Pearl Quinn ‘not a very good thinker’ PM says


POINTE XPRESS: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has lambasted the opposition United Progressive Party’s (UPP) candidate for Saint John’s Rural North regarding her recent criticism of the government’s decision to keep beaches closed over the next two public holidays.


Government last week announced that beaches would remain closed over the upcoming holidays of Labour Day on 3rd May and Whit Monday on 24th May in order to prevent clustering that could facilitate further transmission of COVID-19.


But speaking late last week on the UPP-aligned Observer Radio, Pearl Quinn-Williams castigated the government for the beach closures, to which she said she was totally opposed, likening them to a “continued punishment of the people by their government.”


Quinn-Williams – sister of former UIPP government minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn and Observer Radio talk show host Paul Quinn – suggested instead that government could leave the beaches open but have them patrolled by police and defence force personnel to ensure things did not get out of hand.


She further told Observer AM host Daren Matthew Ward that the beaches were “a source of therapy for many persons … especially in these times when persons are so stressed … this to me is a punitive decision …”


Responding to Quinn-Williams on Saturday during his weekly radio programme, The Browne and Browne Show on PointeFM 99.1, Prime Minister Browne dismissed the former bank employee as someone who is “posing as though she has some special knowledge or skill which she does not have.”


PM Browne, who is the elected Member of Parliament for Saint John’s City West, described Quinn-Williams as “an untrained mind who is not a very good thinker.”


He said she had only come to the fore during public discussions ahead of the 2018 national referendum to decide whether the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) should replace the London-based Privy Council as Antigua and Barbuda’s final court of appeal in civil and criminal matters. Quinn-Williams – then representing a UPP satellite body calling itself ‘The Movement’ – was among those opposing the apex court switch, which in the end failed to garner the required sixty-seven per cent of votes cast.


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  1. Can Tabor advise one thing the UPP will do differently regarding covid if they are elected to office?

  2. UPP has all the answers but failed to perform while in Government. And here we have these washed up candidates making empty-headed statements for political points.


  3. We seem to be wasting a lot of time on these non-entities of the UPP. If they want to be relevant let them start doing the hard work in the communities and stop politicking. Their opinion on things they know nothing about is irrelevant.

    • @ Sidelines:The last time I checked.Pearl Quinn was not elected into Public Office.Your boy,Gaston Browne was elected into Public Office.He was also selected by his peers to become the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.I am not a supporter of any Political Party in Antigua.However,I have measured Gaston Browne’s performances as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.My grade for him is –C MINUS.Gaston Browne,you have failed the people abysmally.He is a damn failure. Are you a very good thinker? I would say yes.When it comes to enriching yourself and your inner FAMILY CIRCLES.By the way people.I am not jealous of Gaston Browne and or anyone else in Antigua.I have my own money and lots of it.I also give to many Charities in the USA and Antigua and Barbuda. COVID-19 DID NOT ALTER THE ECONOMIC SUCESSES OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA.YOU DID.

      • @RED KOOL AID

        You should change your name to BLUE KOOL AID. You DO NOT KNOW what the hell you are talking about. Hon. Gaston Browne is the best Prime Minister in the Caribbean. You Guys are VERY JEALOUS of our PRIME MINISTER.

  4. Sometimes it makes me wonder what’s wrong with antiguans some of you are either blind or deaf or all two both politics and politicians all add are cut from the same cloth I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for a politician or the people that follow blindly like the fool’s their are.

    • Oh yes he did. He cussed out Fuller on his radio show. The real top dog is a gangster and you know gangsters deal with issues.

      • Fuller live in a world of his own anyway. Don’t take the guy too seriously. He means well, but….well, you know.

    • @ just wstching
      The Pm did address Eli Fuller on the Browne and Browne Show.

      I think the PM is also correct with his assessment of Pearl. What UPP need to do is take these criticism on board and try to have internal sessions to address the public uttering that is usually without sound reasoning. If they dont the DNA will.

      By the way what has become of Pringle? The barber shop that I go we have this thing when Pringle is speaking the barber shop becomes quiet and everybody waits for it, and he never fails. We miss Pringle take the gag order off Pringle UPP….

        Totally in agreement with you. As the Prime Minister said….EMPTY HEAD…BIG EGO….BIG ON RHETORIC….SHORT ON SUBSTANCE.

      • YES! We want Pringle. We want Pringle. LET HIM SPEAK. After all, Pringle is the LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. WE WANT TO HEAR HIM. Speak man. You is the man!!!

        • @SEKUNDA X
          I heard PRINGLE , LOVELL and D.GISEL ISAAC are at war. They do not want Pringle to speak because They are EMBARRASS when Pringle speaks .UPP lost support. Also They DO NOT want Serpent to speak either because SEPENT has NO SUBSTANCE. Serpent wil not get back his deposit. Dean Jonas will beat Serpent handsdown.

          • Why should they feel embarrassed about the way PRINGLE speaks?? Doesn’t he have a PAID “RESEARCH OFFICER” to help him??

            At least Pringle has won his seat. Lovell has:
            WON 2 times
            LOST 7 times

          • Lovell and Isaac better get used to Pringle. He’s the only thing they’ve got. He IS the real Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. We want to hear more of him. Let him speak, and let the people judge. WE WANT TO HEAR MORE AND MORE OF PRINGLE. He’s the man, the only one UPP have in this Parliament.

  5. These UPP Candidates are a BUNCH of LIARS. I listened the Snake Pit on Saturday and They told Their Audience that YIDA does NOT pay taxes. The question was PUT to the Prime Minister on Pointe Fm ( BROWNE and BROWNE SHOW) on Saturday and the PRIME MINISTER name the different taxes that YIDA PAID. Those SNAKE PIT Guys are bunch of LIARS. Shame on SERPENT and His GANG.

    • They lie too much. Their badmindness has them in the clutches of the one who lives in the pit, and he ain’t pretty. I mean the real pit! Check your Bible. You’ll understand.

    • Jamieson.P
      What taxes does Yida pay?
      I and many others would surely like to know.
      So anyone can answer the question.

  6. Gaston Browne you are a real thinker alright. Just thinking all the time of how you can make you and your family rich. You might think you are the smartest person in Antigua, but know that there is street smart and intellectually smart. You chat too much,
    like an empty vessel.

    • …….
      What not give your name. You’re a REAL A*****S. UPP DUNCE. If you get off Your A*****S. You can be rich also. You and UPP Jealous our Prime Minister.

      • @ Samidy
        You come up with the same recorded response all the time. I hope you are not Gaston as certainly what he is paying you to write this sh..t won’t make you rich. You labourites are real gutter people trying to take other people down there with you.
        Why don’t you give us your name.

  7. “Gaston Browne you are…” “…Just thinking all the time of how you can make you and your family rich.”
    So what is wrong with this!?!? But he is also thinking about growing the Antigua’s economy.
    The PM has HIS money. The PM is free to seek to grow his money. The PM can buy land and build 1000 houses and put them for rent or sell them for profit if he wants. It is his money; he has the right to want to grow it to set up his family for generations.

    Will your and your family feed his his family for generations to come?
    What are you doing to set up your family?

    Go and research these families in the USA; Kresge, Walton, Kelloggs. These families build generational wealth for thousands of generations; money that will never run out. And their foundations pump more millions via charities and others things into the US economy annually.

    • @ COIN DADLY

      Jealousy gets you NOWHERE. You and UPP are too DAMN JEALOUS of our PRIME MINISTER. Get a life. DUMMY.

      • Hard to have a discussion with labour supporters as your are like the three monkeys. You see no evil, hear no evil and can’t question what you can’t hear and see.
        As long as there is a labour government, Antigua will be a rundown place, as labour doesn’t build or maintain anything for the people. And what little is done is some kind of foreign aid or grant.
        Check out most of the people in their red tea shirts on Labour Day and election time and see how and where they live. These are the people who should be jealous.
        Labour government is for themselves and their pickneys.

    • Looks like Urel did not really read your comment. I would add to your example the Clintons, the Bush’s, The Kennedys,, The Obama’s. They have all invested and grown . Business Insider in 2020 put Obama’s wealth at 70 million (was about 20 million in 2005)

      • @Tenman
        Absolutely! The Bush”s invested heavily in oil companies in their home state of Texas. No to mention the Obama’s speaking engagement fees. They will probably call fowl is the the Brown’s charge for a speaking engagement. I may also add that this is a prime areas where America big politicians make their side money; from speaking engagements.

      • Obama wrote several books and received Millions. Since leaving office he commands large speaking fees. If he were working for himself while being president, he would be in jail.
        Urel didn’t understand the reply as morons can’t help themselves.

    • Tell him to come out of government and concentration on his business ventures. Of course his business ventures will only succeed because he can exploit his position in government.

    • Gaston should Come out of government and build his empire. These people you are mentioning were not in government using government’s assets to become rich. They were true industrialist.

  8. That PM is a smart business man rather than a good leader for a country. I don’t trust him. But hey, this lady has a terribly fake smile. Why should anyone trust people with this eerie smile?

  9. The gameplan of the UPP is quite simple: OPPOSE EVERYTHING. If the PM says black, the UPP say white. Oppose for opposing sake is out of style and outdated in this day and age. It is a weak strategy!

  10. P.C. CARD you sound do much like FROM THE SIDELINE and BEEF. Why is it that when some one criticizes Gaston Browne it is done because they are jealous or envious of him?You guys need to get real. He is criticized because of some of his nonsensical policies. So when Barbudans criticize Gaston they too are jealous and envious of him.


    ABLP. 17 SEATS. UPP. 00 SEAT DNA. 00. SEAT


  12. WHERE is Charles Tabor? Missed you my Friend. I see you cannot take the heat. I heard you’re HAROLD LOVELL Lawyer. Hope you realize that you will be paying POINTE FM and Donna CHAIA legal fees. Quit while you’re AHEAD.

  13. Browne and Browne Show. What is that? I always heard the man referred to as Colin O’Neal. Now is he Colin Browne. Why the name changed? He did not know his name all along? He just found his birth certificate. Hence that name change.

    • He is probably most likely a Browne as all the Browne men me know are short. See the one in parliament? I should know as my family is Browne. Though I heard Gaston say that boys take after their fathers and girls after their mothers.

  14. She is a better thinker the the little girl he married too, that Bramble said is young than his son.

    • He needed a little daughter because he is a bully. It is all about control. Thought I heard that his son made the introduction.

      • Ooop I heard that she was first his son’s girlfriend. This is such a sordid mix up story, it could be a big time SOAP OPERA better than The Young and the Restless.

        • Glad you read between the lines. There is something about labour leaders and their affinity for young girls. V.C, LB and GB.

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