PM Announces 50 Thousand Dollars Reward For Information In Nigel Christian’s Murder


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced a reward of $50 thousand for information leading to the “senseless murder” of Nigel Christian.

Browne told parliament that Nigel was “murdered by senseless criminals, unfortunately the police is unable to determine motive.”

He said the government would consider increasing the reward.

“We need the entire population to be mobilized to deal with this issue,” he told parliament.

The Prime Minister called on all law enforcement agencies to do all in their power to bring the criminals to justice.

Christian was allegedly abducted from his home in McKinnons around 5:30 pm on Friday 10th July by four men.

He was later found along a dirt road at Thibous in the vicinity of New Winthorpes Area, with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.



  1. Condolences to the family.
    Please they need to call Scotland yard for this. This mess is above our local law enforcement plus Scotland Yard has no”Skin in the game”. I believe that this was a message to the others to back off. Maybe they were about to bust their findings wide open exposing many prominent people.

  2. What does the police mean about they can not determine a motive? Isn’t he part of the team investigating the fraud at the port? Wasn’t another member shot at previously?

    • No he was not involved in any active investigation. Comptroller, via abs, states this has been the situation for at least the past 6 months

  3. It’s rather amusing how Gaston Brown is quick to put up 50000 but yet still the country doesn’t have consistent running water.. But I can guarantee he doesn’t have that issue..running the country backwards as hell meanwhile his bank accounts getting fatter and folks still can’t get paid..

    They did not kidnap that man and murder him for no reason.. Think about the drug bust a few weeks ago.. Antigua police not that smart I said what I said would they have known to find the drugs in the appliances?Vacuum sealed at that.. He probably was the snitch.. what they say snitches get stitches 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Condolences to his family and friends.
    This is a very sad story.Are Customs Officers being targeted?This is the second one in less than a year harmed.This one gave the ultimate.Could his death be tied to the large drug bust at the Port a few weeks ago.I am asking questions.Because the whole thing does not make any sense to me a novice in law enforcement.That someone is kidnapped and then murdered by his kidnappers within such a short time.I did not know we have clandestine killings in my Antigua.I hope those involved are all caught.Found guilty in a Court and be sentenced to be hanged by the neck until DEAD.NO LIFE IN PRISON.

    • Controller of customs says no (Via abs tv). Points out he was not involved in any active investigation.

      • By the way.The other Customs Officer that was shot in the legs.The Police did say his shooting had nothing to do with his Investigative work.So Police,why the heck was he shot.Let us hear their responses to this one.Sets of lazy backsides.They would seek and arrests curfew breakers.However,they cannot find dangerous criminals.I wondered why.I have my own suspicions.

  5. These wicked murderers (upon legal conviction) must die at the hands of the executioner and hang by the neck until dead. This evil must stop. A life for a life!

    • Motive: Direct knowledge of drug bust and name of the recipient’s who product drugs was found sealed in.

      Police: These crimes are above solvable expertise of Antigua Police. Additionally, this seem to be a targeted killing. The sender and receivers of the drug called in a hit. It’s very easy to see that there’s people working at the Port who was intended to clear the drugs and that a few individuals while investigating have immediate access and knowledge of the complicity of people in high places.

      Investigators: Why is it that the investigator not have a gun and why is it that he wasn’t under Police protection. He and all investigators should be housed on the Defense Force.

      Drug and Fire Arms Interdiction Unit: Antigua Government needs to create a new element within the Defense Forces, Drugs and Firearms Task Force with Police Powers. This will ensure that.the ports and entryways are all secured. Big issues trusting regular Police and Politicians with corruption rampant.

      Gaston Browne: Needs to be voted put of office. Incompetent!

      • Shut you mouth about Gaston Brown must be voted out of office. Never know say a him send the gun men.
        Upp could not stop it either. A killer is a killer. Drugs not a good thing to be involved in. Man will kill anyone cross them,
        I pray to God they catch the bastard them. Heartless men.

        • Why are you defending Gaston brown? That man doesn’t give a crap about Antigua only one he cares about is himself the man living great off the country and you have the nerve the defend something like that? can’t even get consistent running water in day and age. The man won’t even price control for the country and everyday Antigua hard workers getting ripped off so again why are you defending Gaston brown? Cuz you alp right?

  6. PM Please bring in Scotland Yard. Our police force will not deal with it correctly. There is too much at stake. These types of mafia style murders are signals which we have seen long time ago before. Like when they killed a guy in Cedar Valley and left the money behind. Tells you they didn’t come for the money.

    • When you illiterate and want to say anything that comes to mind but can’t spell “Syrians”.

  7. I wish to send my condolences to Connie and the family
    I’m over here in England and absolutelyDevastated as to what has happened RIP Nigel from Debbie and family

  8. Why everybody ah cry fi Scotland Yard come ? Last time they come for the Customs Comptroller who get kill Scotland Yard knew everyone involved and passed the names to Antigua police. They only arrest the 2 lickle village boys and everyone in the Dollyhouse go free ! They even try to steal his body from Straffie by boat. To hide what ? Well if you don’t know ya just don’t know 😉

  9. Deepest and sincerest condolences to the family. Such a tragic loss !
    The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked.
    To those who perpetrated this hideous act….I know you will read this post. Do remember that all our actions will come to light. You may believe that you have gotten away with this, but my friends; the Great Creator does NOT SLEEP AND SEES EVERYTHING.
    Turn to Him now. Surrender yourself and seek forgiveness from God.
    No sin (crime) is too much for God to forgive.
    Why would you live the rest of your life with this on your conscience….unless you are lacking in this department. Wake up, my friends. You will stand before the judgment throne soon. Would you prefer to be destroyed in a lake of fire or spend all eternity in peace and happiness ?
    The choice is yours: God calls on you to surrender and repent. Even the thief on the cross was forgiven and will one day soon be in paradise with his Forgiver. You can too.


  10. My condolences to the family & I do hope you get swift justice but let’s address the huge white elephant stomping loudly in the room.

    Where is this $50,000 suddenly coming from? During this pandemic we’ve seen:

    So again, where is this money coming from?

    • Harold Lovell is that you? Scraping the bottom in a lame attempt to politicize a family’s loss and try to garner votes?? You’re going to have to try harder and actually have scruples.

        • The fact both the government and opposion party is politizing this young man’s murder is disgusting and what is even more disgusting are you the followers you people need to seek help with your warp twisted thoughts. All for the sake of scoring cheap political points.

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