PLH to complete runway and airport terminal in Barbuda

Barbuda_Airport Runway

Cabinet Notes: The Head of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority, the ABAA Engineer/Consultant, and the chief representative of PLH Barbuda were invited to Cabinet, in order to resolve a number of issues revolving around the multi-million-dollar project, which is under construction in Barbuda.

PLH is entering into an arrangement with the government to complete the runway and an airport terminal at the new airport site outside of Codrington, Barbuda.

Many of its clients will begin to arrive Antigua in the months ahead, landing at the V.C. Bird International and transferring to smaller aircraft that will take them to the bio-secure PLH project.

It was agreed that an executive lounge will be prepared at the old V.C. Bird International terminal to receive those clients, who will transfer to Barbuda.

There was an intense discussion around which space can better be utilized. There was also an issue of the cost of marl, which will be mined to build roadways within the project.

An amount to be shared with the Barbuda Council and the Central Government was agreed.

A disagreement, which had been festering for several weeks, was quickly resolved by the Gaston Browne-led Cabinet in less than one hour.



  1. What PLH needs to do is to forthwith stop degrading the Barbudan environment and in particular the Palmetto Point area. The activities there will affect the lagoon which is the spawning area for lobster and other marine species. Are we to choose a gulf course over the permanent degradation of the environment? A similar project was stopped by the court in the British Virgin Islands because of the damage it would cause to mangroves in the area and its impact on the wetlands. Don’t we give a damn about the environment? The PLH project is even breaching the RAMSIR Convention (of which Antigua and Barbuda is a signatory) on the protection of wetlands. The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) needs to get out of its slumber.

  2. TABOR :Do you really think the ABLP Administrations.Give a darn about the Environment.I remembered as a boy.There was a Salt Pond at Deep Bay.We the people would go there and picked our salt for domestic usage.Real healthy sea salt made by Nature only.An ABLP Administration destroyed that Salt Pond.Telling the people a Marina was going to be built in its place.To this day,not a damn Marina has been built.

  3. BLACK-MAN you are so correct. I used to go to Deep Bay and is well aware of the salt pond. It certainly could still be there despite the construction of the Royal Antiguan Hotel.

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