PM Announces Curfew, Bans Social Gatherings

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced a national curfew which he says will be “strictly enforced.”

The curfew hours are between 8 p.m – 6 a.m for a period on two weeks starting tomorrow.

In an address to the nation today, Browne announced that all non-essential services including bars, nightclubs and restaurants should be closed from tomorrow.

All social gatherings are also banned.

Browne said the additional measures became necessary after residents failed to adhere to voluntary quarantine and social distancing.

Browne warns that failure to comply will result in either a $5000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

He said there was anecdotal evidence of community spread but that Antigua will be guided by the science.

The prime minister also clarified his statement yesterday that there were seven confirmed cases. He said while it is true that there are four new cases, one of the earlier cases was a re-test bringing the number of positive cases to six and not seven.


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  1. ANTIGUA..
    It’s a good thing to close all social gathering points & ports.
    Here in the UK we have many who have done the same and not followed safety guidelines.
    Antigua is geographically small and too easy to be wiped out by COVID. Thus the county’s leader is moving fast compared to the UK where here we are about to take a big hit …it is expected thousands to be wiped out worse than Italy who are currently at 9,000 deaths..
    Social Distance yourselves !!!
    LOCKDOWN ..and LIVE..!

  2. We must continue to give thanks to God that we have such a capable Leader at the helm. He made the right decision, and the People are thankful. Nice to see the bars shut down, too. Those damn drunks will be going nuts. Some say those idiots won’t be able to survive without their rum. That’s okay. There are consequences for the stupid decisions we make in life. Again, so glad that Comrade Leader is at the helm. God bless him and all Antiguans.

  3. KRISTI the decision that the Prime Minister made today was correct and I support it. However, it is at least two weeks late. Such decisive action should have been taken earlier. And by the way, only now the restriction on bars, restaurants etc and a ban on social gatherings is legal since it is being done under a state of emergency. When it was announced last week that bars, restaurants etc numbers should be restricted to 25 people under the Quarantine Act 1946, the government had no such power under that Act. They have now got it right under the state of emergency. We are a country of laws and the government must also obey the law.

  4. This is a serious post!!! A friend of mine who has a keeper wants to know how other keepers or persons with keepers are managing during this time as this situation has presented a major challenge for a that person. The person can’t find a good a excuse to be out and the other party is now watching the account like a hawk.
    Only serious responses accepted.

    • You making joke, right? Who in this day and age still has “keepers”???? And this is a serious response. The day of “keepers” is only a far away memory, a sad day actually. Sin pays its debt, big time.

  5. Mr. Charles Tabor now you are my Friend. You have now supported Hon. Gaston Browne for once. Thank you so much. Let Us work together for a better Antigua.

  6. Please don’t panic. Stay at home with your immediate family as much as you can. Send one person out for shopping. Wash everything in packaging with a mild solution of bleach and wash fruit and vegetables well. My soul and heart is with you. Do NOT mix with each other. x

  7. Those bars in neighborhoods that opened all night.Would they be policed and be closed.So that persons in those residential neighborhoods can get a good night sleep in years.When this matter has been lifted.In my opinion it would be nice.If the Police patrol the neighborhoods and curtail noise pollution.

  8. Is there enough law enforcement personnel to strictly enforce a curfew and monitor crime? something must give so either crime escalate or curfew lapse………

    As far as I can recall it was just yesterday the public was demanding that more police officers need to be on the road to regulate the traffic situation. The new commiss vowed that officers will be more visible under his watch?

    So whats the plan to enforce the curfew in rural areas?

    Will the law enforcement personnel on the road be dressed in PPE?

    The prison is already bursting, and the plan is to send persons who break curfew to prison? Really? well with unemployment sky rocketing how will they pay the fine?

    Curfew is a good move but the plan in executing is another thing?

    How many police and soldiers we have again? Less than 900 right…..

    • I don’t have much to say because there are flaws in our system. We can’t control people who supposed to be quarantined. Leaving the area because of lack of security. This put society at risk. I hope and pray those people who fail to be quarantined don’t have the Coronavirus and already infecting they love once and friends stupidly. We need to stop the don’t care attitude. Don’t wait till your love once death to get serious, start now. Although you may think the government might acted to late, I say better late than never. It’s your time to act, so let’s follow the guidelines do the right things and we will all be safe. It’s only just for a time. Any misspelled or grammatical error please feel free to correct.

  9. I support the Prime Minister in the introduction of a Curfew.If we as adults cannot take are of ourselves.Then the Government has a responsibility to take care of us,babies.Do we really want the Administration to be our babysitters.I say no.So let us all as adults act responsibly and avoid congregating.We as a very small population cannot let this virus spread.Let us work together in the best interests of all.This covid 19 virus does not care if thou art rich or poor.It is not a respecter of persons.So listen to the Health Experts and use your common senses and good judgments.

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