PM announces the addition of a new vaccine to be donated by John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria and Prime Minister Gaston Browne/ File Photo/ 2018

Prime minister Gaston Browne told Parliament on Thursday that a 6th vaccine is coming to Antigua and Barbuda within weeks.

He did not give the name of the vaccine but says it will be donated by businessman John Paul DeJoria, Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador-AT-Large.

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  1. Tell Stone. He getting real delusional. Tell Stone this is the same man that promised the HARD ROCK HOTEL.

    Tell Stone we now need to worry bout his mental capacity. He making claims contrary to First World Countries. Tell Stone. Tell Stone! Somebody please tell Stone!

    Tell Stone we haven’t forgotten about his pronouncements about Choksi! Tell Stone we still investigating his involvement with SHARE!

    Who’s advising this man on Covid? Ask Stone did he reveal to Molwyn his assertation about John Paul Dejoria? We don’t need a party leader becoming unhinged.

    Labor Party please stop STONE……..

  2. W_H-A/T DE FUK are you talking about! Do you just take every shit people give you. This is now becoming ridiculous.

  3. You expect to me believe that! Me belly a a bust!!!!!!! The man is off his rocker. No news Source, government source worldwide has indicated or even promoted any vaccine, therapeutic or Virus killer that was in development, tested and has now reach production stage. Has gone through trial and is now ready to be unleashed on the world to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. Much less EBOLA!!! This man has become unhinged. He’s consumed by COVID.

    Clarevue Mek room!!!!!!

  4. HIP,HIP,HIP HOORAY!! A 6th Vaccine is coming to Antigua.Please give it to all Members of Cabinet.Perhaps they would all turned into 4 legged animals,then.LOL

  5. Who is this man? Another conman hiding his riches and paying those in power? A tragedy for beautiful loving Antiguans’. Money is corruptive. My prayers for the good and kind people who have been kind to me.

  6. Is this a vaccine approved by WHO? Or a dodgy man giving a false vaccine to the people of Antigua in return for hiding his money? MONEY is all the moustache cares about.

  7. When he gets this so-called vaccine, is he going to force Antiguans to take it? Yes inject Antiguans with shit not approved by any world body. Suggest you tell your friend where to take his vaccine and leave Antiguans alone. Did not know there was Ebola in Antigua.

  8. Gas-man Browne, did the Pharmaceutical Council approved of this Vaccine from that man DeJoria? People of Antigua and Barbuda,please be aware of that which you are about to take.

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