Patients may be placed in hallway if hospital runs out of space


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    • That is nothing new at that hospital. My 95 years old aunt had to sit in her own wheelchair for days with an IV in her hand before she got a cot in the ER and this is before covid.

      • So why didn’t you make yourself available for her to rest on based on what I am told your size is. I am sure gran gran would have loved that and would have ensured you get a bigger slice of the will.

  1. Patients should not be placed in the hallway of Sir Lester Bird Hospital when there are 75 beds at Nugent Avenue. The Nugent Avenue Hospital should be brought into operation immediately. Didn’t the Minister of Health say it was ready?

    • Say praise the Lord u nah min tek een after wah Janice Samuel do to you. Good thing you didn’t need medical attention after such a betrayal 👏 see no need for you to be at the hospital

      • SMH I am in the best of health both physically and mentally so don’t worry about me. I sincerely hope that you can say the same. By the way, it takes a great deal to affect my state of calm and wellbeing so the situation with Janice Samuel that you cited would perhaps drive you crazy but BOSS not me.

    • Somebody needs to ask the PM what happened on Nugent Ave. Work on the building was stopped and left abandoned, then work was fast tracked on the ABLP headquarters. And now look at what is happening now.

      • DALE what am I criticizing? I am offering constructive suggestions. The prayer part I will leave to you and all the other good Christians.

        • Hi Tabor ask serpent if the person that picked him up from the hospital …if they are in quarantine… the jackass boast on radio he walk out of the hospital and called someone to pick him up… while he has covid … what’s an ass spreading the shit further …

  2. Urgent… Please we need to get on our knees and pray, be like Daniel who went into his room and and prayed 3times a day to our Heavenly Father, we need warfare cries. Let’s make that change. Who will stand in agreement with me?

  3. You are all a bunch of stupid people…. while pointing fingers at one another take a look at Isreal, USA and India who has the lowest vaccination rate they have, 20 people infected/ million, USA has 850/million with the second highest vaccination rate and Isreal with the highest vaccination rate has 1080/million so why don’t you idiots look at what india is doing and shut the hole in your faces… all can call me the green hill/liberta man

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