‘Pastor’ Nana Yaw Adom defends his controversial teachings

Pastor Nana Yaw Adom.

Antigua News RoomThe leader of the Mystery of Christ Church Incorporated Nana Yaw Adom admitted his establishment no longer follows the teachings of the Holy Bible that is used by most Christian churches.

The establishment reportedly used the Bible when it began operating in 1996 but later abandoned the holy scriptures after Adom said he received a revelation in 2011.

He reportedly told state media that he no longer wanted to be called pastor but instead goes by the title Servant of Jesus the Truth.

“He appeared to me in the sky and then he took me up. So, as I went up in the sky then I saw the sight so I opened my mouth, I say Jesus I see you”, Adom recalled.

In another encounter, Adom revealed that while praying he “fell in a trance. So, in a trance, a man appeared to me and the  man said to write some strange language on my pillow and a voice said to me from this day, whenever you put your head on the pillow, I’ll write my words on it and put in your heart.”

Since then male members of the establishment were allowed to have multiple partners.

“Let me tell you the truth, a black man, to keep one woman, he can’t, it’s hard. The genes of a black man, whether you’re a pastor or prophet, whoever, the genes of a black man can’t take one woman”, Adom explained.

“I said this, based on divine revelation, that you can have multiple partners but then because of the law you cannot go and register and say well I have two wives or whatever”, he added.

It appeared that Adom has not yet received a clear revelation on whether women can have multiple partners but said, “It is possible that the spirit can reveal to me that this sister in the kingdom can have more than one man.”

The leader also reportedly admitted he prepared young women for marriage by educating them about sex in a WhatsApp group.

“When you go in your bathroom, practice sexual positions so when you meet your husband or whatever you’ll be ready”, Adom advised.

However, the leader reportedly denied allegations that he encouraged children to fondle themselves and said he never told his members not to take potentially life-saving medication.

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  1. Oh my Lord, what is this for my soul.You demon I come against your teachings.Lord prepare me,and help me to lift your name up high.Will there be another Jim Jones tragedy lurking around the corners of Antigua and Barbuda.One of the ways Aids is spread is sex by multiple partners.How dare can a man who called himself a Christian, can say a man can have more than one woman.Lord help us.This is crazy and wicked.

  2. “When you go in your bathroom, practice sexual positions so when you meet your husband or whatever you’ll be ready”, Adom advised.

    What the heck am I reading here??!!!

  3. You gotta be joking!!! Is this for real??? If what this guy said is being properly reported, he needs spiritual help. The authorities better look into this before some serious things happen. Jim Jones immediately comes to mind. Since this outfit does not follow Holy Scripture, it is potentially problematic for the gullible and those easily misled and swayed by fast talkers. Sometimes even “good” people get caught up in things like this, totally unaware of what they are really getting into. Somebody in authority (government, church, community, etc.) needs to seriously investigate the real background of this so-called leader. Who in Antigua would fall for stuff like this???

  4. Rumors are that most of his followers are non-Antiguans. I can’t imagine any Antiguan falling for stuff like this. Obviously, the whole thing is a different spirit, not a good one.

  5. This is why most of the young generation are atheists. Perverted adults who claim to work for the lord are being exposed daily. They’re just pedophiles and child molesters wearing robes.

    • That’s not why we’re atheists. The Bible and christianity has been exposed as a complete fabrication and a fraud forced upon us by the slave masters.

      • Decidedly untrue about the bible and Christianity being forced on us by slave masters. Christianity existed in Africa before it was adopted anywhere in Europe. The first country in the world to become a Christian nation was Armenia which is in Asia. The second was Ethiopia around the year 333 AD. What’s more is that for 1000 years before the birth of Christ, Africans were worshiping the God of Abraham. King David stated in Psalms 69 that Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto God. When Solomon was King of Israel, he was visited by the Queen of Sheba who was then the Queen of Ethiopia. Remember that Solomon is the son of King David. Solomon fathered a Child, Menelik I, with the Queen of Sheba. That child is the first ruler in what became known as the Solomonic Dynasty that ruled in Ethiopia for about 3000 years. It ended in 1974 with the assassination of Haile Selassie I, the last ruler of the Solomonic dynasty. One of the first translations of the bible was into Geez an Ethiopian language still used today and services in the Ethiopian orthodox church are conducted in Geez. This occurred several hundred years before the King James Translation of the bible.
        As black people of African descent, we have a responsibility to take on the mantle of Christian leadership as outlined in the holy bible. Christianity is not something that is foreign to us as black people, we have been upholding the teachings of the Holy Bible since before the time of Christ.
        This man who is teaching these false doctrines and leading his followers astray, he is unfit to carry the mantle of leadership and is more that a disgrace to humanity for teaching the things that he does.

  6. 2 Timothy 3: This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come…for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers.. unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers… despisers of those that are good… heady… lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  7. Do you guys remembered an organization namely The Peoples Temple. The leader of that church was a man Jim Jones. Remember what happened in Jonestown,Guyana.There would be prophets and false prophets.Need I say more.

  8. Most of these new churches are set up only as a business. The so called pastors are conmen who do it for the money and sex.

  9. There shall be many like him who will rise in the last days. People like him should be closed down from leading God’s people a stray. Mat the almighty God have mercy on his soul.

  10. The man makes up a STORY about his encounter with the almighty just like they did in the Bible and people are calling him a demon. We’re so mesmerized by the poetry of the biblical stories. But this guy is crazy and the fictional stories in the bible are great.

  11. 😏🤳🤳🤳🤳🤣🤣😎🤣moving, right along!
    The Chinaman said, Nana is Legalizing #KipOmanism!

  12. He has to be demon possessed. What is his background? Where he come from? How did he get here? From what Bible College or school of theology did he graduate? He has a different spirit, for sure.

    • And hell on earth is for those who sell out to false prophets and religious conn men. Somebody check out his background. The authorities in Mother Africa would be able to help with this. An indepth study must be made of who he really be!!!!

  13. Can the reporter please ask him how many women in the church he is having or has had sex with, their ages and if any is pregnant for him

  14. This is what democracy is all about…. Its all about freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of talking and encouraging BS!! Although we practice free democracy here, we need to be resolute and avoid being influenced by these evil cultures & practices that are imported into this beautiful & blessed country…. If not, some day we may feel the wrath of God…..

  15. What kind of women would be attracted to something as evil as this? They say that more are foreigners. Antiguans smarter than that. An Antiguan woman would cut his ass.

  16. In my opinion the guy is a fake. WHAT IS HIS REAL NAME and where does he come from. Does he have a criminal record (anywhere in the world)? There are many questions he is going to answer, as his credibility is sinking fast, fast, fast.

  17. I think he has lost his way and need spiritual help. I wonder if he have a wife and what she thinks about the whole thing. This is nothing short of demonic.

  18. Greetings with his divine mercy. Allow me to clear up this small matter:

    In the Whatsapp group, women of ANY age can join and receive the teachings that the lord and saviour bestoweth unto me, because that is the word of OUR LORD.

    Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins and you should not hold jealousy in your heart because the Lord does not speak to you directly or take the time to show you his true teachings.

    Those who oppose the word of God are the TRUE Demon possessed and for them I pray hard for God’s forgiveness.

    • Ha Ha Mr. Yaw. The brethren and sistern finally got you to open your mouth. Consider yourself exposed. The people are on to you now. Ha Ha Mr. Yaw, you are not “his Divine Prophet”, just another disturbed individual in need of deliverance, and that can only come in the Name of Jesus, the Christ, who died on Calvary for the sins of the whole world. This is no joke Jack. Your whole history is being investigated now, and soon you’ll be fully known for what and who you really are. In the meantime keep your hands off our women. You have nothing to offer. Look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll know what I mean. Ha Ha Mr. Yaw.

    • @Nana Yaw…basically, all you and your followers have done, is to expose the #Hypocrisy, as it pertains to RE-LIGIOUS Orders, and their practices Indoctrinations to Control.
      In my opinion…

      A…you have released the #KipOman, and #KipMan lifestyles(married with extra lovers/sex partners) hidden in the catacombs, vestiges and pulpits, of RE-Ligion.

      B…you have remove #ObeahWorkings from, the crossroads in the bushes, to the crossroads in the church’s buildings, whereby, the pulpit is the #Apex or center of power!

      C…you have removed #Pimping from the brothels, #whorehouses which are allowed to ‘legally’ operate as legitimate businesses, even if, the State considers #Prostitution, to be illegal.

      Even though, I do not subscribe to your teachings, and or philosophical views, I do applaud you for standing your ground, against the same #Hypocrites and #Parasites, WHO’RE your idols, indoctrinators, advisers and sponsors…

  19. What if when that day of judgment we waiting on and all the things the bible speak of was just the continuation of slavery. Take the shackles off the foot ant place it in our minds. Give us commandment: 1.you shall not kill us for all the wickedness we did to ur generations before you. Tell us we must forgive. Tell us revengengance is mine sayeth the Lord. WHAT IF?

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