Passengers And Staff Praised By LIAT As They Celebrate 63 Years in The Air


LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, is today celebrating 63 years of service flying across the Caribbean.

Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones expressed her gratitude to the passengers across the region who continue supporting the airline. She noted that even with the challenges faced by the airline, the region continues to support LIAT as it provides the critical service of connecting the Caribbean.

“As we celebrate another year, I must thank our customers, partners and stakeholders whose continued support and understanding has kept the airline flying. This year has presented its own challenges but LIAT remains resilient to fulfil its mandate to connect the
Caribbean.” she acknowledged.

Mrs. Reifer-Jones added that the airline has continued to make strides in its on-time
performance and customer service as it moves to improve its services. These improvements were being recognized across the region as the airline moves to set itself on a sustainable footing.

The CEO, in her letter to the employees, thanked them for their hard work and their representation of the LIAT brand. She stated “LIAT is not only the name on the tail of our
aircraft but it is the experience that connects our region and provides connectivity to so
many whether for business or pleasure. You make that experience happen.”

LIAT was founded in Montserrat in October 1956 by Kittian-born Sir Frank Delisle. The airline, whose headquarters is located in Antigua, operates 491 weekly flights to 15 destinations from Puerto Rico in the north to Guyana in the south.



  1. LIAT is still a bad name for an airline, as it sounds like some kind of bad food or disease. If they rename the airline and modernize its website and approach, it could be good.

  2. You are in a business for 63 years and can’t turn a profit yet?? They treat workers and passengers like crap and run the company worse than sweetie shop. What really is there to celebrate? Just give me an aspirin please!

    • Ok ALLEN CHASTANET. We hear you loud and clear. The people of St. Lucia will soon vote out your hypocritical ass out of power.

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