Pigs in Paradise making a big splash in Antigua & Barbuda


Chantelle Winter is the owner of Pigs in Paradise, which is an exclusive, fun, and educational beach experience where persons can swim with piglets.


She embarked on this venture after her father’s pet pigs had a liter of fourteen (14) piglets.


Swimming with pigs is an activity that is very popular in the Bahamas, however, what differentiates Pigs In Paradise is the use of trained piglets, whereas in the Bahamas they use mature wild pigs.


Naturally, pigs are not comfortable being handheld, however for this activity, Ms. Winter has trained these piglets in her very own “Piggie School”, where they are trained to be held and fed from a bottle.


Pigs are normally seen as dirty animals; however, Ms. Winter assures persons that the pigs are cleaned as well as regularly checked by a veterinarian.


Daily, the pigs are fed and cleaned in the morning and again in the afternoon, the same goes for when they are taken to the beach just before they interact with persons.


Since the piglets are so young the activity only lasts one hour and then they will sleep for an hour after that.


Ms. Winter does have plans to expand and find a place where the pigs can be free, like an offshore island for security, and that way more persons can be involved like persons who own boats, that way more people benefit.


Due to the uniqueness of the business, every day is a challenge and a learning experience, however, she has gotten great feedback from the activity and persons have expressed that it was a fun and extremely safe experience.

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  1. Word on the street is that some of our local MPs are graduates of Ms. Winter’s Piggie School.

  2. I am glad to see the story did mention the Bahamas.Because there was the first place I did see it. Where is Master Willy? LOL.

  3. The pig poop up the water and it is nasty. I can’t believe how much pig poop I saw in the water. They also squeal non stop. Shouldn’t be allowed at a popular beach where people swim.

    • Pork Souse hit the bacon. I was swimming there the other day and jumped out of my (pig)skin when I saw a set of pig poop float passed me. I squealed in disgust!!! Is this animal operator licensed by the authorities?

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