PM Browne accepts Asot’s challenge to officially name Turner as ABLP candidate for St. Peter


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to Asot Michael over the naming of Rawdon Turner as the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party candidate for St. Peter.

Asot challenged the ABLP leader to name Turner saying that the party has been unable to do so for fear of violating a court order.

Listen to Browne respond to Michael.

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  1. Gaston Browne’s own words: “… Take me to court for contempt …”

    This is a real test for the courts and Antigua’s judicial system. Our Prime Minister now firmly believes he’s above the law.

    Asot Michael has been granted by a judge to contest his seat as an ABLP candidate at the next General Election.

    Say, if Ron Turner wins his seat at the next election, it goes without saying that he can be challenged in the law courts, due to the previous judges verdict on ABLP’S own constitutional laws allowing Asot Michael to stand as the rightful representative.

    Gaston Browne’s belligerence and obtuse behaviour in governance will be his downfall – he just can’t see it!

    Popcorn anyone …? 🍿

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “There are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.” – Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

      Me Gud Fren, De Man Fram Brixton! You Disappoint the Youth and People of African Descent resident on the Rock who have been existing with a “neglected education!” The UK is a unitary state within a FRAMEWORK of a parliamentary democracy UNDER A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY! As VC would say and GB would second the motion, “that you must concede!” This Paradise of A&B filled with many deeply burdened from a ” neglected education” follows and mirrors to the “T” the British and UK model of Government!

      Only fools will hurl thunderbolts of spittle and farts at GB and also HL for following what they have learned from their Colonial Masters! “The influential circles, who in their blind irresponsibility are more concerned with safeguarding their lifestyles, their cocktail parties, their paid travel and their racketeering, have abdicated in favor of a leader and occasionally discover the spiritual void at the heart of the nation.” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth! That’s What Produced Boris and the ultimate Parliamentary Purgatory leading to the UK’s Dante’s Inferno! You are knowledgeable enough to know that the British Parties and hence their leaders take the position: it’s our party and we’ll damn well choose whom we want to run for our party in an election! You must have seen many party leaders remove and replace candidates of their choice! It happens in all of the British Parliamentary and Constitutional Monarchy Governments from the UK to Canada to Australia to New Zealand to Singapore to the English Speaking Caribbean!

      Given your domicile you are well placed to provide a learning opportunity and teachable moment to the many Brothers and Sisters of African Descent burdened with a “neglected education” and a socio-cultural and political life of imperialism and colonialism!

      In the Parliamentary and Constitutional Monarchy Countries “the party is organized like a gang whose toughest member takes over the leadership. The leader’s ancestry and powers (the A&B edge up arrivistes, so called middle class will never smile favorably on GB’s pedigree even though they begrudge his power) are readily mentioned, and in a knowing and slightly admiring tone (lavished on HL) it is quickly pointed out that he inspires awe in his close collaborators (which the ABLP has shown to GB).” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth!

      Fanon understood and laid it out for People of African Descent before he died at 36 years of age. The same age as Brother Bob. Both of whom died of the big C in SAM’s care! Why have we hardened our hearts and minds and not learned!

      “There is a dramatic conflict in what is commonly called the human sciences.Should we postulate a typical human reality and describe its psychic modalities, taking into account only the imperfections, or should we not rather make a constant, solid endeavour to understand man in an ever-changing light. … And for me bourgeois society is any society that becomes ossified in a predetermined mold, (British Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Governance handed out some would say down to the English Speaking Caribbean) stiffling any development, progress, or discovery. For me bourgeois society is a closed society where it’s not good to be alive, where the air is rotten and ideas and people are putrefying. And I believe that a man who takes a stand against this living death is in a way a revolutionary.” Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

      Go Well Me Gud Fren!

      • @ John French, while you are trying to figure me out instead of responding to my relevant correspondence to this ANR thread, you seem to enjoy quoting from your aforementioned author that you continously try to HIDE behind.

        It would be just great if you could put your own thoughts down in writing, so that other readers on ANR can decipher if you really have any valid points of views or not.

        Oh, by the way, here’s a heads up for you, I am an Antiguan national who enjoys living Antigua as well as travelling to places like the UK, Barbados and Europe … a self made man and proud boss – I answer to know one!

        As you say: “GO WELL ME GOOD FREN”

    • We dont take PM or ruler of the Caribbean to Court foolishness this not USA where they breakin with court orders !!! Lol

  2. As echoed my “Brixtonian.” Alphonso feel and act as though is the Supreme Ruler of Antigua and Barbuda. It is a one man show and to hell with the constitution because I am Prime Minister.

    Antiguans and arbudans take heed. Are you no see nothing yet. This man plan is to centralize potion the Prime

    Trying to centralize power in the Office of the Prime Minister. Beware and stay alert because this deplorable has a master plan and he is working it.

    For the sake of the nation. Even if you don’t like Lovell as leader of the UPP. You must elect them as the next government. The constitution and its institutions are at stake.

    Asot you are the Ace. You can decide who will be the next govt. Some may have problems with your behavior but you are an educated smart man. Do the right thing and the country will love you forever . Alphonso is a “Spent Force”. He has got to go. Twenty six failed development projects. Twenty six in eight short years. Time up. You have had your turn and you have vastly failed to deliver. Time to eviserate you from public office.

  3. The current rep for St Peter’s has been a spoil brat from long ago from the time he entered politics. Under the leadership of the former last PM of ALP, he had his way as the go between person for corruption. The Rep for St. Phillip’s North must be laughing his ass to the bank and to see such fun when they bad play the current Rep for St Peter’s even as much as to try and expel him from the party. It is only human when one crosses the one who help them propel into spotlight why would the another person trust them? If anyone really think he has any secret on the current PM can believe that there is a bridge under the sea where one can walk to Barbuda. The PM is very skillful with his enrichment schemes. The only damage the current Rep can do to the ABLP is run as an independent candidate thereby delivering that constituency for the first time to the UPP.

  4. People ar you no shame voting a vagabond sick minded man to govern this country? I tell you now he will eventually self destruct wait and see. What a shameful and disgraceful man? Yuk

  5. If you line all of them and pick your best three none of them can match our esteem leader he was born to lead and is in a blessing to our Country if was not for the vaccine mandate there would have been no carnival closed businesses and hotels he saved thousands of lives because of his decisions as leadership matters so stop cuss our leader he is blessed

    • Reply to Man for the people:
      All Fool’s Day is April 1.
      With the help of God, Gaston Browne and his self-enrichment cabal will be gone at that time.

    • @Man for the people: Do you really believe that it was because of the vaccine mandate that we are able to have carnival? You obviously have not been following news around the world. St. Vincent, which just recently hosted their carnival, did they ever have a vaccine mandate in St. Vincent? Do you know that St. Vincent has under 40% vaccinated?

      So please stop making such ridiculous statements. Instead, I think the PM should publicly appologise to the people for forcing the vaccine on them. The fact is that most countries are now learning to live with COVID.

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