Parker Responds to DNA Claims


Parker Responds to DNA Claims

“I have granted you space for your delusions and public flailing, now it’s time to bring this folly to an end.” This was the comment from Malaka Parker, in response to recent DNA remarks and press releases over the last few days concerning her resignation as Chairwoman of the DNA.

“Let me be clear, she stated, “Malaka Parker has not been engaged by, nor have I colluded with, nor am I in any way apart of any conspiracy of any kind with the UPP, their leadership or any of its members. I have never once had any talks, not even one, with anybody in the UPP about formally renewing my membership with the party as it relates to this matter.

Neither have I been engaged in any secret talks, secret meetings or any discussions with UPP about the dysfunction that has come to characterize the party that I risked my political life for. I would be too ashamed, too confounded and too humiliated to share the stories of what the DNA truly is, apart from its polished exterior and social media branding.”

The former Chairwoman went on to state that, “In all of my political life, I have never knowingly lied to the public so let me be categorical: my main reasons for leaving the DNA are stated in my letter to the party. The public should know that it is simply convenience, cowardice and conniving for the DNA to manufacture my reasons for me. But I recognize the incredible paranoia, the bitterness and the vengeful cancer with which certain parts of the leadership of the DNA have been afflicted with for some time.”

Parker stated that over the last few weeks and to a lesser extent, the last three months she has sat quietly while certain leaders in the DNA waged a diabolical effort to discredit her, and to erase or undermine her work and contribution made to the DNA because she refused to tag along on personal vendettas while ignoring the real work needed to build a strong party to truly usher in the new style of leadership they espoused. So let me be clear she further stated “I left the DNA because I will not follow blindly when there are serious questions which the people of this country need answered. They need solutions and politics require dispassionate analysis and strategic action. Nation building cannot be fueled by personal issues. We cannot build by repeating the same leadership mistakes”


The former Chairlady stated, “By the way I hope the country finds the humour in the irony being meted out to me. Because here it is that Massiah is firing at me the same accusations with which the UPP charged her. That her breakaway from the UPP was because of a secret alliance she had formed with the ABLP. That she was being paid to break up the UPP. That she was bitter from her overwhelming rejection by the leadership and the base of the UPP party. These are allegations that I vehemently defended her against. Even protecting her from DNA candidates who ran on the party’s ticket last election and who tried desperately to convince me of this upon my return from my studies. But the speed and conviction with which she now accuses me of the same thing has caused me now to wonder. After all we know that evil thinks as evil does”

Parker ended by stating that she challenged Massiah, and any other member of the DNA to produce the evidence to support their accusations. “At least the UPP claimed they had the contracts and proof of the many secret contacts between Massiah and Labour party operatives to bolster their claims. I am positive that she cannot produce any such evidence to support the claims she now makes” Parker stated. Further I also challenge any member of the UPP to produce any such evidence. So, I caution my country men and women and especially the young and impressionable candidates now in the DNA to think for themselves.’

Parker ended by stating that as a young, educated, experienced and competent Antiguan and Barbudan she is free to associate with any political party, when, and if she decided to.

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  1. “Spencer fired the two senators because of their vote against the Government’s Bill to introduce a Citizenship By Investment Programme. Mr. Spencer also disclosed that two other senators have since APOLOGIZED TO HIM FOR THE EMBARASSMENT caused to the Administration, and in doing so tendered their resignations”

    so Malaka did you “BEG PARDON” or got KICKED OUT?

    • As far as I know Malaka is the only person who tendered a resignation on this CIP issue. That is courage as integrity as far as I am concerned. U people are hypocrites.

      Stuart was fired. Returned to his vomit and campaigned for Upp to get back in the senate to get a pension.

      She stayed out in the wilderness. O pls

  2. maLIEka parker you have overestimated your importance and political worth in Antigua and Barbuda. Baldwin Spencer is finished and so no more nepotism for you. Richard Lewis is in the space you thought you were ENTITLED to. Going on Observer Radio with xenophobic Bruce to promote linkage with the UPP was a backstabbing low-blow betrayal to the DNA.

    Antigua people see your true colours. You cannot be trusted.

    • @ Truth Be Told




    • Wait so u think that if you stay in an organization and put up with their corruption bad play bad mind and vengefulness that that is loyalty and truth????? If more people would be loyal to something else than a political party our nation would be better off

  3. U all need to stop right now we have a country to fight for .mis.patker is a very intelligent young lady.she have all right to join which party she want .she have all right to make a choice as well ,she is not a child she is a woman of standard. Let her be .I am with you ms.parker all the way .let her speak she is an Antiguan and have the right to.bigger fish there to fry like to get rid of Mr.mustache. Antigua is In a bad state and we must get rid of the mustache man and we are arguing with ms.parker.

  4. I like Ms. Parker and I hope her political career is not over, but she must take responsibility for her part in this debacle. The creation of the DNA was and still is a vanity project. If they had waited their turn, they would be in the leadership of the UPP now on the cusp of power. After the last election, Lovell remained leader by default, but now he’s the PM in waiting.

  5. I consider you as our female Gaston Browne. You are a treacherous, conniving, deceitful, dishonest and self-absorbed person.
    Baldwin Spencer spoilt you. He put you in the Ministry of Social Transformation where you did some unspeakable things including turning the people in that Ministry against the UPP and causing valuable staff to leave. You helped to rob him of his moment of glory with the CIP. Yet you came back and he forgave you. You felt you were more valuable than you really were and your self-love was so great that you misread people’s admiration of your long flowing locks, believing it was for you. You went with Joanne Massiah freely and unforced. You sat with her and the others and you murdered the UPP. You felt you were indestructible.
    Now you are sparring with Joanne and feel that you and Harold Lovell could just say you are back and the membership of the UPP will just accept you. Why didn’t he say all three of you are allowed to come back? Why did he say just you too? Does Lovell believe that bringing you back into UPP at this time is the solution to what ails UPP? If so, then he is admitting he has no confidence in the team he has assembled and he has to bring you and Bruce in to make things right. What does he think the rest of the team is thinking when he makes such a move?
    It demonstrates that he is what people have been saying all along –he is a weak leader, and he cannot make the strengths that he has in the UPP work for it.
    To bring you back especially now into a team that has been doing the heavy lifting for years, and expecting them to just move aside for you is unreasonable and show very little political savvy.
    What are we saying now about Trevor Young, Lamin Newton, Driftwood and the fact that they left? At least, they are loyal to who they went to. Malaka went, pounded UPP, and when things did not go as smoothly as she wanted, she and her father hammered Joanne Massiah. Now she wants to go back to UPP? At least Massiah has not fully retaliated, or maybe, not yet. She probably has plenty to say.
    I have always looked at the UPP as a party of plenty people with qualifications, some of them elitist, and others dying so much to be accepted that they would surrender their free thought. I don’t know how all this bring-them-back-in is playing with people like Chaku and Gisele. My instincts tell me that they would not be very happy with this move.
    My view is that UPP triumphed over and survived the DNA.
    Where is the conviction, Lovell? Where is the political toughness? Why are you so afraid of your shadow? Do you realize that by letting them back in you could be sounding your own political death knell?


      You are wasting your time and effort.

      Everyone knows Joanne working with LIARD GASTON.


      • Whenever DNA representatives go on radio, who do they bash? Not the Labour Party that is the government but UPP. They find no fault with labour and know they can’t win the government so they go after UPP. Asking, are they on labour’s payroll?

    • You sound as bitter and vengeful as Joanne. But mostly u sound afraid of Malaka’s potential. But most of all you are obviously a Richard Lewis supporter. I see your writing every time there is a story on the young lady. You can support Richard and still see value of capturing this young lady for ur party.

      U shld be ashamed of yourself. The party is stronger with strong bright and capable people. I am glad to be on the fence and even more glad to be out of the way of people like you.

      By the way so u know your own inferiority complex shines through in your posts. Because you don’t see yourself as capable of holding certain positions, nobody should?

      Jus Lowe the young lady and make better use of your time!

    • It would appear as if you have a personal vendetta with Malaka, did you hear Malaka said she was coming back any where. You are so Childish and backward, you sound like an individual sitting and sulking in a dark corner, so afraid to identify yourself.
      Your bitter and outrageous remarks force me to feel real sorry for you, I am sure that Malaka has never stop you from accomplishing your endeavours. I bet you will never put your name behind what you are saying..
      You mentioned that the UPP possess quite a number of intelligent people, I guess that this statement is including you, but your behaviour is that of someone who is an underachiever. Some one standing in the shadows watching others achieving..
      You are even calling on others to confront Malaka Parker, if you are so paranoid and is so afraid of Malaka Parker, a young girl of 110 lbs, you must be Narcissus all over again, looking through a dark glass this time.
      I would admonish you to stop talking about people who are fulfilling their calling, rather than hiding in the shade, spilling a lot of garbage, and assassinating peoples Character, as a matter a fact you could be a serial killer for all I know..
      You sounded as bitter as Anthony Stuart, whom hates himself whenever he tried to measure up to Malaka Parker standard, you talking some shit bout Baldwin Spencer spoil Malaka, and Richard Lewis is the Candidate, this has shown, you don’t even know what you are saying.. A person such as you, will always to giving advice, and they will never be acted upon, simply becausee you love to be in the shadow, and is afraid of yourself..

  6. Well spoken my sister. I know u long enough to know that you are a positive person and you have a mind of your own.

    • Harold Lovell, PM in waiting? Dont make me laugh! In fact, you are having a laugh!! God knows what planet you UPP people are on! The party is comprised of a clapped out bunch of no hopers, and Lovell is a busted flush! You all need to get a grip. How many times will he run? He can’t even win a seat, for God’s sake!!

      • @ Vanessa

        You relieved now you’ve said what you wanted to say about Harold?

        Poor you bitterness personified!

  7. First, you lie. One big, fat, dutty lie. Antigua is a small place and everybody knows that you were talking to some high ups in UPP and they encouraged you to leave DNA. So don’t say ‘ I have never once had any talks, not even one’ with anybody in the UPP. All lies. And yes, plenty secret meetings take place.

    You talk about risking your political life? You risked your political life when you felt you were so powerful, you could vote down Baldwin Spencer’s CIP bill and get away with it because you were his pet favorite. But you and Joanne and Stuart and Colin caused the party to lose and caused a lot of hardship for plenty members in the party. Is 9 years now. People don’t forget those things.

    And let us get one thing clear. You left DNA because you saw that they were not going anywhere and you have dreams of becoming first woman prime minister and that was not happening with DNA. Joanne Massiah was treacherous. You just as bad, or even worse. And Joanne did not break away from the UPP. The UPP finally kicked her out for her horrible behavior. She too wanted to be first prime minister so bad that she became dangerous when she realized Harold Lovell was kicking her butt in the leadership run. Even Gisele and some of her other POWA sisters sided with Lovell. Saying that she was talking with ALP is also a big lie.

    You realize that you mess up your political future and you are trying to blame Joanne. Everybody saw your face at the DNA launch. It was full of regret and desperation. UPP will be foolish to pull you back inside. Things have changed and there is no way you could walk back in and have the same power you had before. Too many people there before you.
    Beside, nobody could trust you anymore. Not even Lovell even if he’s on the radio saying you could come back.

    • Here you go again.

      My goodness you make sensible people turn away from politics. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are not a woman yourself. What is this jealousy?

      But if you are a man, well well well. You need to find yourself. Truly

  8. Harold Lovell, PM in waiting? Dont make me laugh! In fact, you are having a laugh!! God knows what planet you UPP people are on! The party is comprised of a clapped out bunch of no hopers, and Lovell is a busted flush! You all need to get a grip. How many times will he run? He can’t even win a seat, for God’s sake!!

  9. What a bunch of cowards you all are. I notice that you didnt have the courage to put up my recent post. You only want to hear nice things about UPP, who I have said, and will repeat, are a clapped out bunch of no-hopers and Lovell a busted flushl! Let’s see if you put that up!!

  10. “the bitterness and the vengeful cancer” yep sounds like UPP and its affiliates. I see young lady left the door open for when she goes back home to UPP. Bitterness is best ran from, for the reasons outlined by Parker. Hope those so inflicted take note

  11. It is not surprising to me to read the personal attacks on Lady Parker’s recent 11th hour resignation from people who are more familiar with her. (Well, some for and some against her decision.)

    I don’t remember ever meeting her but I have listened to her in the upper house during the UPP’s tenure and also in interviews on behalf of the St. John’s Development Corporation. She has also been on air representing the DNA on a few radio interviews.

    I must admit that I enjoyed listening to her and find her to be rather attractive; a pleasant face for public office.

    Now that she has chosen to separate herself from the new budding party shows that she does not the gumption or dexterity for public office.

    The fact that she originally chose to leave the main opposition party to join and help found the new third party and again has recently removed herself from the new party of which she was Chairman shows no loyalty to anything or anyone.

    Growing pains are expected in any new entity. Nasty inside fights or arguments will occur from time to time.

    The party is not yet on a sound footing as ideas will be conflicting on the way forward. When you as a Chairman of a party chooses to resign on the eve of an election means that you have no sticktoitiveness, no gusto, no fortitude, no selflessness, no patience, no humility, no passion for any cause. It’s all about her. Remember, she was allowed to leave to complete her studies in law and upon her return was promoted to the position of chairmanship. What could be so horrible for you to choose to dissociate yourself from the party that you help to found?

    If you are choosing to retreat to position of a normal citizen, I accept your decision. But if at all you’re planning to align yourself with either of the other parties, your commitment to country is not one for young people to emulate.

    You would be deemed to be only about self aggrandizement. I’m trusting that it is not the latter as I see you from my superficial view, as a better person than being all about self.
    I wish you well.

    • Dave you clothe your bias in such niceties. You should hve declared on Sunday that you and Joanne are personal friends and you correspond with her. You probably got your talking points from her.

      You are in a slim minority who think that young gifted people should waste away in the DNA. I actually questioned her intellect for leaving UPP with tht Joanne.

      If you do respect Malaka and her potential for nation building, why don’t you accept that if she left the party she founded, she had stellar reasons. Why don’t we applaud her for her independence. I find her resolute to your values and to her conviction. So if she is all about self for leaving DNA what is Joanne Massiah? Ya’ll need to stop!

      I have watch this young woman and the fact tht she is not afraid to walk away from anything impresses me! If it was all about her, y leave to support that woman. Give the girl some credit. Why don’t you also speculate that Joanne failed her…

      U are tripping over your conscience!

    • @ Dave Ray



  12. Very sure Chaneil Imhoff has something to do with these people leaving DNA. Her conniving, subversive and scheming ways implicates her as suspect number 1. But don’t take my word for it… keep a keen eye on the DNA.

  13. malayka does NOT hold a candle to Chaniel Imhoff. Malayka lost her morning and now trying to regain her afternoon. Chaniel is a budding YOUNG political candidate who will represent Antigua and Barbuda well.

    The curtains have already come down on on the play-play show that Malayka was trying to run. Goodluck to malayka as she approaches MENOPAUSE (both biological and political)

    • Yet when Peter Reds put a wapping on her tail during the primary, she ran like a scared cat to the DNA who was desperate. It was like their mantra was whosoever will may come.

      • Peter REDz didn’t put a wapping on anyone. Lovell and Gisele think that popularity from KICKING FOOTBALL can translate into winning a seat! What a rude awakening they are in for. COLIN ISAAC knows all to well about the shenanigans that takes place in the upp “primary”. Similar to HANDPICKING SEAN BIRD in the FAKE “PRIMARY” based on his lastname and upp quest for access to zdk.

        If you believe there was a primary, then you believe that malayka was born light skin too….

        • O look there we have it. I see now. You must be an ugly woman. Her beauty and intellect offends you. But consider that these are gifts Fr god. Not her fault. Or perhaps u are just an ugly I’ll tempered man that someone like Malaka would never look at. Wait, perhaps she has rejected you before. U do sound like a reject. So vengeful.

          But your reference to rural east gives you away. The bitterness in that party is deadly.

          I believe this girl did the right thing to move on. You need to get over Malaka Parker. Truly

          Bleach? Please tell us, what color was she born? U seam to know and this is the kind of information we really need!
          Give us a break.

        • @ Sad But True
          Like the shenanigans Gaston pulled over Michael Freeland and Alincia Grant to hand the Rural East seat to his wife Maria?

          Evil think as evil does.
          Why do you appear so angry and bitter? Leave the UPP business alone. Just let us know hiw much you are being paid to write ‘chit’ on here by Gaston? I told you before to go back to school and learn grammar and comprehension.

      • @ Cool Ruler

        What a thing, you cracking me up with jokes.
        she got so thrashed she had to run- the minute she lost she joined the DNA as if the UPP had done her anything. they all just want to be relevant

    • Not even Chaneil elf say this about herself so this person clearly is off the rocks and in the deep end. Or perhaps you actually live under the rocks!

      Stop ya craziness!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow a yah it da malaka parker I’ve been friends with you since a child going to primary school and all I’m saying to you keep you’re head high you’re smart intelligent and beautiful inside out girl I love even the death you walk on never mind the rumors them can’t break a ghetto gyal we will always stand out love love you 😘🥰😍

  15. You should stop it Malaika Parker
    Look how long your mother telling people you coming back to upp before the next election- she was doing this at all the protest upp was having for Nigel Christian.
    So you lie

  16. Where is the lie? Semantics won’t work or convince us of your honesty. You openly met with Team UPP and Harold. You didn’t hide your contempt for Colleague Joanne it was evident you missed your blue clothes and orange wasn’t your color anymore. I guess Harold sweetened your pot with a great opportunity at running in a UPP strong hold so add Ship jumping to your resume. I hope Your back is broad when he spits you out his party again.

    • Well I don’t call people lie and I don’t know who met with who, but all the Labour Party people on here hammering this girl, have they counted the amount of ship jumpers in their cabinet and on point fm? And another thing the ones tht left UPP and now in DNA what of them? They ok? If the party was a bed of roses and she even decided that it is in her interest to move on, so what. Ent she lef Upp to defend and support Joanne. Tht was in Joannes interest. Wait she mus be a slave to Joanne agenda for life? I just don’t get why all this is for.

      I don’t know her but I know a few of the former candidates and I know tht part is true. Even before Malaka was in the picture after the last election many of them wanted to throw tht woman overboard. So if u don’t kno keep quiet and let people live their lives. Politics is cloudy

    • @ Coming Down

      U chat a lot of chit and bile. Harold ever kick anybody out ‘his party’? Harold was never the PM and leader at the time Malaka left.


  17. Malaka please continue to keep your head up and be who you are. Dave Ray who can’t decide whether he is a man or woman should be the last person to judge you. Na badder tarl wit he anti man self. You are a very intelligent woman and many of them spiting negativity at you wish they had your intelligence, colour, tenacity, strength, beauty and fearlessness to know that it’s your democratic right to stand up and be part of which ever political party you choose to be a part of. These people spouting negative aspersions have no moral and ethical values. Tell Dave Ray you don’t lick ass like him and many of them who criticizing you. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in. Many of us admire you. Na badder wit dem, JEALOUSY NO EASY TARL!

  18. I,Cynthia Parker would like for you all to stop telling lies on me. Anything I have to say I do so publicly and I have never had such conversation with anyone. I am a woman for justice and that’s how I raised my children. I as a grown woman do not condone lies. I have defended DNA to the end with no knowledge of what was being done to my child. If my child decides that she’s not pleased with what is happening in the party and she choose to resign then I support her 100 percent! When commenting use your own name,be bold and brave. Please do not push me because if you touch my child then you touch me.

    • @Cynthia Parker imposter. The real person can’t even string 2 sentences together, so we know you’re a fake!

  19. I have a lot of respect for both Ms. Massiah and Ms. Parker. Clearly they had some diagreements about the direction their party should head in and some misconceptions about what each other was up to. So, now they are parting ways. It’s unfortunate that both these powerhouses could not continue to work together, along with the rest of their team to try create an amazing party option for the public to support. However, there is no reason to cast one as a villian and the other as a hero. No need to take sides. As a voter, I don’t particularly care about this squabble. All three parties have leaders whom I respect on some level. I’m most interested in the planned policies and programmes of each party – what will living in Antigua be like under their party? Both of the major parties have some planned policies I like and some I oppose or feel they neglect to address. DNA has had some good ideas for improving certain aspects of Antiguan living, economy etc in the past and at some point in the future, perhaps they will be a force to be reckoned with. In the meantime, there are many other talented and capable Antiguans and Barbudans who could fill spots in any political party (Younger ones might need a bit of training about the political system first though.) I wish both ladies all the best in the future. The nation thanks them for their service.

  20. Some of these comments to Ms. Parker’s response have brought interesting points across, whether the writers are wrong or right, and whether they are her supporters or not.

    I do not know Ms. Parker, neither am I familiar with her character, but I want to take a logical approach in judging this interesting situation.

    1.Based on her statements, it appears that the DNA knows exactly why Ms. Parker left.

    2. It was also observed that Ms. Parker did not plan on revealing the exact contents of her resignation letter to the public. She, however, hinted the reasons for her decision by indicating her view of the DNA with the following words: “incredible paranoia” and “bitterness and vengeful cancer”. From what it looks like, I’d say these words carefully selected.

    3. Reflecting on Ms. Parker’s selection of words above, is she implying the foundation that the DNA was built upon?

    4. Having assisted in founding this party, why does she leave now? Does it mean that her focus have now shifted and that if it is a fact that the party is built on the foundation described above, is it fair to assume that she recognizes that it’s time to move on and wants no part of this mindset? Quite honestly, assuming that this mindset is real within the party, I can’t see how does this strategy support the country.

    5. Is Ms. Parker the only member who has left the party, especially at such a crucial time?

    It is understood that three persons, including Ms. Parker, in the last week, have left the party. This calls for concerns especially as the election is just around the corner. Clearly something is wrong. The occurence of one member’s resignation is alarming at such a crucial time, but three? What is going on with this party?

    It would be rather interesting to gain full insights into this matter, but, it is understood that Ms. Parker and the other x-members of the party may not be able to reveal such. The truth may turn out to be an offense, but definitely not a lie, and even telling the truth can come back to haunt the deliverer. Well, we see that Ms
    Parker may have told the truth but not the whole truth. A wise choice if she thinks that doing so will condemn her. However, it was necessary to say something to the public and she did just that.

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