PAWA airline grounded due to high debt- reports


Pawa Dominicana has been grounded by the Dominican aviation regulator citing its growing debt mountain.

The Dominican Republic’s civil aviation board (Junta de Aviación Civil – JAC) said in a statement issued on Saturday, January 28, that it had suspended PAWA’s Certificate of Economic Authorization (equivalent to an Air Operator’s Licence) for a period of ninety (90) days following a submission by the country’s civil aviation authority (Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil – IDAC) on Friday, January 26.

JAC said its decision had also taken into consideration a filing made by local airport operator (Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI – AERODOM) which has withheld services from the carrier on two occasions over the past twelve months citing non-payment of aeronautical and airport fees/charges. The carrier’s total debt is said to exceed USD3 million dollars.

PAWA has ten (10) working days to respond to the allegations and to present evidence which it deems appropriate to its defence.

The ch-aviation fleets module shows PAWA operates one MD-82 and two MD-83s on scheduled passenger flights to Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Curacao, Cuba, the United States, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten. The JAC has said it will assist passengers affected by the grounding.

PAWA did not respond to a request for comment.



  1. PAWA owes $3 million and they pulled the certificate? Suppose this was liat? I’m sure liat owes way more than that.

  2. I that was LIAT I am sure there would be tons of comments. I guess LIAT does deserve the blows it gets at times but this just shows how demanding the business is and they were operating in markets with virtually no liat presence. Seaborne has also filed for bankruptcy. I just hope the people who have bought tickets can get to where they need to go at minimal cost.

  3. Prayers are going out for POWA airline to return to the skies…. They have helped thousands of poor people with their affordable prices for their airfares

  4. We want pawa to resume it’s. Shedules back to Antigua fares were affordable and pawa was a very easy way for our children that study in Cuba to go back and forth .Our children are in Cuba getting ready to come home for the summer and have difficulty because they don’t know what airline to travel on. Pawa I am praying that you will resume your schedule as was to Antigua before July 2018 as we the parents appreciated your service. Other airlines are too expensive and our children are not working in Cuba they are studying and with pawa they don’t have to over night anyway

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