Parham Duo Charged With Attempted Murder


Parham Duo Charged With Attempted Murder

The police have arrested and charged two men from Parham in connection with an alleged shooting incident at Parham last Friday.

25yrs-old Irannie Grant and 20yrs-old Neil Mitchell both of Parham were charged jointly with the attempted murder of Claudette Edwards of the same address.

Both accused allegedly robbed the owners of a superette in Parham on July 15th and in the process shot and injured the 57 year old woman.


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  1. Prime Minister Browne … where are you on these matters?

    Stop hiding and tell us what you are going to do to stem the tidal waves of crimes in Antigua.



    • @ Brixtonia always enjoy your comments but you’re wasting your pleas and breath.
      The buck stops with the Prime Minister but Cutie Benjamin has this as one of his primary responsibilities.
      While at it can someone any one tell what he has done in all the years or decades he’s been in office ?
      Lol can someone show me even a before n after picture anything.
      Real talk he’s far from the only one.
      How many constituents can testify factually and not politically to progress in the community he represents ?
      Always reactive never proactive.
      I think he’s more concerned about where to go for dinner a two for one special.
      These dinosaur bag of bones have to be put in a museum.

  2. In Gaston economic powerhouse bullets apparently very cheap. The economy doing so well criminals shooting not worrying how they going to fill back up their clips. The commissioner of police that had a lot to say and appeared publicly and released soo much statements when they had the picket on market street, why he not coming out and showing his face? Crimes of this nature happen anywhere else in the world you see the commissioner giving a press conference. Here? I guess he just waiting for Gaston to pull the puppet strings dem. This can’t be the Antigua I grew up in and would brag to people was extremely safe.

    • This is all so scary. The office of the PM & office of the police commissioner need to address crime and their plan to stop this crime spree.

      Police should organize a press release system. Create a website and post daily crimes or missing persons. Inform the peoples of the Island please.

      Advising the community if not anything else shows respect and concern. Not addressing the peoples just seems directionless and apathetic.

  3. Hello Mr. Byam, I need to know the nationality of these two attempted murderers. God forbid that they turn out to be local Antiguans and not imported Caribbean criminals. Waiting.

    • They’re Antiguans. And from the same village of the woman they shot. It’s also reported ten minutes later they got a ride with someone down to the fisheries, next to the scene of the crime to unload some steel acting like everything was normal and then walked up the road to the scene of the crime to watch. Whether you blame foreign influence or not, and I think gun violence culture in America and Jamaica have played a big part in the downturn of our society, this behavior and mindset is now ingrained in our society. Many young antiguans have adopted this ruthless and cold nature. We should all be very worried about this here

  4. They should’ve killed their asses on the spot. Thanks to that POS Gaston Browne and Cutie Benjamin, the country gone to shit.

    Apparently since high profile govt members can get away with kidnapping and murdering Nigel Christian as well kidnapping and human trafficking Mehul Choksi to Dominica, everyone else thinks they can get away with doing the same.

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