PM Browne blasts UPP’s small business pull-up as “gimmickry”


Gaston Browne said:Harold Lovell and the other LLC’s in the UPP are using gimmickry to win political support. Their small business pull up, has been a resounding failure.

Typical purchases are: one bun, three mangoes, a bottle of water, Gatorade and a Guinness.

The loss of business from cluttering these business premises and the minimal spend make this initiative useless.

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  1. In the mean time persons are owed money from the introduction of GBLP and what has he done burrow and refuse to pay . This man is controlled by a greedy hitleric spirit . To everything it is a season, his time is up all the criticising without solutions is not going fix the problem. Two favourite words of the moustache man it’s the former administration and covid why we in this situation, but in reality his greed is the main cause

    small business needs help and no help coming from you unless something in it for you and your Children who never work a day in their lives .

  3. Gaston, the strategy of the ABLP is to attack the UPP and then COPY the UPP.
    Remember the ABLP was against the CIP. Remember Max Hurst walking up and down the street saying : ” My passport, not for sale.” Remember Molwyn saying, over my dead body.
    Now the same ABLP got 2 billion from the same CIP that they cursed.
    ( BTW ABLP mash-up the CIP)

    So top dawg , Fitzroy, Nomad, True Davis and the other names you call yourself, we know that you are going to copy the UPP.
    You are an empty head

  4. Gaston just move your RH and and fund real work to do.

    Why have we gotten no benefit from the half billion dollar loan you secretly took out last July?

    We need RELEIF. We need JOBS. Stop chatting BS and focus on your failed projects:

    1. Sunny Hill Project (Resort in Falmouth/Bethesda area)
    2. Beaches Resort by Sandals Resorts
    3. Half Moon Bay Hotel
    4. Morris Bay / Callaloo Cay Project
    5. Hotel Resort on Pelican Island and Residences on Maiden Island
    6. Labahia Hotel Resort & Condominiums (Marble Hill Business Hotel) by WIOC
    7. Long Bay Hotel Resort by WIOC
    8. Valley Church Hotel Resort by WIOC/PDVSA
    9. Amazon Call Center at Five Islands
    10. Marriott Autograph Hotel at Yeptons
    11. Beach Club at Fort James by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
    12. Renovation and Expansion of Halcyon Hotel
    13. Port Oasis Project at Side Hill
    14. NAMCO acquisition of Jolly Beach Hotel
    15. Best Western Hotel at Jolly Harbour
    16. Marriott Courtyard Airport Hotel
    17. Cedar Valley Golf Course Hotel
    18. Mike Tyson Hotel
    19. Bau Panel/UNOPS Project
    20. The Yida Project
    21. Willoughby Bay Project
    22. Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ)
    23. Brova Idea Pearl Hotel – Partly Underwater Hotel
    24. USD $300 Million Hotel from Investors in Holland
    25. Paradise Found (Barbuda)
    26. Armand Hotel (Barbuda)

  5. We need to find out why is all the upp candidate going to the order party is it because

    • @ Na na

      ‘They going where the money is’…….they selling their soul, as they have no principle!!!!

    • @Na na
      Because they are political prostitutes. Looking for positions and money and will run to the political party in power. When UPP wins, they will try to dog 🐕 back. Would there be a labour government without all the ex UPP members?

  6. Gaston has obviously never witnessed the small business initiative and his minions who report back to him told him pure rubbish. It is a brilliant idea and they were welcomed. You didn’t think of it first so you bash it instead. Even your own minister Daryll Matthew saw the light and took a pic of him and his right hand man Clint at lunch in the community with the caption this is what supporting small business looks like. What are your plans Gaston? The people are angry, hungry and deeper in poverty. FACT you borrowed twice as much in 8 years than UPP did in 10 and at higher interest rates too. Pensions are later than they ever were. The water situation wasn’t perfect then but it’s worse now. Small contractors aren’t paid for months at a time from treasury. The cost of living (food, fuel) are the highest in our history then you talk of economic growth. My Grandmother had a say ” sweet sounding nothings” and we all know that empty vessels make the most noise. Continue to enjoy your last 6 months of an ABLP administration

  7. We need to find out why is all the upp candidate going to the order party is it because
    The ALP IS DOING A GOOD JOB . I can see another of improvement in this country .

    • @ Na na

      ‘They going where the money is’…….they selling their soul, as they have no principle!!!!

  8. I don’t think you understand those that you have seen running to the ablp those are Gastonites . You who are ALP are labourites you are the useful Idiots

  9. The small businesses say to tell Gaston Browne they need water. Many of them have to fill up bottles of water every day to be able to function. Since when Gaston have any concern for small businesses? All through the pandemic has he ever taken the time to do a survey or an assessment to see how his government can help them to catch their hand?

  10. Hear who talking about gimmickry? Hitler should be the last person to be talking..Now you getting beat at your gimmick you have a problem. You and your bunch of renegades can see the writing on the wall..Acting like a fowl without a head

  11. Everything uttered by Gaston Stache Browne you ANR PRINTED. One day he would be cussing you out. Just hope you would print that also.

  12. Jealousy is a bad thing, especially when you are void of ideas.

    What an amazing initiative by the UPP!!! I would never have thought of such.

    From the bottom of my heart this is pure genius, and shows that there are brilliant people in the party and ready to govern.

  13. He only care about staying in power to enrich himself, he doesn’t care for the people. I heard he mention we should be moving to Republic but I believe he is thinking Antigua Republic of China. It has been so much corruption, crime and hard time under this administration it still will be more corruption and greed under whatever he wish for it to be.

    Citizens of Antigua Remember your family and friends was out of a job due to a vax mandate don’t forgive him now he looks to stay in power , love yourself first . Get rid of the pain and suffering he has caused on the people.

    These are his accomplishments which is detrimental:

    High crime rate
    High suicidal rate.
    High increase of vagrants
    Increase of youths turning to drugs because of no options and they are stressed out.
    Most violence in schools
    Most strikes ever taken place.
    Bankrupt the system by over burrowing as a result people are stilled owed.
    Benefit the most from the CIP but nothing to show.
    Condemn the previous administration about giving duty free to a hotel in the past but give yidado duty free on everything . How hypocritical

  14. GB all we want is for you to call the election so we can bite out you and your minions. I beg you to please grant us that favour.

  15. The UPP have no plans or policies on how to generate wealth or how to facilitate sustainablr entrepreneurship in this country. They want to create a welfare state, with perpetual and generational economic and social dependence.

    • @ Patriot.
      You say the UPP has no plans to generate wealth. May I remind you that it was the UPP that introduced the CIP that generated over 2 billion dollars for the Gaston Browne administration. The ABLP when they were in opposition was against this! Remember!

      It was the UPP that introduced the CABi PROGRAMME , that Weston announced last week will be continued.

      Hey, Google Forbes Magazine June 2, 2014 and read the article that lists the 10 countries that were poised to become rich. Yup, Antigua’s name was mentioned, That was under the UPP.

      Now, go and read the UPP Book of achievements. It is filled with solid facts of the UPP Achievements.

      Generating wealth, I heard the political leader of the UPP TALK ABOUT his investment trip to New York, Atlanta and Miami next week. Last November, I heard the political leader talk about an investment trip to Central America.

      In the mean time the ABLP has over 28 failed projects and most of their investors are in jail.
      Then, there is this Magic Mike fellow who is flying an airplane from Nigeria to Antigua who thinks he is going to Antigua, Guatemala.

      Ask Gaston Browne when the pensioners getting paid.
      The poor nurses are bawling
      The police are vex
      The Jolly Beach workers are disappointed over and over
      The LIAT workers are crushed
      The CASS workers still waiting for the money
      Solid Waste workers cussing
      Shops stop taking government vouchers

      Comrade Max get a bail out while poor people suffering.

    • @ Patriot

      Is that the nursery rhyme you and From The Sideline, Tenwoman, Just Saying, Bluddy Joke et al was trained to say 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 🤦🏾‍♂️how about all of you do your jobs and stop the photo ops because y’all want to give the impression that you’re doing the most!!

  17. Gaston Browne you can fly and go to Barbuda to go nyam expensive Ham Burger wid you rich friends, while Antigua people a nyam bread and butter and brebbish.

    Excellent Idea Upp Small Business Pull Up!! Always put People First.

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