Petty behaviour at Sir Lester’s burial was uncalled for, Lovell says


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  1. Harold finding FAULT with everything. Harold trying to gain POLITICAL POINTS. Stop it . This will get you nowhere .

    • A clear case of “evil thinks as evil does” . Don’t be surprised at anything Harold does….. plus, he’s desperate.

      • You ALP guys just make me sick. Anybody was more desperate and ruthless than Gaston when he wanted to become leader of the ALP and also Prime Minister. His denigration of Lester Bird with the support of Asot’s financial backing was phenomenal.

    • I guess you don’t notice it when the labour party politicians making “cheap” political points. Labour party never stop campaigning – even when they in government.SMH.

  2. Guess you guys are Asot’s advocates now. You don’t have a Choice now I guess since you’re deep in his pockets.

    • Right on the button! They have allowed themselves to be bought and sold like mere chattel by a character who represents a cartel even more odious than those operators of the Atlantic Slave trade not that long ago.
      Sure, they soothe what’s left of their consciences by planning to dump de Ass in the rubbish bin once their hopeless dreams appear about to come true…. in the meantime they will just enjoy the prostitution for its money for as long as necessary. I’ve heard that some are actually enjoying the ride! Go ass, go!

    • There’s a new rumor on the streets that the UPP want Asot as their candidate for St. Peter. Anybody know if there is any truth to this???

  3. Its amazing you call that petty but in your condolences message on the passing of Sir Lester Bird former Prime Minister and national hero you chose not to mention his title of national hero for political reasons. Anything more petty than that. Coming from you Mr Lovell who wants to be our next Prime minister.

  4. Ok Mr. Lovell I hear you but I didn’t hear you say anything concerning the disrespect that the Freedom Fighters did concerning the advertisement of a protest on the day of Sir Lester’s funeral? Regardless of what, all dead should be respected. My advice to you Sir, ” take the beam out of your own eye before you pick the beam out of others”

  5. I wonder how SEAN BIRD tolerate how HAROLD LOVELL and UPP disrespect His Uncle SIR LESTER BRYANT BIRD. Shame on you SEAN BIRD.

  6. Well I see that red ants can’t call a spade a spade. Nothing their cult leader do is ever, incorrect for these blind followers.

    • hmm the UPP 2004 manifesto’s statement page 40 is not childish:
      “Ironically, the existence of Observer Radio, which
      operates only by edict of the Queen’s Privy
      Council, validates the ALP’s endemic fear of
      freedom of expression. Had the media been
      unfettered before, the Birds would long ago have
      been consigned to the dustbin of history”

      Harold did not run based on said manifesto? You heard his recent press statement that LB did great things?

      “Sir Lester Bird made a sterling contribution to Antigua and Barbuda as a parliamentarian for 38 years. We extend our sympathy to his family and friends and convey condolences to the people and government of Antigua and Barbuda,”

  7. Why is this guy chatting all this nonsense? He really is yesterday’s man. The UPP need a new leader. Mr. Pringle may well be that man. Charles Tabor may also be a good choice. Either one will do.

  8. I am living almost 2500 mikes from Antigua. I watched the funeral on Thursday.I think some of you could not see a dark night from a moon lit one. You are so entrenched in partisan politics. You would think the name of Antigua is ABLP. They,the leaders,could do no wrong. They could rob the Country blind. You would see and say not one damn thing. Because it is your political party in Governance. Come on people.We are smarter than that.

  9. Stupes from since when UPP gives a s### about Asot Michael. Anyway desprate times calls for desperate measures and they will say anything to win at any cost. Either that or Asot have UPP in his back pocket like how he has Gaston Browne before the fell out. Lovell needs to fix his own house first.

    • Did he really rest his wreath on Lady Bird’s wreath? He can’t be that foolish. That would be nasty.

  10. I see Lovell brought all the idiots out of their slumbers. That song by the Labor Party at the grave. Where did they get it from. It sounds very much like the Anthem for the British Labor Party. Gaston,when is the Party’s Convention? In my opinion,Asot was treated poorly at the Cemetery. No respect at all was shown to him.

  11. @ BEACH BUM

    What the HELL are talking about respect for ASOT at the GRAVESIDE
    All respects belong to Sir Lester Bryant Bird at that time.

  12. Since when you reath have feelings, besides any body lub buy votes more than ALP.

    Harold was no defending anyone, all he did was stated that the act of wreath dislocations were petty for such an aspicious occasion.

    Asot and Lester Bird min dey a roll lang before Maria fake Bird came long, so are you stop in please. Long eyes money grabbing Gaston never had Lester’s interests at heart, a position and quick wealth has always been his motive.

    Wake up and smell the coffee people, and pull those red, blue, green, orange, and any other colour coolaid bands from around your eyes. Everything is not about politics, but about what is best for Antigua and Barbuda.

  13. Another baseless and wasted knighthood. Just bury him and done. Another one who used politics for self enrichment.

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