PM BROWNE: A Freudian slip of the tongue, but a conviction of the heart


BROWNE: We are nominating Johnathan for a national award. To paraphrase Johnathan: “Vote ABLP; they won and rebuilt the country 8 years ago, and they can do it again.”

The truth ultimately rises to the top. A Freudian slip of the tongue, but a conviction of the heart.

Browne made a freudian slip of his own:

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  1. It stinka with Labour. Gaston Browne not winning shit next elections. I voted for him all the time from when he 1st started and now he gone and backstab me.

    It stinka with Labour.

    I am voting UPP all the way.

  2. Infortunately, there isnt a capable opposition. So another win for the labor party. We can skip the election.

  3. Am I hearing right…. Dont think it was a slip of the tongue….Jonathan seem to be a traitor on board…. What came out of his mouth seems to be a true conviction of his heart….. Soon & very soon, more of the UPP cartoons & judases will be revealing themselves …..

  4. Really, the PM is right. Single Pringle is THE MAN. He’s the only elected UPP leader, the official leader of the opposition, the big man. Lovell and that crowd are total outsiders trying to get in. Pringle is the true leader. He’s the best they’ve got.

  5. COMEDY CENTRAL Gail Christian looked directly at Gaston Browne and called him Hon PM Baldwin Spencer and his wife Hon. Maria Browne. Now that is a double Freudian!!!

  6. There are so many more serious issues to discuss and the PM and news media are wasting so much time and tax payers money over what is so normal in everyday life and when passions are high! Mr. PM & Co:
    What happened to:
    -the 2 million for the cemetery?
    – the car park?
    -500 homes?
    – the PMs forged signature?
    – string of murders of Custom Officers?
    – consistent running water?
    – even 1 person who benefited from SHARE, Inc.?
    – CIP money?
    – Your own endorsement of MP Pringle?
    -the too many broken promises and fly-by-night sell off and sell out of our lands and sovereignty?
    Don’t talk about all the initiatives and the PMs single handed efforts at making our Nation the laughing stock and money prostitute of the Caribbean?

    Remember only small minds discuss people! Our PM has categorized himself well!

  7. At least Gaston is an honest “enricher”. He told you in no uncertain terms he will enrich himself, and he is not hiding. What do you ALP losers have to gain? He said some of you can be bought out for as little as $1k. You mean you love the Party more than you love your children? The Upholder really is really worst than the Gaston. Shame.

  8. Gaston Browne you ought to give the young man in Ovals a national award for taking you to his home and feeding you and making you nutritious. Ungratefulness worst than witchcraft. Never laugh at another person’s mistake of a tongue twister. You cuss Lamin in 2018 , now he smells your ass . Colin O’Neal said lock you up , now he is in your pocket. You are a scumbag .

  9. Now we know why Antigua’s UN bill wasn’t paid! Instead of doing the people’s work, Our Dear Leader is on social media, gossiping like it a virtual washer woman! His behavior Mek Comrade Washie look like a Real Man Jack!

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