PM Browne attends swearing of St. Lucia’s new Cabinet

Prime Minister Browne and newly elected Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, the Hon. Philip J. Pierre before the swearing of his Cabinet today/Digital photos by Office of the Prime Minister/AUGUTS 2021

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne and wife the Hon. Maria Browne, on Thursday are in St. Lucia for the swearing-in of the Cabinet of newly elected Prime Minister the Hon. Philip J. Pierre whose St. Lucia Labour Party won the country’s recent general election.

Before departing from the V.C. Bird International Airport Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Browne, who is the current Chairman of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM outlined that he is looking forward to the Hon. Philip J. Pierre, a trained Economist, joining the grouping of Heads. 

“There are a number of issues that Philip will have to be read in on including the situation in Haiti and the issues of the region’s COVID-19 situation and the integration process and I am hoping to commence discussions with him this afternoon,” PM Browne stated.

Prime Minister Browne, before his departure from the V.C. Bird airport, also received a security briefing from Commissioner of Police, Atley Rodney and Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Pennyfeather.

Following his attendance at the swearing-in ceremony in Saint Lucia, Prime Minister Browne and his family will proceed on a one week vacation. 

Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs, the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin is the Acting Prime Minister during Prime Minister Browne’s absence from the state. 

Prime Minister Browne receiving a security briefing from Commissioner of Police Atley Rodney and Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of the ABDF Lt. Col. Trevor Pennyfeather, (Digital photos by Office of the Prime Minister)

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  1. Wait, I thought Lovell said he was there? Listened to the broadcast and the only Antiguan’s I heard mentioned was Gaston and Maria Brown. Was Lovell there on another lime? He had to be quarantined hence could not make the ceremony?

  2. This Caricom Chairman really FRAID. He wasted no time to take a hop down to St.Lucia in his capacity as Chairman of Caricom. But too FRAID to go to Haiti to assess the situation there.

    He need to grow some cojones! Maybe he will as he enjoy a prelude to election night.

    • Boss man or ooman your comments have become dumber and dumber….why you no go Haiti and represent him.

  3. He’s going on vacation when there are two tropical systems brewing! Shows where his priorities are.

  4. FYI, I’m not Chairman of Caricom. I’m not an elected official. I guess you’re a GAStonite . Speaking of being dumb. Hope his fuel keeping your engine running smoothly ! Se La.

  5. So Hon. Maria Browne, MP & Minister of housing, lands & so-on is back to work? Or was this free travel for vacay disguised as attending a swearing-in?

    Hon. Philip PIERRE, MP, PM, looks lean and fit…seems Farmer Browne no longer appears so, unless it was unflattering camera angle.

  6. When he’ll freeze over! NEVA. You drink too much red kool aid. That Mek you bottom broad like country pan!

  7. And the rice pudden you love to yam off! Drink some pan water. You’ll definitely get a flush out to bring down that gut!

  8. Freetownson. You are behaving like a classic example of an ignoramous. No need to be so foolish with your Diatribes base on your Political alignment. Interestingly you accused others of being wash in the blood but what are you? Common, no need to be so bitter and angry. Sometimes if you’re an intelligent person it’s best to keep a still tongue.

  9. I cannot be silenced. Your opinion of me being bitter and angry is absolutely correct. Your government and preceding ones have set precedents that are not conducive to good governance and establish confidence in the population. You are elected to work for the best interests of all the people. Not a select few.

    I’m not cloaked in any color unlike you. Your tribal affiliations are indicative of your mental capacity.

    Yes I’m common. Free to live a life unstressed of daily hassles of life. Wake up when I want to. Keep myself healthy and strong. Have to maintain my vitality. No need to watch my back because I have no responsibilities that would infer such behavior.

    Tek Dat!

    • My brother I can’t vote and I don’t reside in Wadadli. I voted once as a youngster and it’s for the PLM. Bitterness and hatred cometh from mouths of fool’s. You’re a major disappointment you can’t have a sensible discourse. Don’t accused others of which you have no knowledge. That’s a brain of an ignoramous. Show some class, humility and decency. You appears to be Nincompoop and an ignoramous.

  10. Maria Browne seems to like flying. How is it she does not show the same focus to go to her Office. Do the work for which she is making thousands of dollars of poor tax payers money monthly. She is nothing more than a HIGHLY PAID GHOST WORKER. She vanishes until month end then rise up and get paid.

  11. The bum part of your name is certainly accurate.
    Did you not see her in the news article regarding the newly built homes?
    Some of you need to get something new and constructive to say instead of riding on other people’s fake news. That fake information is worn out.

    • You need to suited in clown clothing… Bitterness and Blindness are traits of a person who’s brains is located where the Sun don’t shine.

  12. JUST ASKING Harold Lovell said he was invited and it made the news. The Prime Minister Gaston Browne never said whether he was invited and the media never reported on that issue. Perhaps he was not invited but attended the swearing in ceremony as the current Chairman of CARICOM.

    • You trying to throw a red herring now after you became aware that the PM went and #HFWL like a child getting a first bike wanted the whole village to know.

    • Doubt he was invited. He showed up because he did not want Lovell to be in the spot light. You know he hates to think someone got something and he didn’t.

  13. It’s strange that he was not invited but was mentioned by name in the ceremony. Was Harry name mentioned? You don’t have to boast to be recognized. “Lawd me belly hurts me.” Poor Allu….

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