Pensioners protest for outstanding monies at PM’s Office


A group of over 50 outraged pensioners are pleading for the payment of monies owed to them for the past two months.


They gathered across from the Prime Ministers Office on Queen Elizabeth Highway this morning with signs that read “Gaston go now.”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne attempted to quell the situation by explaining that Covid-19 has affected the influx of money into Social Security.

But he stated that Social Security has been instructed to borrow money in order make all of the outstanding payments before the end of the year.


Browne could barely get a word in edgewise as the elderly people exclaimed their disappointment.

The protestors claim to have no political motivation but many were dressed in United Progressive Party paraphernalia.

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  1. The Prime Minister and all members of Cabinet, as well as the permanent secretaries, should NOT be paid until the pensioners are. Then you’ll get some action. Pay the pensioners NOW.

    • A few months ago when he was bragging about his wealth.

      So why is he still taking a salary during a national crisis?

      Also, how did he get so wealthy? He grew up poor, worked in a bank for a few years, and then went into politics.

      To quote Harry Truman: “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”


        It must have been ‘…Some Darn Thing,’ he saw that prompted him to have said that.

        He was also quoted as saying;

        ‘…An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics; …He can only attain greatness and satisfaction by service’ [Harry S. Truman].

        When he said, ‘…Show me an honest politician and I would show you a crook,’ not sure who the hell in this nation he may have been speaking about. Could not have been ‘…Pensioners,’ though.

  2. Is it the law or or a fallacy that if the politicians are paid late, interest is applied to the late payment which never happened because they are always paid on-time?

  3. I said to my pensioners this morning to ignore the failed experiment he is only here for a photo Op. Now the videos are marking the social media rounds. The pensioners should have turn their backs at the failed experiment when he walked across the street. Beatrice is nothing but a drama queen. Pensioners let us picket social security office next week on upper long street. We are going to force him to spend the election monies he have put aside. The passport (CIP) monies belong to the people. Keep the faith people.

  4. The Prime Minister said today that the PENSIONERS were all UPP supporters so I asked him who the PENSIONERS supported when he was in Opposition and they picketed the Social Security office on Long Street and were treated to nice bush tea by Tanny Rose and Max Hurst. Of course he had no answer.

  5. My pension for October was paid on Noveber 26th . It is usually paid as late as the 15th of the folliwing month. The people who get paid by cheque usually get theirs by the furst week. Those who are paid trough bank last especually scotia.. sigh

  6. This is exactly what we need people. Stand up for our rights. Keep picketing why should he live like a king using our tax dollars inappropriately while we live in squalor.

    Gaston and all his cronies must go. A no confidence vote needs to happen but elections are around the corner.

    I hope people vote wisely now and not let the blatant and illegal bribery of driver’s licenses, stove, food, fridge influence them. In fact, take the illegal blatant bribes and vote all of them out.

  7. No wonder young people treat us with such disrespect. That spectacle staged this morning was nothing short of shameful. I wonder if the President of the Pensioners’ Association condoned what took place this morning. I pretty much doubt this. To the decent elderly, who might need to picket from time to time do not allow foul-mouth guttersnipes to infiltrate and overtake your just Cause. Shame, shame, shame.

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