PM blames ABLP candidate for loss in All Saints East


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has blasted his party colleague’s poor performance and his “complacency” as reasons for his loss in All Saints East and St. Luke.

“This idea of going into the Senate and serving as a Minister… Not when you lose twice,” Browne told Pointe FM.

Browne recently released his eleven appointees to the Senate and former Senator Colin “Tin Tin” James’s name was noticeably absent from that list.

The Colin that made the list was Colin O’Neal, a radio host on the Browne-family-owned Pointe FM.

It was on this programme that the Prime Minister explained that, “when you lose twice in my government, you can’t command a portfolio.”

“He has only himself to blame,” Browne stated..

“All of the other candidates followed the game plan to the tee and they all came through. He’s the only who deviated.”

Browne also pointed to the 100 votes that he had lost to former MP Joanne Massiah in All Saints East and St. Luke in 2014 and commented that Massiah’s vote count plus the “national swing towards the Labour Party” that should have guaranteed his victory this time around.

Browne went onto to say, however, that James would be “taken care off” but did not say in what capacity and to what extent.

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  1. No, he should not be “taken care of”. He has no reward coming. A loser is a loser is a loser. He deviated from the plan, according to the PM, and as a result was kicked to the curb. It’s time to move on.

    • Kicked to the curb, discarded like garbage is this how it is? PM say he deviate from the script ….🤔 ..well of that’s one way of looking at it. Maybe he was out performed just like Massiah by a young, charismatic and intelligent candidate.

  2. As a constituent I have no doubt what the PM says here is the truth, Colin waited for the last moment to come to area or send his people on the other hand I have noticeable been seeing the other Gentleman for the past 3 years. Also he was making promises that he never kept which is the talk of the village on the hand the other Gentleman says if he can he will and if he can’t he will follow up same way no question about that. I see him very often here. On the hand everytime you see Colin he is on his phone night and day, every where even at Church or in functions or at his Office. Hardly canvassing the neighborhood instead sending other folks to do it. In regards to the other Gentleman he did that at the very end and guess what he was there with his staff, I monitored that situation very closely in the community because I spent alot of time going around, definitely Colin caused this on himself and he underestimated the quiet charismatic and straight forward individual, which if he does not changed would be a representative to be reckon with. He depended too much on the labor party and his team instead of himself. I knew before the election he was going to lose and it is a great loss because as you can see the Labour party was able to hold it’s own but as an individual lost even more. Maybe he will learn from this and work closer with another individual to win the seat next time around. Good luck and the very best to Colin on his future endeavors.

  3. I have nothing against collin but the man is full of his self !I talk to him about my health situation and this man turn a blind eye ,and he know me !!god not sleeping !!

  4. And what the rest did? Oh sorry they really follow the game plan 💰..who me and politics me no play that game.

  5. You UPP supporters sickening now. 23, 000+ voted for the ABLP you mean to tell me that 23, 000+ were paid. Chupz y’all sound so sick. The UPP get bang off end of story. They are unwanted and soon will be confined to the dust bin of history

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