Antigua and Barbuda would run much better in my opinion without you at the helm.

  7. By the time the vaccines reach the active cases would have reached over 700 at the rate we are going, in two weeks the hospital will be bursting, so what vaccine is there for the people to take now.


      • You sound like a “Q” follower. God help you. You sound like somebody who has already been “modified” by some substance or other???

        • YOU sound like a foaming at the mouth political shill for the far leftist agenda. The only thing I’ve been ‘modified’ by is the TRUTH… which is a dangerous thing for liars like you.

    • Most people who get COVID have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. That would be roughly 70 to 80% of people who are infected (if not more) have little to no symptoms.

      The official active cases only represent the tiny tip of a large underwater (hidden) iceberg.

      I’d guess about 1 in 10 Antiguans has COVID at this point. That’s nearly 10,000 active COVID cases and growing.

      That’s what happens when you keep your borders wide open to people from COVID areas with no restrictions. You can thank the PM.

  8. Just one more maneuver to distract from disastrous policies. What are YOU doing to stop the scores now falling ill with covid everyday on Antigua and the increasing death toll? Shifting focus to the opposition fools no one.

    • 1. No restrictions on tourists from anywhere — make lots of $$$ for himself and his owners

      1a. Do as few COVID tests a possible and DO NOT test tourists – claim tourists don’t spread COVID in Antigua.

      2. Blame tourists from DR and ban them

      3. Blame returning nationals

      4. Blame locals

      5. Secretly vaccinate self and family

      6. If all else fails, call for unity and a political ceasefire to keep blame off of yourself and your administration

      We’re at #6 on the foolproof pandemic management plan

      • yes. and don’t implement a lockdown, to keep your business masters happy and let Antiguan citizens continue to get sick and die

  9. A ceasefire, while he continues on the course that is getting people killed.

    There should absolutely be no ceasefire until there is a lockdown.

    This man has been a disaster for Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Every other country would have locked down and closed their borders by this point.

      But to PM clown, business is business and business must grow.

      Is he a moron or just greedy or both?

  10. UPP Guys are bringing politics into this COVID TIME. ABLP is the best Government for Antigua at this time. So Tabor just be quiet.

    • ABLP is doing a bang up job getting the country into an unprecedented disaster.

      I have no idea how good or bad UPP is, but I can’t imagine anyone, ANYONE, any government doing a worse pandemic management job than the Antigua’s current government.

  11. Agree with majority of previous comments.
    We need leadership we can believe in, trust & that can guide us through this. Clearly you are struggling. Time for non-politrickians – women & men- who are experienced in leadership skills & strategy & collaboration to step forward from the private sector and serve for 12-24 months in lieu of red blue or orange.
    This IS a mounting national crisis and medical services and personnel are at breaking point (late salaries, late danger pay, patchy PPE distribution, disrespected).

    • You need some real adults running your country not these clowns fighting over whose turn it is to rape the country

      You need real leaders who are looking out for the welfare of Antiguans rather than being concerned with selling off your wealth to the highest briber.

      This pandemic has exposed how ineffective and corrupt your current administration is.

    • The last thing we need is the business leaders who have demanded the country be opened tp covid and have resisted a lockdown, be be moved from covert control to open control of the country. Ordinary Antiguans must, for our own sakes, now take control

  12. It’s not the opposition party he’s worried about. It’s the voting public that publicize their displeasure with his rhetoric, leadership and lack of sympathy on platforms like ANR and Facebook.

    We know of his malfeasance, lack of financial insight, playing the same old record: it’s them not me. He said go blame Social Security Board. He has no control over the payments. Yet he can find monies to inject into the fund to meet its obligations. Which one is it?

    My dear Antigua and Barbuda we’re dealing with a scared rat looking dead at pussycat. Whose about to be devoured by the upcoming election or a VOTE OF NO COFIDENCE which I’m calling for to remove an incompetent Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. The cabinet has to confront the macho man with some cajones.

    To hell with cease fire until he’s removed from office. To hell with cease fire until we know the circumstances behind the duty free scheme at the port. To hell with cease fire until developers pay their fare share of duty on imports. Commercial operators too. Too hell with cease fire until we know the true cost of allowing businesses enjoying duty status by showing they are not making a profit.

    It’s time to be transparent and list the true cost of so called developmental projects, loans, concessions, tax forgivenesses. In other words it’s time to open the books. Report to the people the State of the Nation not a partisan political presentation.

  13. Gaston sits there in that picture above smiling bc he knows he is good to go, he got his vaccine, him and his wife and family are all safe now, no need to worry about being put on a ventilator or death for them, so the rest of us petty citizens can suck salt and figure it out on our own, that’s this prime minister for you, what a selfish narcissistic man.

  14. The pm is absolutely right and all who oppose it are idiots who only care about political arguments when there is a grave situation and many lives at stake

  15. And for the person who constantly post about nigel christian murder no one here cares bring that argument to the police or government because anr can’t do anything about it besides your post is annoying

  16. Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID

    Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for wearing masks, citing the Swedish public health agency.

    Here’s the audio from the Sweden news story:

    What is really amazing is how far we as societies are allowing politicians who have no qualifications in medicine to roll out draconian decrees.

    These measures are really intent on dividing the people to prevent civil unrest because their political system is collapsing and they needed an excuse to throw all the economic restraints out the window.

    I have shown before that I purchased a box of masks from Amazon, and on them, it clearly states it will not prevent any disease. So obviously, if you get corona and wore even two masks to bed at night, and a condom just in case you might get aids while sleeping alone, you have no legal case to sue the mask manufacturer for a faulty product.

    Fauci was selling “inequality” and the Great Reset for the World Economic Forum. Does he now have expertise in economics as well?

    When will the people wake up and realize that this entire set of regulations from masks to lockdowns is really about suppressing freedoms to further the climate change agenda? It is not about health.

    Even the leftist Washington Post, which hates capitalism, had to admit that masks did not work during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic where nearly 3% of the population died.

    • Guy they have since removed that crazy guidance (seems someone was on some bad weed) This guidance has since been removed see The Conversation, COVID: why are Swedish towns banning masks? February 8, 2021 6.20am EST

  17. If the PM is sincere he and Sir Molwyn would resign forthwith and forfeit their pension for mishandling this crisis.

    In the interest of public health and saving lives do the honorable thing and allow Col Benjamin of the ABDF to take charge of the country until an election can be had..

    Principle of life do something different and the result will be different. Repeating the process will yield the same or similar result.

    • Hi Mel. See you’re back at it again. Always good to read your input, however, this time you not making any sense. We have to live and operate in the real world. This is crises time. Time to save the nation. Every patriot must contribute. Get vaccinated as soon as possible.

    • @Melchesidec…why not organize a #Military Coup under the auspices, of the Chinese?
      Tourists would love such, don’t you think?
      Your suggestion of having a Col. Benjamin of the ABDF is just plain ludicrous.
      However, in the not too distant future say about 15 to 20 years, you’ll have your wish with the Chinese take over of important governing body’s similar to the Serians and their control of the dynamics of several public services.
      Agriculture, Construction and the Military are already on the Chinese radar.

  18. All I am seeing here is ‘finger-pointing’. Nobody offering suggestions as to how we think we should cope.
    We, all of us here on this platform, have at our fingertips the means of research. We may all come up with different suggestions. I think we can then pool our suggestions to find consensus.
    Since I seem to be the proponent of this idea on this platform I will put my suggestions out there.
    To keep ourselves healthy enough to be able to stave off this virus we need to have a very strong immune system, to keep our nasal, osephagus and bronchial passageways clear and our circulatory system flowing.
    To improve our immune system to need to, at the very least, have a daily high intake of vitamin C.
    I suggest on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, have a glass of warm lemon or grapefruit water. The juice of one lemon or half a grapefruit should suffice.
    Drinking purified water during the entire day, not just when you feel thirsty, sometimes infusing this water with some fruit is an additional way of adding the same vitamin C along with other nutritional benefits.
    Drinking plenty water will help also to flush the kidneys thereby eliminating the toxins in our bodies.
    Taking a warm saline nasal wash will help in keeping the nasal passages clear of mucus.
    Gargling with the same warm saline solution will clear the throat of mucus. For this you need a half a glass of warm water and 2 teaspoons of salt, stir the mixture well until all the salt is dissolved. When gargling, do not swallow the water.
    The third morning routine is to clear the bronchial passageways. For this you need a large pot of boiling hot water, some mentholated crystals or peppermint oil. Add the mentholated crystals or peppermint oil into the boiling water. Lock off the flame. Remove the pot from the stove and place it in an area where it will be comfortable for you to place your head a foot or so above the pot. Get a large towel, long enough to cover your head and the sides of the pot. Place your covered head over the pot and inhale the mentholated steam as deeply as you can and hold that breathe for as long as you comfortably can. Breathe out through your mouth, try to expel all of your breath. Repeat this about five to ten times or more as you can comfortably allow. This clears and opens your bronchial passageways for better lung function.
    Make certain that you allow plenty of fresh air into your home so, open up your windows. Get at least 10 – 15 minutes of direct sunlight daily,
    Always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching surfaces and keep surfaces sanitized. When leaving your home be sure to be WEARING A FACE MASK PROPERLY, that is covering both your nostrils and your mouth. Observe social distancing of at least 6ft when in public spaces. DO NOT ATTEND CROWDED FUNCTIONS.
    Those are just my few suggestions as to how each and every one of us can behave and act to prevent ourselves from falling victim.
    I advocate taking the vaccine when it becomes available to my demographic.
    We all need to be our brothers and sisters keepers, helpers and resist from pointing that one finger away from us and concentrate instead on the four fingers on our own hands that are pointing back at us.
    Peace and prayers, all.

    • @Joan Salmon…
      Health is wealth, wealth is not health. Most of your suggestions are naturopathic medicines/remedies, as in preventing is better than cure, and since allopathic medicines/remedies do not make huge profits from such, the medical professionals which they certify and recertify will not push most of what your suggesting.
      The beach has always being a source of healing. The waves massages the body and help to break up mucus/phlegm. Taking a few dives(head under the water) removes mucus/phlegm. A gulp or two of the sea water helps to clean the intestinal tracts. Soaking in the sun(natural vitamin D) helps to strengthen the immune system.
      There are dozens if not hundreds of herbs/natural oils/roots in abundance(from turpentine to oregano to lah lavington to aloe to moringa to Guinea hen just to name a few) around to provide herbal treatments.
      Make tinctures & oils from the herbs and roots comes into play too. However, again because Big Pharma and the Oligarchs controlling the Allopathic side of medicine will not and cannot make their TRILLIONS from preventative medicine and educating the General public on such. They will not push it.

      COVID-19 is a business powered by the numbers game, of the Coefficient of Variance. Research the COV(prefix) of the word COVID and how it relates to Statistics, Marketing & Finance!

      Lastly, and I hope the ENT – Ear, Nose, Throat specialist or any other ‘medical professional’ can explain the role which the #EUSTACHIAN TUBE(the one and same which connects all three) and why this deadly virus that is so contagious is not entering the UPPER THORACIC CAVITY, through the EARS.


  19. All good suggestions…. here is another:
    Quercetin + Zinc.
    Quercetin is a natural product that doesn’t require a prescription. It acts similar to Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) by allowing sufficient amounts of Zinc to enter the cells and protect against getting the Flu and Covid.

  20. Prime Minister,you are asking for a political ceasefire.You cannot have it both ways.You have enabled the callers on your show on the Point Station.To call others that you are seeking a ceasefire with,dirty names.Then you laugh at it. A ceasefire is an agreement between two parties.Be serious or shut the heck up.Just do not say things to sound good.When in fact there is no sincerity at all.

  21. FROM THE SIDELINE it is a pity as humans we cannot predict the future. However, that inability to predict the future does not prevent us from speculating about how people placed in a particular situation would react. Having said that FROM THE SIDELINE, I honestly would like you to tell me if the tables were turned and the ALP was the Opposition in this covid pandemic, what would be the behaviour of Gaston, Molwyn and Max Hurst. I would not be surprised if they went as far of accusing the government of perhaps creating the virus. Can you recall how they proclaimed their was no international financial crisis in 2009 for example.

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