Plant Protection Reminds Of The Entry Requirements For Regulated Items Entering Antigua & Barbuda.


All importers, brokers, overseas mailbox operators, courier companies and members of the general public are hereby reminded of the regulation of the entry into Antigua and Barbuda of commodities of plant origin as well as products that provide a pathway for the entry of plant pests.

An Import Permit is needed for the entry of the following items:
• All plants, planting material, seeds, cuttings, and other material intended for planting;
• All fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, lumber and other non- and/or semi-processed plant materials intended for use other than for planting;
• All plant growth media and mulches.

For these commodities, a valid import permit from Antigua and Barbuda must be presented before a phytosanitary (plant health) certificate from the country of export is issued.

Be further reminded that Import Permits are single-use only and applications require documentation detailing the composition of each consignment.



  1. Oh plz. Now dem done mek certain supermarket bring in the Florida oranges b4 clearance was received. And a certain hotel that brought in palm trees that had dire environmental impact??

    What a TOOTHLESS TIGER this “unit” appears to be.

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