PHOTO: Prince G. Browne, Achieves Academic Prowess: Tops Grade 6 National Assessments in Zone IV


📚🌟 Royalty in Academia! 🎓✨ Prince G. Browne, son of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, shines as the top male student and secures second place in Zone IV during this year’s Grade 6 National Assessments. 👑📖 #AcademicExcellence #FutureLeader”

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  1. Congratulations to the young Prince!!! As a young human being we hope that he will do great things for this our land.

  2. So Father, so Son.
    Congratulations young Prince Gaston Browne.
    I’m sure your parents are very proud of you.
    Parents bring your children up in the right ways.

  3. Why is this NEWS!!!!! WTF Gaston pikney passing his exam have to do with Antigua. Me nah get water for the week report pan THAT!!! Chupes must be a slow frigging news day.

  4. ANR,
    Some of us are interested in knowing who got 1st place in the zone, and who are the parents.

  5. Soooooooooo jus as ANT you should mention ALL zones


    • I really wants to know , he poor an he r 1pickey head . Wats all dis. Dem mention 2nd doesn’t 1st come before senond. 1 big chupz.

  6. How a picture is not in Antigua News ROOM of the person who came in first? Is it because that person parents are not Politicians? Antigua News Room editors are once again kissing Gaston’s rear.

  7. This whole.ppst was nothing short of a clickbait post. This photo was taken straight from Gaston Browne Facebook page. Goes to show where these so called newsroom get their stories from.

  8. So what about the top female student, isn’t she news worthy? I see, she a one poor smady pickney. Ok, I got ya. That surely isn’t news. Prince has all the things to do exceptionally well unlike poor people pickney so why wouldn’t he excel? So wah mek he puppa can’t put things in place fu arwe pickney excel too? Big dutty chupzzzzxz!

  9. Congratulations young man. You miles ahead of the Opposition Leader.

    Where is the photo of Pringle turning rahtid on UPP fu bypass he for party leadership????

  10. And??? As he should with all the privileges he has. What about the regular folks’ children in public school? Some of them don’t even have access to proper materials, tutors, etc. Fix the problems in education so that the children can stop struggling.

  11. Maybe the child is a good student, but knowing who his parent is, I would want to know who prepared him for the exam, what did he know before about the actual exam, and who marked his papers. And I want to see his test papers.

    These are not normal times. Shit happens. Trust is in short supply here.

  12. He is a child, but I will never forget him riding with his father on Newgate Street outside of Wilmoth Daniel’s place just before the 2018 elections.

    He was sitting in his father’s arms honking the horn and singing ‘Dem flap, dem flap, dem flap’. The red people went wild. They thought it was cute.

    We have to be careful how we involve our children in our duttiness. It comes back to haunt them.

  13. and who can forget WILMOTH DANIEL/UPP putting up that gutter-politics billboard using the child’s image with those nasty words plastered across it!!! You do well you have selective memory!

    in the end, wilmoth daniel got a heavy ass-whooping…..not as bad as the 3 lovell got from melford though, but he get be flat battum cut down to size dat election!!!

  14. School picky_head pickney say, that ram goat has been feeding on the top dawg front lawn and a lawn um dung and this child allegedly is not a part of the brown ancestry or family tree.

    • King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF Pimp….where is Lovell wife???

      Pringle married???

      Shugy lef he wife because she put on baby weight

      Serpent 🐍 ……..

      Bowen…… gun…..dead girl

      Anthony Smith wife control he

    • @ a true ? Is it a fact?
      Oh?? So you conveniently leaving Gaston father out of the picture?
      I see. Carry on.
      Your load going get heavy soon.

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