PM Blames UPP For Fueling Youth Picketers

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is being “blamed” for Tuesday’s picket of the Parliament, an event promoted via social media by a local influencer with a significant youth following.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne chastised the Opposition Party for standing with the young people, who, among other things, were calling for parity in dealing with visitors and locals, and for the State of Emergency to be revisited, since the airport is open.

Browne says the youth who took part in the action are ignorant of what the Government is attempting to do in order to protect lives.

Scores of people turned out for the hours-long picket, showing their displeasure at the way in which the Browne Administration is handling the State of Emergency.

However, the Prime Minister says that they are allowing themselves to be led by persons who should know better.

Browne says he had the opportunity to interact with the young people personally, after realizing they were being led by political operatives. He claims he was able to convince the vast majority of them that their action was uncalled for.

The youth have not only been making their voices heard on social-media platforms, but during live feeds on ABS Facebook page and on the page of activist Jaye Trute, as well. Browne attempted to chastise members of the UPP for standing with the young people.

Meanwhile, in defence, Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle vehemently denied his Party’s involvement in the action.



    • The youths in Antigua do not have minds of their own.Why do they need the UPP to encourage and or stir them up.How did Gaston Browne arrive at the conclusion.That the UPP as a Political Party were behind the picketing.I am saying it was GO GREEN.

  1. It is the double standards and hypocrisy is the reason people are fed up. A man that think he is faultless will always look to blame to remain in his position forever. Let him that have eyes to see, look at the hypocrisy in this country, what goes for one must not go for some.

  2. Folks Covid19 is very serious and must be treated as such. Partying and liming will results in danger for your own lives as well as your love ones. Do people read, listen and watch what’s happening to the Naysayers around the world? People don’t be misled by fool’s and selfish ignoramous.

  3. The UPP is Antigua’s worst enemy, it’s not now these people is stomping down this island I can remember back in the nineties the spread negative rumors about Lester. There is nothing the UPP won’t do to tear down any good for Antigua. If it weren’t for Gaston Brown Antigua would be a poverty strickened place and it would also be labeled a dangerous place to go.
    It’s good to see this little Island is beautiful again. Thank you PM Gaston Brown for Saving Antigua From the Those Gutter Rats UPP. We love you and we will always be team Gaston and the ALP.
    Jate Trut keep crying like a spoil baby because he want the open fully and going about it the gutter rat way and all the gutter rats are following him, because gutter rats follow gutter rats.

    • Antigua is a poverty stricken place. Residents going for weeks without water and electricity. People living in homes without bathrooms and kitchens. Abject poverty

      The wealthiest people here are foreigners that have been allowed to buy up your country and run most businesses

      Your government treats black and brown citizens and visitors poorly and lays out the red carpet for white ones even if they refuse to follow your laws

    • @I love Antigua
      Your comments are disgusting and shows you are an illiterate fool. Gaston certainly has a lot of you where he wants you, cussing for him and not knowing what true democracy is. You are an ignorant set of people.

  4. because young people can’t think for themselves right? there has to be some sinister organization behind them, tricking them into protesting. In fact, the fact that they are protesting shows they can think for themselves and they know the current government has a lot to answer for.

  5. Waw, what amazes me more is the tact you can’t tell the difference between a PICKETT & PROTEST when you interacted with us you balantly showed us you didn’t care. You blow a kiss a goodbye and throw your arms around your coworker who does not live in the same household. That seem like somebody who care about you? We are living in a sinking ship! A bunch of puppets on a string. As soon as somebody speak the truth they’re being ‘political or stupid when the constitution of Antigua clearly states we have freedom of speech and our opinion without interference . So people shouldn’t talk ?? Chupz.Like I said puppets on a string running this country.

    • Exactly. Vote all a dem out until they start working for and representing us NOT themselves and their personal financial gain.

  6. Let the young people have a voice, they are the future. Antiguans have been passive for too long. If this is a democracy then the Government needs to be challenged – this is healthy politics.

  7. That’s called democracy Gaston. If they were picketing for you, I am sure you wouldn’t have a problem with that. But because they are against you, you are taking this attitude but that’s not surprising at all. After all you are a dictator and it’s showing more and more.

    There is only so much creative enrichment you can do before it all comes down to haunt you.

    • You guys sound like Donald Trump…. open everywhere, allow everybody to get infected, allow a few thousand to end up in ICU, just allow those that reach too far to just go home and die, some of our Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunties, Uncles, Mothers, fathers, Sisters and Brothers to be apart of the unfortunate bunch in being victims of Covid-19 … stop playing with other people’s live for partying sake…. please

      • If you’ve haven’t noticed the country has already been opened up everywhere to disease carrying tourists who don’t have to quarantine or wear masks or follow any laws

  8. Time to teach the ABLP a lesson. They shouldn’t be returned to power for the abuse of the people during this overly extended lockdown.
    Let’s see if the UPP has learned anything about how to run a country and treat the people.

  9. Young People of Antigua and Barbuda.It is your damn country.It does not belong to Gaston Browne or any other Politicians.Keep on standing up and be counted,now.Or else you would not be counted at all,in the future.Do not let anyone put their knees on your necks.Without a fight back for your rights.

  10. Yeah, young people properly educated can do wonders. However, young people who mainly through naivety allow themselves to consume a lot of hogwash will end up as hags in lipstick, irrespective of their original or acquired gender. Who, among the group of this nation’s young working class, now wives and/or mothers, can forget the counseling received from a certain school counselor aka Dr. Nincompoop!!!! Liberal, progressive, radical and mostly potentially harmful physically and psychologically, emotionally. Do not underestimate the work of the devil! He/She has no qualms about using children, their vulnerability, their innocence, their passion for adventure. The Bible has a serious admonition for child abusers of this sort!

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