Pedestrian struck by vehicle hospitalized


Pedestrian struck by vehicle hospitalized

Nathan Joseph of Urlings is currently at sir Lester Bird Medical Center receiving medical treatment after he was struck by a vehicle.

The allegations are that the driver of a Ford Pickup was traveling from north to south on Valley Road in the vicinity of Old Radio Lighthouse when the pedestrian was alleged to have crossed the road from East to West and was struck by the said vehicle.

He complained of pain in his body and was transported to the hospital by EMS.

A doctor reported that his condition is stable; however, he will be kept for further observation.

The incident occurred around 8 pm on Monday. The police at Bolans Police Station are continuing investigations into the matter.

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  1. In 2022 pedestrians till nah know how Fi cross road.
    Never see car Pon hospital bed yet.

    Be careful my citizens. Stay alert. Car lick does hurt.

  2. The south side particularly that area is definitely to dark at night. People have to be really careful on the roads. Its scary driving in those areas imagine walking .

  3. Good wishes for full return to health.

    Cars SLOW DOWN especially around bends and over hills

    Pedestrians NEVER cross on a bend or hill where you will be out of oncoming drivers sightlines

    ALWAYS walk on the oncoming traffic side of the road

    ALWAYS look both ways twice and listen carefully before crossing

    At night, ALWAYS wear something reflective or light in color or carry a flashlight that is ON so drivers can see you

    If drivers & pedestrians respect and practice the basic rules of the road, we will all be safer.

  4. A speedy recovery Ms. Joseph.

    It’s time enough we have road manuals for pedestrians. While it is very obvious that drivers do not know how to use the roads the same can be said of pedestrians.
    When walking on the road they will walk side by side blocking half a lane of traffic. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to brake for a child dashing across the road when there are crossing guards stationed on the road just a little way up. I thank God every day I’m not a fast driver…but we need something to say how the roads are to be used so that innocent drivers aren’t penalized for things that were not their fault…driving fast, drinking and driving entirely your fault…pedestrians walking off the sidewalk to cross the road while on their phones…no!

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