Persons planning to travel to Antigua and Barbuda from June 4 2020 are asked to register with the Ministry of Health

VC Bird International airport

The resumption of commercial flights into Antigua and Barbuda will commence on
June 4 2020.

The Ministry of Health and the Environment is aware that many visitors, nationals
and residents will be coming into the country from that time. We are also aware that
many persons will be returning from countries where there is continued transmission
of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment is therefore making
preparations and taking measures to reduce the risk of re-introduction of COVID-19
in Antigua and Barbuda. One such measure involves monitoring persons for the
signs of COVID-19 while they are in Antigua and Barbuda.

Persons planning to travel to Antigua and Barbuda from June 4 2020 are asked to
register with the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment by providing
information at or by calling 1-268-462-2675.

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  1. American Airlines has already provided you with the Manifest for the flight on June 4th you already know how many Nationals and Tourist on the flight.
    This is getting rediculous.
    Now you have to register. Stop the Madness. Get to work and do your Job.

  2. You know why their scrambling like headless chickens to get this right? Because they are not professionals, and enough airport professionals aren’t having enough say, and we do not have proper advisors on the ministry of health end. This is looking real bad on an international level. The government needs to quit the theatrics and lighting show and let the people come. What is the worst that can happen? They already prematurely reopening the airport. This up and down ain’t working out clearly.

  3. What if we just test all arriving guest and residents, let them purchase the test and everyone can go on their merry way. Everyone that’s coming into our country should be tested anyways.

  4. I think people should boycott Antigua until it gets it’s act together. Testing should happen before one boards the plane to the destination. When one travels they are not their to waste time with testing and possible quarantine. Most people go on a vacation or business for a limited time. Can the government understand the traveler’s prospective? This behavior of the government reaks of ignorance.

  5. I seriously think the authorities are trying to make it safe for residents and visitors, but these implementations don’t even make NONSENSE
    Providing a recent reliable proof of Covid 19 negative results should suffice or complying with the country’s rapid test and let me go on my way. Don’t have time for these shenanigans

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