PM Asks US Ambassador For WTO Monies

(File photo)

On the even of Antigua and Barbuda’s 37th anniversary of Independence, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has raised the issue of the monies owned by the United States with the country’s top diplomat in the region.

The Prime Minister met with Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela on Wednesday morning, at the office of the Prime Minister.

The US Ambassador is currently in Antigua to join in the celebration of the country’s 37th Anniversary of Independence.

The Ambassador raised several issues with the Head of Government, including noting that US investors were eager to invest in the island-state.

The Prime Minister reportedly responded to each of the issues and added the failure of the USA to settle its WTO obligation to Antigua and Barbuda.

The victory at the WTO by Antigua and Barbuda, in the amount of US$21 million dollars annually, has been continuously pursued by the Gaston Browne administration with glimmers of success.

The Ambassador acknowledged that further discussions are warranted.

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  1. Independent and begging cash? SMH. Let the USA fund the UWI campus Antigua chapter in Antigua! That way we all will see what the money bought! Cash? That will disappear into God knows where!

  2. I am glad that PM Browne is making point of this. I still cannot believe that the USA isn’t giving us what we are owed, by law and court rulings. The USA is not a friend of Antigua, that is for sure!

  3. Mr. PM, thank you for trying to retrieve the money owe to us by the American government. From what I am hearing, we already received our payoff. The former US Air Force Base in Coolidge was given to us as the payment. That entire facility with the materials plus equipment is worth over USD$300 million and counting. I think that you should have lease the entire facility to the AUA medical school instead of having the ABDF occupying it and at the same time destroying like they did the old Naval facility. The ABDF can’t maintained that facility, so it will just goes to ruining.

    • Mary-gene you come back with this nonesense again??? you really believe that place is worth USD$300 million? you haffie blind! plus a’int no way this or any other government would have accepted that as pay off. What you are hearing is dead wrong. sometimes when you hear things that don’t make sense to you, you should not repeat until you have facts. smh! common sense really not common.

    • Mary-gene, that place is worth maybe $10m maximum, if that. The place is awful and needs major repairs to even be functional. The judgement by the WTO against the USA is a totally separate issue and we did not agree to take the base to satisfy the judgement.

      Every Antigua and Barbuda citizens should know that the USA is not a friend of Antigua. Just look at how much money the USA gave us for our hurricane relief efforts: basically nothing. So remember that when it comes to the USA, they do not care about us at all.

      Let’s collect our money from the USA now, or let’s withdraw from all our agreements with the USA and let them know that Antigua will not be bullied anymore.

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