PM: Antigua never wanted to beg for COVID vaccines

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the international community that Antigua and Barbuda was willing to pay for its COVID vaccines.

He says the island and other developing countries had to depend on vaccine charity because of vaccine hoarding.

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  1. EDITORS AT ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM: Are you on Gaston Browne’s payroll? ALL of a sudden everything he says is Headline News on your Portal. Are you being paid?

    Antigua never wanted to do many things. However,you have done many not so good things on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda,Gaston Browne.You did beg,end of the darn story.

    • Pay with which money? You and your cabinet run antigua dry of money can’t pay police nurses soldiers and government workers but u was going to buy everyone knows you as a begger a dirty old lying prime minister the worst ever in the history of antigua and Barbuda but at least when you are gone we will remember you as what i said above.

      • Is something wrong with you “Mercyismine”??? Chuups. Are you living under a rock or something worse. The Prime Minister has the huge majority support of the people. He is an outstanding leader, just the person we need for “times such as this”. And I did NOT vote for him.

  2. First let me say Gaston…


    For the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL!

    In addition, speak only on behalf of Antigua since you handle this place like a child YOU birthed…

    Who gave you the go ahead to speak on the behalf of All developing countries…

    Wam to you my yute!

    Bare in mind… the higher we rise without GOD! The harder we FALL!

  3. Be wise & tap focus on the messenger (Gaston) but listen & pay a little more attention to MESSAGE that he brings. There is no you will become a lot wiser

  4. Gaston Clown when did the ppl in antigua ever asked you to beg or plead for anything. what the ppl ask for which is basic things like fixing of roads and things like that but its never addressed.
    additionally you too damn lie. first yall said that they were a donation then said they cannot be wasted because they cost money and lastly YOU WERE CAUGHT IN A RECORDING STATING THAT YOU STILL WENT ALONG WITH GENEOCIDE ACT EVEN KNOWING THAT THE VACCINES WERE EMBARGO.

    EMBARGO: an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country.
    impose an official ban on (trade or a country or commodity)

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