Antigua and Barbuda offering land incentive for first COVID jab


Cabinet Notes:


Cabinet agreed that all those men and women taking the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, commencing Monday, June 7, 2021,  until Wednesday, June 30, 2021, will have his/her name entered into a raffle for 8,000 square feet  of a parcel of land at Judges Hill.


Although nearly 35,000 adults have taken the first dose at this time, at least 5,000 additional first-doses need to be administered by June 30, 2021.


The Cabinet agreed that this novel approach towards inducing vaccination is intended to encourage as many adults to quickly vaccinate and to move the country closer towards achieving herd immunity.


Parliamentarians and their family-members are disqualified from participating in the raffle.


The other incentives that have been relied upon to encourage vaccination against the Covid-19 disease will continue; these include food vouchers from Epicurean, gasoline vouchers from M&M Gas Station; gift vouchers from Medpath Lab (at Villa only).

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  1. So, those persons who got vaccinated from the getgo get no additional benefits. No accolades for taking their health seriously, but Cabinet sees fit to provide a reward to the vaccine slackers? This is so evident of our reactive society. When will we learn to be proactive? When will we give credit where credit is due?

    • I already got both my jabs, and as you said, received no accolades for being an early vaccer. So next time around, when ever that is, for whatever, I will be waiting and waiting for the rewards to come before i comply.

  2. Surely it’s easier to put those that had their jab into the raffle and let them benefit from being proative in the take up. Why give such a prize to those who are sitting on their backsides!?!?

  3. For years people from the Judges Hill community have been trying to purchase government crown lands in that area. Every time they go CHAPA, they have been told on several occasions that there are no lands available in that area. Sometimes I wonder of how all of a sudden lands show up available in areas that CHAPA staffs have been saying for years to potential land buyers that NO lands available there. These staffs need to fired. Or, they were hired by politicians to tell the native born Antiguans that no lands available. The PM loves to say that Antiguans and Barbudans have their money 💰 in the bank and won’t invest in the country. Mr. PM now you know why. Our moneys are there save up to buy government crown lands. Since the staffs at CHAPA won’t sell us land every time we go there, we just leave our money in the bank. At the age of 55 and still running behind CHAPA over 30 years to be told no lands available especially by a red-headed lady works there, then let my money 💰 stay in bank for my future generations education, and continue to live in the little plywood house in my late parents yard. We could have built guesthouses, Supermarket, shopping malls, restaurants, etc…in some of these communities if we did got those required crown lands to purchase back then. Some times our own people that work in these government departments are our own enemy and blocking the country development and also SOME native born opportunity to invest. These CHAPA staffs judges us from our appearance and think 🤔 that we don’t have money to pay for the land we are inquiring or need to purchase. Mr. PM before you talk, please find out why many native born Antiguans and Barbudans have been told by CHAPA staffs that NO lands available in areas they were born and grew up and now that you’re the Top Dawg, you found out plenty lands are still available in areas that were told wasn’t. That is what you need to fix for your native people and stop this raffle vaccine for land shit.

    • Gaston said recently that several plots on Judges Hill will be coming on the market for $8.50 per square ft. You should go and apply.

  4. The wheels are falling off in this country. With the level of corruption crooked behavior from top to bottom, Antigua is starting to resemble the description of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. If things don’t change soon the Creator will intervene.

  5. Here is an idea. Put all Comrades names into that drawing. That would guarantee a Comrade winning that piece of land.LOL

  6. Getting a piece of land to buy from Government is like pulling a tooth without lidocaine.
    How did they find this piece of land at Judges Hill to raffle? I never realized Government could manufacture lands.

  7. Time to have a no confidence vote against the current govt.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and his creative enrichment scheming cabinet must all go.

  8. Gaston Browne, you just opened up a can of worms. People on lists to get government lands forever and ever amen. You take the portfolio for lands from the rightful ministry and put it in your wife hand so you can control it. Now Antiguans can’t get lands. Only your cronies, rich foreigners and chinese. How Antiguans vote for your wife, I don’t understand. That is Conflict of interest, running a farm for self gain is also a conflict. How you get away with these things including contracts for your son is unbelievable. Now you find piece of land because you don’t want to look like you failed. Because I know is not because you care about Antiguan people. Will This be a real raffle or a set up one. Will the draw be in the public and a random person is called to pick a name? What’s the process? Don’t trust you. Look at the Yeda project.

    Antiguans please wake up before it’s too late. Don’t become a slave in your own country.

  9. First of all… Antiguans too Luv freeeebbss. No one should get anything to get your own ass vaccinated to save your own ass. It’s not for Antigua! It’s for YOU! So stop wanting free sh!t to get a vaccination.

    Second of all ! There are 100 000 people in Antigua only 35 000 got their first jab not nearly half! And it’s been rolled out so long along….. and mostly the over 50 population. THEY DONT WANT IT … LEAVE IT ALONE

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