PM attends 40th Grand Parade of India ‘s 75th Independence in New York as guest of honour


Prime Minister Gaston Browne was invited as a Guest of Honour and featured speaker at the 40th Grand Parade of India ‘s 75th Independence Day Anniversary Organised by Federation of Indian Associations in New York.

Since 1981, India and Antigua and Barbuda have enjoyed very friendly relations, and have entered into technical cooperation projects to the benefit of both sovereign states.

Most recently, following a devastating natural disaster in Antigua and Barbuda, India stepped forward with the resources to place the Hanna Thomas Hospital on Barbuda back into operation.

It was severely damaged and its equipment destroyed by the vicious winds and water of Hurricane Irma, in September 2017.

Even now, in wake of the global war against the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic, India has come forwarded and donated $1 Million USD worth of life saving equipment and PPE’s to our twin island state.

The Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda reaffirm their faith in the greatness of the Government and people of the Republic of India, and take this opportunity to renew the assurances of their highest esteem and friendship.

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  1. Prime Minister, please dance at HOME before you dance ABROAD – how many VANISHING acts has he performed now (I’ve lost count), during our cost of living crisis and economic melt down?


  2. Best Prime Minister ever. Admired and praised by the rest of the world, while in Antigua the haters from the UPP are crying him down. But we don’t worry. A King has no honor in his own country. Let the haters do what haters do. Hate.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE you sound like a well scratched up broken record. What makes the deceiver and expert in corruption (SHARE CHARITY) rhe the best Prime Minister ever?

    • @From the sideline
      He certainly won’t be liked by the Americans after his contribution to the China Taiwan conflict on ABS. What he said was so embarrassing, that ANR had to sanitize it in their reporting.
      When you are head of a country, you just don’t say anything even if you think it is the truth. You and his supporters should have Him enrol in a diplomacy course and maybe have him see a psychiatrist. He is a big fish in a small pond and I think power has gone to his head. If the Chinese should turn on him and start taking advantage of Antiguans, who are we going to turn to?

      • We like a straight shooter. Someone that tells you straight what he thinks and what he feels. You do not need to read between the lines. The so-called diplomacy you are talking about is called hypocrisy. It is long gone. People that smile in your face while they stab you in the back. No Sir, not my Prime Minister. He is never afraid to tell it like it is. And who cannot deal with it that is their problem. he has said nothing wrong about the USA – China relation. he thinks it is wrong for America to have provoked China and he is asking America to think about what a trade war between USA and China will have for us here in the Caribbean. That is straight talk. Nothing wrong with that. If your friend cannot tell you the truth, then what is a friend for? To agree with you on everything? Whether you’re right or wrong. In that case I don’t want to be your friend.

    • He is probably trying to find some crooked investors or hoping that somebody will be there to shake down for money.

    • That’s what happens when you have a popular Prime Minister. Everyone wants him. Except you haters.

      • Popular? Dancehall musicians are popular with their gangster rap music. We don’t need no popular prime minister, we need a competent one.

        • After Papa the Most Competent Prime Minister ever. Just look at the track record of his stewardship. The country’s economy has been growing year after year at an average of 5%. Was it not for the Covid year this trend would have continued. And a year out of the pandemic. which by the way is still going one, we again grow the economy by 7%. And this year it is estimated to grow about 8%. Best Prime Minister EVER.

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