Parliament Approves Compulsory Land Acquisition for Booby Alley Housing Project

Prime Minister ofAntigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne

In the Lower House of Parliament, a resolution was passed for the compulsory acquisition of land in Point. This acquisition aims to facilitate the construction of condominium-style homes for residents of the Booby Alley Social Housing project, a venture valued at EC$100 million.

The project, funded by a grant from the People’s Republic of China, intends to create 150 two-bedroom units.

Initially scheduled for commencement in 2018, the project faced delays due to controversies surrounding the clearance of the Booby Alley area.

During the resolution presentation, Prime Minister Gaston Browne explained that despite years of effort, delays persisted, partly due to non-cooperative property owners.

All properties have been cleared except for one jointly owned by Desiree and Dawn Browne.

Negotiations with the sisters have been ongoing, with the government offering to pay the full valuation of $144,000. Browne expressed concern about further delays and the need for prompt action.

In the parliamentary debate, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle voiced his opposition to compulsory land acquisition, emphasizing the importance of dialogue with property owners and expressing concerns about potential misuse of power.

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    Oh! By the way folks, this is not airing dirty laundry in Public. It’s simply a reminder to these two, Bernard Lake and Wendy Lake, and to those who think Point and Villa is a #SHIT_HOLE(yes, at some point, yes, the SHIT_CART aka Night_Soil Wagon used to bury the People of St. John’s SHIT, where the Infamous HellsGate Pan Yard is to where Zacari King has his Body Shpp), but the SHIT is long gone and the land is not only fertile it’s worth millions with proper development, like what is happening, in BOOBY ALLEY(SHUT, Gaston a lack out R U. See dat! Criddim BaM!).

    Now, Bernard Lake and Wendy Lake, do you both get what, I was saying right after 911, once we put Dad/Goldie to rest. SIP – U blood till a run Trang bout yah!
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  2. Gaston you are moving much too slow. These properties should have been acquired a long time ago. China has been very patient if you ask me. Where they had budgeted for $10M may now will cost them $15M. We cannot let a few keep back the development for many. We have seen it with many projects in the past. Such as Guyana Islands under Dato Tan. Recently Paradise Found under Robert DeNiro. Trevor and the BPM took him all the way to the Privy Council and lost. But that still doesn’t stop them. Depriving many of development.
    And you know they tried to stop Heritage Quay from being built. Then they tried to stop RedCliff Quay Pier from being built. Every step of the way they have tried to stop development. And that is to the detriment of many young people that could have found a job and build a future.

  3. @ Sidey, I think you have lost it. The Chinese have been patient? My God, man, if this idiot DAWG continues the way he is going, there will be nothing left here for our future generations. Dont forget that ALP historically does not pay bills. As it is, with all the bragging by Telequack and Badu of excessive profits (which are really due to the high import duties by the way and not any astute management by them) yet they are defaulting on the port loan to the Xing Bank. Man are you paying attention? China has ulterior motives. They are ready and willing to help, but quick to move in when there is a default on the loan. What development? All the DAWG can brag about with the exception of PLH is land swapping and land grabbing and thirty odd failed projects.
    Now I get a front seat view of why Trump was able to incite people into an insurrection. With guys like you @ Sidey, tenman, and others, it’s not hard to fathom. The folks in Point and Villa made a colossal mistake in re-electing arguable the worst PM and finance minister in Antigua and Barbuda’s history, and we, to borrow a term from @Brix, autochthonous Antiguans and Barbudans, must pay for their error.

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