People Caught Using Cellphones While Driving To Be Ticketed


Effective January 2nd residents of Antigua and Barbuda once observed and caught by Police Officers will be ticketed for holding and using a mobile device while driving.


The Vehicles and Road Traffic Amendment Act 2018 amended section 56 of the principal Act and added to the offence of careless Driving holding and using a hand-held mobile device.


Further the Vehicles and Road Traffic (Mobile Devices) Regulations of 2019 made stipulations in, Regulation 4 and created a prohibition on driving while holding or using a handheld mobile device.

Regulation 6 prohibits electronic messaging while driving.


The Vehicle and Road Traffic (Enforcement and Administration) (Amendment) Order 2019 makes it an offence for driving and using handheld device. Contrary regulation 4 of Vehicles and Road Traffic (Mobile Devices) Regulations of 2019 permits police officers to issue a ticket (fixed penalty of 500) if you are observed holding and using mobile device while driving.


The Vehicle and Road Traffic (Enforcement and Administration) (Amendment) Order 2019 makes it and offence for individuals to view, send or compose and electronic message. Further Regulation 6 of the Vehicles and Road Traffic (mobile devices) regulations 2019 permits Police Officers to issue a ticket (fixed penalty of 500), if you are observed holding and using mobile device while driving.

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  1. Good move! I endorse this 100%, However I hope this also goes for the Police because many of them use their phones while driving and some don’t even use their seat belts !


    Certainly ‘…not taking all the credit,’ but it may have been ‘…an Overzealous Monkey Approach’ when a ‘…few misguided law enforcement personnel’ began a religious campaign to ‘…Seize and arrest motorists for the minor motoring offence.’

    Then ‘…ridiculously making public tout and advocating amendments to the law’ to make it ‘…an arrestable offence,’ not only showed the mentality of a few personnel, but also the ‘…punitive intent’ of such approach.

    Know that if a ‘…motorist was grabbed late on a Friday afternoon,’ he could not even call ‘…an African Snail, let alone a jumping Cuban Frog or allowed to visit the apparent ‘…mysterious find of the Boa Constrictor Snail.’

    Quicker taken to the ‘…Magistrate Court the following Monday.’

    Highly commendable of Public Safety Minister Steadroy ‘Cutie; Benjamin.

  3. Too much money for this offence , treasury bruk , wht abt drivers who block up traffic to talk to friends??? And those big trucks which bruk up dem small roads???? Wht abt defective lights on vehicles which sometimes not visible or safe to drive??? What abt smoking and driving is that not a distraction too??? Gov’t wants clamp down on these too bcuz everything in Antigua is politics. What abt active traffic ranks everyday to help traffic congestion due to road repairs and morning work rush, dem belly busy getting big on bread,lol. What about more night patrols and strategy to fight crime??? I tell you antigua nice until we smell the rata.

    • @Blur clues..All dat makes sense..Nothing is more annoying then when they stop to talk to their friends in the middle of the road…Pull over ..out of traffic!

      Have you seen that junction by Friars Hill road and Woods? You have to drive close to the wall to avoid the big, long gap in the road! Anyway, I usually do my best to avoid that particular area at all cost..even go around the long way (Roll eyes!) Since last year a big increase of Visitors and local not INDICATING! I can see how people can get Road Rage 🙁

      What about people driving in the dark with NO LIGHTS ON!?

  4. I hope this goes for police officers as well. Cause I have seen to many police officers driving with their cellphone at their ears. And what I don’t understand we have all kinds of Bluetooth gadgets that allow us to be talking hands free. And iPhone users can even ask Siri to make the call for them.
    I guess we love being a lawless country.

    • @Rawlston Pompey are we even allowed to use bluetooth handfree headsets to talk or ask Siri/Alexa to make the call like what @From The Sideline said? and also what about if the person has them on speakerphone?


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