PLH faces shortage of skilled workers in Barbuda



The Principal of PLH was invited to Cabinet to address the issue of the shortage of skilled workers which PLH faces in Barbuda and to examine alternatives that would address that shortcoming. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

The Cabinet learned that PLH pays considerably more for skilled labour than is customary, almost twice the standard rate, hence it has been attracting workers from Antigua whose skillsets are in demand in Barbuda.

PLH now employs more than 500 workers, but in two months will move to increase that number to seven hundred workers. PLH is hopeful that LIAT will be able to fly workers into Barbuda when the new airport is open.

Workers who fly to Barbuda in the mornings will be able to fly out in the afternoons; hence, it will not be necessary for them to spend 5 continuous days in Barbuda without the benefits of their families or to rest in their own homes. PLH presently provides accommodation, transportation and meals for workers who travel to PLH Barbuda.

The PLH is also interested in reducing shipping costs that have surged since the Covid pandemic. PLH proposes to have Barbuda declared a Port of Entry to allow vessels to leave the USA and enter into the Port of Barbuda at the River Dock.

PLH will provide the financing to enable the dock to accommodate the shipping vessels requiring a deeper draught. The time saved by shipping directly to Barbuda will translate into lower cost per build, and will enable more workers to be employed and more houses to be built in a shorter period of time.


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  1. When all these projects are being run simultaneously, what do you expect? Antigua is a small country with a limited skilled workforce. Wouldn’t it make sense to do the projects in phases? So I guess a lot of non nationals will be brought in and when the projects are completed will they become unemployed in Antigua?

  2. Help us find a decent home and let us know if we can move our pet birds with us and we’ll be there. I’m an IT professional and my wife is an accountant…ok, not skilled labor but…
    Why doesn’t the article tell us what skills in particular are needed?

  3. Dat right tell us what kind of skills u need and how much paying a hour u need to pay our MB SS EL we ain’t coming get real ANTIGUAN

  4. Is there a listing of the jobs that are available? Wouldn’t it be better to post a job vacancy notice than a long article that tells us nothing?

  5. This is just an excuse to bring in low wage earners from Mexico, Philippines etc. by the time they finish with Barbuda, with their buffer zone owning paying for police station, dock and airport they will run things in barbuda.

    Not to mention the 12M they lent the government, that the people have no idea what the terms and conditions

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