PM: Asot Michael can never run on an ABLP ticket


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    • Is Gaston Browne the sole owner of the Antigua Labor Party? He is saying that Asot could never run on an ABLP ticket.

  1. Asot,Asot,Asot,please,I ask you,release all of those recordings you have on Gaston Browne. Including those with his voice on those IHI Tapes.Tell all that you of his insider trading to name a few.Do not hold back anything.

    • You have not heard the audio clip where he now calls UPP operatives (Serpent), asking them to beg Harold to come to his assistance?

      • TENMAN the political pundit and advisor to Gaston Browne can you tell me how can Harold Lovell can assist Asot? Asot would be better off trying to get some of the ALP puppies in the government on his side to challenge the Top Dawg. That is Asot’s only hope.

          • Don’t worry about the ABLP. Tell us about those buses especially the one that used for ladies of the nights. Stopped singing fu yu stale supper. You guys are a bunches of duttie Vagabonds and hypocrites. This is the same rotten mango that you (UPPITES) says was so corrupt and wanted to send to 1735. Now you good fu nothing are singing a different tune. I agreed with you guys then about his tarnished character. Nothing he says now will be credible. At least have a modicum( Your leader famous word) of honesty and integrity. Politics have made you UPPITES real Charlatans that have no decency.

          • Charles, Lovell can help Asot by recruiting him to be the UPP candidate for St. Peter. The word on the street says this could well happen.

  2. @JAJ :If the Editors of ANR give me the okay I would begin to release those IHI Tapes. I have recorded some years ago from an another on line Portal.

  3. Has anyone noticed how haggard and run down old Asot is looking these days? He really should just call it quits and go home to spend his last years in peace and quite with his wife and children. Enjoy. It seems even the people of St. Peter want it so. It’s a new time, a new era, and fresh blood will give quality service to that constituecy. The PM is a bold man, but he speaks Truth. Poor Asot. Nobody want he. Go home to the wife and children. Go now.

  4. I listen to this guy Gaston and I feel he is a bare-face guy.

    Me mom tells me continuously, ‘you are known by the company you keep’.

    Gaston kept company with this guy, but he (gaston) is some ‘nice guy’?

    Give me an asprin.

  5. COLOMBO Asot is the same rotten mango that Gaston knew was involved in all sorts of shady activities but allowed him to run in 2014 and 2018. What has changed since then? Is it because Asot has declared in Parliament that all of Gaston’s newly acquired millions have come from corrupt means? Is it also because Asot was aiming to challenge him for the leadership, which none of the puppies in the ALP could ever begin to contemplate?

    • You don’t have no decency and credibility. GB get rid of his sorry ass better late than ever and because of you’ll dirty politics. Why do you self righteous have so many dirty characters a astound your party ( like those convicted child r rapist and woman killer). Tell the people the truth about those buses and one was used for a stripped club? Anyways, you UPPITES have always abused women is in you all DNA. Now you shameful bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites are spouting so much garbage. Stopped singing to different tune. Tell Harry to get rid of those ladies abuser. Clean up your dirty toilet before you Bla…Bla… Bla…. Duttie Vagabonds and hypocrites!!!!

      • Gaston now realizing Asot is a rotten mango. Why because he mentioned challenging him for the leadership? The Labour Party has always been a party of rotten mangoes. It moved to new heights from LB times on. Asot knows all the secrets and can dig up all the dead bodies. When thieves fall out and fighting each other, the rest of us stand back and watch them kill each other.

  6. The ALP is simply rotten from top to bottom. Gaston Browne has not led our country with honour. Who in this region accords him the respect on normally gives a head of government. His bully-ragging behaviour has caused much ill will. He does not not have the ability to engender the confidence of others in him. Intemperateness is his hallmark.

    Most people here and throughout the region consider him ill mannered. He has sure sullied our country’s good name. But according to him he is rich now. Asot told him in parliament he needs to explain how he came by his riches. He was upset. Well, I want to know how a man who had to compete with poor people children to get Board of Education money for his son to study in the USA is now so rich? I don’t think he will be upset with me too.

  7. alp need to go it is simple as that. they just choking the life and goodness out of this country. money they say so tight but the ministers them living large large. even some close to the top who hang round them they living the high life. and can you imagine for several years one of them living rent free in a government house while the people he and his board over can’t get a raise. enough is enough jack.

    • In your dreams!!!! SAFER WITH LABOUR 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
      Antigua people nah drunk fu elect a bunch of incompetent rejects to govern their affairs. LABOUR ALL THE WAY!!!! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    • straight up alp must go. you cant trust dem fu kip dem han off de people subben. neaga ah suffa me tell you and dem dey as you say ah lib high life widout fu who ah suffa.

  8. I don’t believe Asot have dirt on the PM and even if, it doesn’t matter. The majority accepts and admire rottenness.

  9. Corrupt condemning corruption, greed and power has taken over the top dawg its a matter of time when everything comes to light

    • You didn’t see Baldwin in court defending those thievery and tarnished a dead man name? You guys are so pathetic and hypocritical. The UPPITES was the worse and corrupt government in Wadadli history.

      • Spencer in his old age needs to repent. First he said “ASHE LIED” now he is saying that the 3 buses were not a “government-to-government” gift. Shame on him for covering the asses of ministers who disrespected him and who he min fraid fu discipline

      • @Colombo
        While the three ex ministers were defending the charge of bus conversion, your hero was on his radio show bragging about the three acres of prime hill top government lands in English Harbour he got for about $15,000. Now tell me how $600,000 for buses the government didn’t pay for compares to ripping off the government of 3 acres of beautiful land, according to him.
        Please stop cussing UPP because Labour Party government hands duttier than Cooks Dump.

  10. Wait! Hold up! A way Tabor pop up from??? He was super quiet on the articles about the 3 buses 🚌
    One of the buses was even converted into a “mobile gentleman’s club”

    If it were Labour Party ministers, he’d be all over it ..smh

  11. Gaston will be reversing this decision soon and say that it’s compassion he has for Asot Michael that he let Asot run again on the ABLP ticket.

  12. anybody who do anything improper must be prosecuted. i believe in that. but we will see what the final position of the court is on the bus matter. nobody at all who the court establish do wrong can get my support for they wrong doing.

    what missing from this conversation is all them things that happen under gaston leadership that on the face of it look questionable. dem dey need fu investigate. the land swapping, the share inc story, how he son company can get fu buy beach front government land cheap and also how he know it was up to sell then he smile to the moon on the resale. is I.F. antigua fu true. a better name for such a company you can’t find. and tell me if gaston or anybody close to he whether family or business associate or friend have interest in the complex dem at ebenezer. if any of them things there is true then something might look suspicious there so microscope must be put pan that to see if everything was legit.

  13. me wid you lisa. dat ebeneze story dey smell one kin ah how. arwe need fu know how dem rental contracts dey go. and mo subben dey to. like de lady kathy say asot nak de dawg hard when he tell de dawg fu tell de people how he come by he wealth.

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