Plans To Renovate Double Decker Stand

Lennox Weston

Joseph A Davis, a contractor, builder and designer, and one of the operators of a booth at the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) says he believes that double decker stand could be renovated and preserved, quoting its value at an estimated US $20 million.

A few months ago, Cabinet announced that the stand and the booths at the facility would be demolished in an effort to bring the building up to international standards.

Although the job is expected to be completed by a private contractor, the Ministry of Works is working alongside the Ministry of Sports to secure a temporary location for vendors as well as to assist with minor construction-related details.

Minister of Works, Lennox Weston, says that there have been “numerous engineering reports” to see how best the facility can be renovated to meet the standards of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

There is still no word yet on the grand plan for the popular, now derelict, double decker stand at the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG).



  1. There is no way on earth renovation for double-Decker is $20 million usd. We are talking about double Decker. I may want to place a bet that if an honest and reasonable company repair double Decker, it will no way exceed $5,000,000.00 EC, most-likely way less.

  2. For that price, just start from scratch with a full state of the art modern facility. That is way too much on tax payers

  3. Why every project for government repairs or new always runs into the million of dollars? Are someone getting kick-backs from these project? Can imagine that one seating section renovation of the ARG estimated cost at $20 millions. I can imagined how much it would cost to renovate the entire ground.

  4. 20 million broad US dollars for a renovation? Does that cost include corruption. If not we are in trouble. ADOMS building was $17 million to complete. 80% so far completed at a cost of $34 million. Estimated cost to complete would be in the region of $8.5 to $9 million. Total overruns would be in the region of 26 million.
    Oh gosh no! Leave Double Decker. We cant afford it

  5. That quote could not be from a reputable company. Developing a stadium cost much less, opposed to a stand. How many quotes were submitted? Were engineering and feasibility studies done? I would hope the good intentions of the government is not being taken for granted.

  6. These are the ways politicians fleece the government institutions……another opportunity for ministers and/or cronies to enrich themselves through kickbacks….bait and catch (not switch). Put something out there to gauge the response of the public and then set the things in motion based on feed back.

    • @Alex, you have a point that need to be taken seriously. People should hold elected officials accountable to manage and spend our money prudently. These over budget contracts does not look good for the politicians or the country. That money should be credited to social security and the pension fund. The budget and finance ministers are sleeping at the wheel. Maybe it was $20,000US (thousand) and not $20 million. Either way it’s excessive, and open the project to serious future investigations. People have to pay attention and stop being seduced by politics.

  7. US $20 Million to refurbish that stand?Would the seats be made of Gold and or Diamond?This would be another cost over run Government Project.Like the Treasury and ADOMS Buildings.Who would be enriching himself from this Construction project?

  8. Someone is setting up to enrich themselves from a good kickbacks. About EC$30 million is going to be the kickbacks in somebody pockets.

  9. Anyone would be disturbed at first given the headline but read again carefully.
    This is the opinion of someone who operates a booth at the ARG who also happens to be a contractor/ builder. The wording is also unclear, is this his opinion on the value of the stands or the cost to renovate?

  10. Another enrichment myself government project since there is no accountability and transparency within the ABLP administration.

  11. Weston all I have for you is your own words. “ YOU WANT ONE HOT CASSIE STICK IN YUH MOUTH” haven’t came across a politicians I respect as yet

  12. I really do not understand what the Antigua government is doing. They need to focus on healthcare. The healthcare system in Antigua is one of the worse in the Caribbean.

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