Parham woman found dead in yard died of heart disease, post mortem finds, while Corn Alley body is Browne’s Avenue man



The Parham woman whose lifeless body was found in her yard on Monday, September 19, died of a heart-related ailment, a post-mortem exam has determined.

An examination was conducted on the body of 53-year-old Clementine McDowell Hogg by Government Pathologist Dr. Petra Miller-Nanton on November 30.

At the conclusion, a medical certificate was issued, giving the cause of death as cardiac failure due to hypertensive heart disease.

The woman died in her yard while she was hanging laundry.

Reports say that neighbours became concerned after not seeing her for several hours and decided to check on her at about 1 p.m.

It was at this time that the grim discovery was made.

Meanwhile, the body of the man found lying on the steps of Jackie’s Beauty Salon, on South Street and Corn Alley, has been identified.

A family member from Bethesda identified the body to the Police as Glenford Hamlet of Browne’s Avenue; he reportedly was in his 60s.

Hamlet’s body was discovered, lying on its back on the salon’s steps, sometime after 10 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30.

Reports say he had been in that position for about an hour before persons realized that he had not moved.

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was summoned to the scene and he was checked for signs of life; but the technicians were unable to locate a pulse.

Hamlet had no known medical history; but, as there were no physical marks of violence on his body, the Police do not suspect foul play.

Dr. Charles-Burton pronounced Hamlet dead at about 12:19 p.m. and the body was removed to Straffies Funeral Home for storage.

A post-mortem examination will have to be conducted to determine the exact cause of his death.

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  1. Is this more SADS deaths being covered up?

    Why aren’t WE the general public being told whether or not, these poor dear departed souls were vaccinated?

    In the early breakouts of the Covid-19 vaccines, the barrage of noise from the scientists; politicians and the pharmaceutical lobbyists was literally on a daily occurrence.



    Something definitely smells frounzy …

    • This is getting so so bad that it doesn’t stink anymore, this is so ugly that it it’s looking worst than ugly. Check out revelation(s) of jesus Christ on youtube.

    • I don’t think the vaccine can cure heart disease. Also, any illness pre vaccine does not magically disappear after getting vaccinated. So whether or not this lady was vaccinated has no bearing on her underlying health condition.

      • You are missing the point of this whole debate. What many people are highlighting @ DunlopJ, is that all the above mentioned authorities were very vocal in pushing the vaccine mandates; yet they’ve now gone strangely quiet.

        Surely, even you can now notice the complete about turn of SILENCE from the government, the pharmaceutical companies and the financial elites who back this whole Covid-19 pandemic.

        And if you’ve looked into the fact the these – still – experimental vaccines have been found to weaken our immune system, then is it a wonder that other latent illnesses are coming to the fore.

    • All I Know OUR Minds are Poisoned..
      Unaware Uneducated Uncaring
      Undermining Ultimatum.
      Impoverishment & it’s Variants.
      WHY we CANT just Get ALONG
      We Live PITTing WEAK vs STRONG
      Mixed Minds Mimed Melts.
      If we Fix what we Break (Promises)
      If We Love More Than HATE
      De PLACEBO s.would Disintegrate rip 🙏

  2. Interesting! Its undeniable that sudden deaths have been on the rise since 2020. The issue with this case as well as two others from earlier this year is that they all died of hypertension. I would love to know if these people were vaccinated but we will never know. Could it be that the vaccines are accelerating heart issues in the population? Just a thought

    • It is a well known fact that the vaccines causes heart issues eg Myocarditis/ Pericarditis, Aortic rupture and the list goes on.
      Look up Dr Peter McCollough, the most published cardiologist in his field and hear what he has to say about it. You can find interviews of him on Rumble, because the Drs that are willing to speak out about this madness are censored and banned from the mainstream platforms.

  3. I took the vaccine and think I will do so again If faced with the same situation. However, there seems to be an increase in adult dying suddenly and without the statistical data people with continue to speculate. So I am calling on the health officials to come forward and let’s examine in an open and transparent manner. We need to ask hard questions- like how many of the persons that died suddenly took the vaccine? Which vaccine did they take ? When last did they visit a doctor? Were they prescribed medication. It could be even a medication that is being prescribed that is causing these deaths and by hiding in your closets we will never find out. It could also simply be the fact that social media is readily informing and there is not any increase.
    We also need to immediately have in place free Cardiology screening. Just like you are giving free screening for prostate and cervical etc / like All the different bodies/ organizations doing screening let’s take this a bit further. Let get all our heart specialist on board and like Dr.BABA for this important cause, set up sessions and save lives. Doctors offering free health clinics do not make you loose revenue. In fact it causes people to become more aware and will come to you for their regular checks. Dr. Babo is now my doctor because of the lions initiative. I got a negative prostrate result a few years ago at Lions and from there on I continue to visit his medical center.

    • The evidence is out about the quack-seens and the excess deaths that’s happening around the world.
      But there’s a deliberate effort to hide this info. People have to go digging to find the truth. And the ‘reputable’ sources are staying quiet in order not to lose the research funding, their licenses, their jobs etc etc.
      Dr Arne Burkhardt, a renowned pathologist have found the mRNA spike protein in the heart and other vital organs, he has shown hhow these spikes are causing the sudden deaths. Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist have also made the connection — but you won’t hear about them because they can’t
      be bought off.
      The problem is, some people go a placebo and some got the real stuff. It will be difficult to get the placebo recipients to believe the deaths are caused by the jibby jab jab, because the think they got the real quack-seen too. But in every experimental study, there must be a control group. And this was most definitely an experimental study.
      Those who want to see can see, the rest of you can keep your eyes closed and find excuses as to why this is happening. Heart disease, hypertension and deaths from medicine are not new, but the world wasn’t having excess death from any of them before the quack-seens roll out.

  4. People have always died for many reasons, especially those over 50.
    I will not join the group of conspiracy theories out there. What if both were not vaccinated? Then what?

    • Excess, sudden unexplained death is what we’re talking about here. Why all these excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries? Not Haiti that poor.
      The conspiracy theories have become less and less theories.

    • I’m querying the SUDDEN SILENCE from the original perpetrators and pushers of the vaccination programmes @ FrankS and @ Frankly Speaking – that’s no conspiracy theory!

      If, as both of you believe, that there’s nothing UNTOWARD going on, then why oh why aren’t the scientific community; the pharmaceutical companies; or our own health authority as well as the ABLP government shouting from the rooftops anymore?


      • … never ever forget their mantra about ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ when the vaccines were originally introduced almost 18-24 months ago …


    • Then they will say they were very well vaccinated and it’s a cover up. You just have to let these people be.

  5. Franks – So if were vaccinated we should do further investigations. I am in no way suggesting that the deaths are vaccine related but everything needs to be taken on board and serious. I am also asking the health officials to come out with the statistics.

  6. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear…”
    There’s a verse about that somewhere. Forgive me if I use it out of context here.
    Both COVID and the vaccine have been linked to heart issues, I hear. So, it would be nice if proper studies are done to look for trends and connections to recent sudden deaths. Over reporting of normal deaths is another possibility, but someone would have to compare the data from pre-Covid times to now and let us know. Another possibility could be stress? Pandemic, war, climate change, increasing food prices, affordable housing shortages, rising unemployment, crime escalation, election animosities, people generally being bitter and angry towards one another… That stuff could increase anyone’s blood pressure. I guess we should all try to relax and seek spiritual comfort in the midst of the turmoil in the world today…

    • There is a 200% greater risk of a heart issue from the mRNA vaccine than from a Covid infection —
      The CDC has finally acknowledged that. All highly vaccinated countries are seeing this increase in sudden deaths so why would Antigua be any different? The countries with low vaccine uptake are not seeing this problem, so that rules out ‘climates change’ as the cause — and that’s just media BS.
      The CDC recently put out their findings that the majority of Covid deaths are the vaccinated.
      Australia has quietly removed their mandates of
      getting a 5th shot (3rd booster), what are they seeing why they’re backing off of the safe and effective quackseen? The Antiguan health officials and the government knows or at least suspects that something isn’t right, but like everywhere else that have taken pharmas and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations money, mum’s the word.

  7. I believe the Astra Zeneca vaccine which most people received in the Caribbean does not contain the untested and seemingly dangerous mRNA that Phizer and Moderna does. AZ was quickly pulled after a few clotting incidents and rapidly replaced with the mRNA vaccines in the first world countries. In my opinion those who received the AZ dodged a bullet. Subsequent second shots or Boosters of mRNA have now replaced the AZ supply. Take at your own risk, I will never let them stick a needle in me again. ‘My Body my Choice’ as the hysterical, Liberal, pro abortion crowd is always screaming.

    • Then if as you say @ Never Again, that “AZ dodged a bullet”, and “AZ was quickly pulled”, then why did Molwyn Joseph accept a very large quantity of the AstraZeneca drug (and still encourages Antiguans to take it) from Denmark, who then in turn stopped giving it to their own citizens.

      Many other countries have also stopped using AstraZeneca …

      It looks like Haiti 🇭🇹 and Finland 🇫🇮 were two of the few countries that didn’t go along with the PLANDEMIC and their Sudden Adult Death Syndrome figures are negligible … go figure?!

    • Not experts @ . brain, just critical thinkers doing their due diligence, try it sometime; It might just save your life one day!


      • … and stop the damn soundbites and try to explain your position – or why bother? – on why you agree or disagree. Simple really!

        • Uneducated responses, soundbites and unnecessary cursing on these ANR threads are a real bug bear.


          I’m so glad I’ve educated my sons to a good standard, so that they can express themselves in the written word and also verbally as well – and they can even give me a run for my money. Blessings my sons … 🙏


    A peer reviewed study just realeased of healthy people who took the vaccines; pathologists have found the spike protein in the LIVER, the HEART and other vital organs that were not meant to be there.

    There are charts and photographs included in this breaking news study.

    Dr. John Campell has covered this medical and scientific study on YouTube by the title in the name of ‘German Photographs’.

    I’ve highlighted this dangerous issue for two reasons:

    1), Molwyn “AstraZeneca” Joseph and the ABLP will NEVER inform Antiguans about this serious development.

    2), And for any sceptics and unbelievers – still out there – that do not want to think that our politicians would lie to us … here’s the undeniable truth!

    • … remember, this government or our health authorities cannot admit they got the vaccine mandates wrong, because of CULPABILITY …


  9. It is my belief that there are more incidents of SADS here in Antigua and Barbuda than is being reported. The fact is, I know there are those here who know, but chose to remain silent. This is the unconscionable cowardice of our people. Whistleblowers are popping up all over the world. Did you ever hear of any in our twin island state? The fact is, these poison shots, doesn’t matter which, produce millions of spike proteins in the body, and they have to go somewhere. It is now a well know fact that they destroy your immune system over time and if you had any weaknesses or health issues prior, you are in a spot of bother. I know of so many people, family members even, who just have not been well after rolling up their sleeves. The CMO, who is awfully silent, perhaps because of the FTX thing, was asked if the government would implement an adverse reaction tracking system in Antigua and Barbuda.
    It never happened, but the Dawg was on radio claiming that Medical Benefit was tracking it. We realistically can not expect any response and information from this government. We can only pray for our fellowmen.

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