PM blasts BMP for no show at roofing ceremony

Photo caption: Prime Minister Gaston Browne along with China's Ambassador H.E. Wang Xianmin (left) and UNRC/UNDP RR, Mr. Stephen O'Malley (right).

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has lashed out at members of the Barbuda People’s Movement for not showing up to a ceremony to mark the completion of a roofing programme on the sister-isle.

The BPM members of the Barbuda Council were invited to attend, specifically, the Chairman of the Barbuda Council to present the welcoming remarks at the closing ceremony, elected BPM members were not in attendance.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne called their absence a “dereliction of duty by members of the BPM-controlled Barbuda Council.” Prime Minister Browne said: “Their no-show indicates that they do not want to be associated with anything positive, they just want to promote division and strife. They will use their absence to peddle misinformation that nothing positive is happening; so, they can continue to perpetuate their lies in the international community. So instead of dispensing their duties, they traveled to Antigua on a frolic.”

“They were too embarrassed to come,” the Prime Minister continued.

“Their purposeful absence also demonstrates a lack of initiative to the development of Barbuda and continues to peddle fake news that affects Barbuda and the people of Barbuda,” PM Browne said.

“Ultimately, the Barbudans and the rest of the world will see them for exactly what they are: a bunch of cowards who are seeking power at all cost,” Prime Minister Browne said in office. “Apparently they don’t know how to say thanks.”

PM Browne reiterated his sentiment towards the destructive and unproductive tactics the BPM leader and BPM council members have taken in response to the development of Barbuda. PM Browne indicated again that if anyone acts in a manner that suggests he or she is above the law of the land, he will have them dealt with.

Due to the failure of the Chairman of the Barbuda Council attending this auspicious occasion,

The ceremony was to mark the close of the Antigua and Barbuda China- Aid Post-Disaster Roof Restoration Initiative.

The People’s Republic of China was one of the first diplomatic responders to the disaster Barbuda faced after the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The PRC, through their China Aid, contributed US$2 million towards the repairing rooftops of homes damaged by the hurricane. This contribution was in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the National Office of Disaster Management (NODS) and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. “The BPM members of the Barbuda Council were invited to attend, specifically, the Chairman of the Barbuda Council to present the welcoming remarks at the closing ceremony, elected BPM members were not in attendance.”

    BUT DID HE/THEY RSVP?? lol Maybe all that Sahara dust cause the asthma to act up or he got a serious case of sheeting and was toilet-ridden for a couple hours. Anything is possible these days.

    • Can you come up with a better excuse for them.
      Like, Email was down. So they never received it.

  2. If someone gives you a gift and you have not even the decency to come and say a few words of thank you, than to me you are the most ungrateful person ever. Shame on these people. They are not worthy to be leaders.

    • Perhaps he will thank them “privately” for the PUBLIC gift.

      It doesn’t look good on his part as their MP though.

  3. BMP elected officials were absolutely correct! You do not dignify a pariah and psychotic Gaston Browne by being at an official function with him. Well done BPM!

    • That is correct. Gaston threw a hissy fit over the stickers they put on the houses. God forbid anyone but Gaston takes credit for any good deed. Wow, what a hypocrite.

      • And if he does he has every right to. It was he who solicited most if not all of the donations. tell me which donation did the BPM members solicit. Even the just announce Princes Funds was his doing. When the Prince Charles was visiting he made it his business to request the Prince look at ways for his charity to assist Barbuda. Right after the storm he was seen in every international forum asking for assistant for the rebuilding of Barbuda. So he has much to be thankful for. but of course ungrateful Barbudans would never see that. That is why they cannot even attend a ceremony that says thank you to the UNDP and China for their donation to the people of Barbuda. Note that all the homes build with the Chinese funds were private homes. And as we now learn quite a few were houses on rent. So while the overseas landlord screaming and making noise, their houses were being repaired at no cost to them. That is how Barbudans like it. Everything for FREE.

    • Mr. J.. This type of behavior is pathetic… The elections are over.. Leadership required that you act responsibly under difficult circumstances. They’re not hurting GB. They are acting like a disgruntled ungrateful haters. You are missing an important point, the donor nation(China). Goodness…. Gracious show some gratitude and appreciation for their assistance. This is a small world. Others are watching and see the ingratitude. Be wise. GB is ok…

    • So tell me, Trevor will not attend Parliament any more. because he will get his licks for sure in parliament. No matter the nonsense he does outside of parliament when he is inside the better have answers for his reckless behavior. And I certainly won’t feel sorry for him. Es the PM called it his crocodile tears will not matter.

  4. China don’t give no gift. Oh please. Get real your fools.


    • Wow! Wow! Wow! Are you barbudan?? Your thinking is scary, ignorant, backward, insular, dumb, dunce, closeted. No wonder Barbuda is the way it is. Mental slavery has a stronghold on y’all. 50 years from now, will Barbuda still be lagging behind & stuck in the dark ages?? Wow! Get out of Codrington and see how it goes with other places in 2018.

  5. Why is everything in Antigua such a big political fanfare? All kinds of charitable organizations have made contributions to rebuilding Barbuda. Why didn’t the government not just send the Chinese a thank you note for their contribution. When the PM isn’t travelling he is having photo ups. Who is running the country?

  6. Jackie are yoi for real, a thank you note! I can believe people are still so ignorant. The chinese representatives took thr time out to fly over there for the ceremony and the Babudan representatives did not see the importance in attending to say Thank You and you want to justify that by saying sending a note would be better.

    Gaston Browne is the leader of Antigua and Barbuda and he may not be your favourute person but political officials have all learnt to deal with their adversaries. It is not about the individuals but rather the office and the country

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