PM appears frustrated with residents who are not taking up available vaccines


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called on residents to place appreciation on the fact that Antigua and Barbuda will have enough COVID-19 vaccines to vaccinate the entire population.

But he fears that some of these may go to waste.

He was speaking on DADLIPOLITICS about how hard it has been to get vaccines and the slow uptake rate.

Click here to hear his frustration:

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  1. He is right to be frustrated. 40+ people have died from covid in Antigua, ZERO have died from the vaccine locally but people are choosing to take the risk of catching covid rather than taking the vaccine? Where is the logic in that?

    • 👀👀👀👀 how do you know that though?? Some persons could have had other sicknesses and they blamed it on covid & how do you know no one died from the vaccine or havent gotten sick but they just not speaking up about it cauze they want other ppl to take it, ik of persons who’ve had many side effects aswell but just dont say what you aren’t sure of!!

    • @Not so common
      Including the lady that was struct and killed by a motor vehicle? She also died of covid.?

    • Your filthy mouth makes matters worse, plus it causes you to lose your credibility. Is something wrong with you???

  2. Zero have died locally. Where exactly did you get your statistic? Please share that link/website for everyone to see.

    • Remember this post when you are lying in hospital with a ventilator down your throat. 38,000 people have had the vaccine without incident. Only fools who believe in fantasy conspiracies would not see the benefit of the vaccine but they may just live long enough to regret not taking the vaccine when they had the chance.

      • Again where does your statistic come from? Please educate us. As far as I know nobody is keeping those statistics here. If there is no statistics kept, there is no way we can know if there is any vaccine related deaths. FYI I am fully vaccinated and COVID positive.

      • You are funny . %98 who get Covid recover , my girlfriend works in a nursing home. All the residents got Covid 150. 30 died, who were old and sickly with underlined health conditions. All the the staff had Covid also. None of them died. One ended up in hospital who is 67 and suffering from Parkerson disease. She was in hospital for a week and is now back at work. Give you head a shake. Russia and China vaccines are not recognized in Europe, USA and Canada. Where I am. USA has not approved Astrosenica vaccine also. So if the US had a vaccine mandate to enter. You would be the same as the Unvaccinated. Because all 3 vaccines that Antigua is offering are not approved in the United States,Europe and two of them not approved in Canada except for Astrosenica vaccine. Do your research, fully vaccinate are dieing and spreading the new Delta. Check the CDC website.

  3. Trust in science with all your heart, and lean not unto your conscious in all your ways believe them and politicians and you will never be decieved

    Where was the love for the poor and needy, wouldn’t it be amazing if they push to eradicate poverty, like how they push for everyone to be vaccinated? Their love and concern is false

  4. One reason why the PM could be concerned is the fact that, the time is drawing near for the roll out of the #BoosterShots. Then and there is where the shit will really hit the fan!

  5. Data from the CDC has shown that the majority of people who are getting sick and dying from Covid-19 are the unvaccinated. That is why NYC and other places around the world are allowing only vaccinate people to visit their countries or states.

    • Not true! There is no vaccine mandate in NYC for visitors. The mandate in NYC is only about SOME indoor activities. More vaccinated are hospitalized in Israel and in the UK than unvaxxevd. The CDC information is not credible, they tell stories to fit the narrative they want the public to believe. A CDC whistleblower says that 45,000 people died in the first 3 days of the Pfizer roll out and that the CDC buried that data. It’s not the first time that the CDC has been accused of covering up vaccine injuries and deaths. These vaccines are obsolete, they cannot protect people from the variants.

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