Parents Seek Help In Locating Teen



The parents and the Police are seeking the assistance of the general public in knowing the whereabouts of 14 year old Stephney Hughes of Greenbay.

Stephney was last seen on Monday 31st December 2018 when she left home about 9 p.m. She is brown in complexion, about 5ft 5ins in height and slimly built; several attempts were made to locate her but were unsuccessful.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gray’s Farm Police Station at 462-0481 or the Youth Intervention Department at 562-8417 without delay.

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    The 14 year-old decided to leave home after a ‘…physical scolding by her mother.’

    Know teen and mother.

    Privileged to have read a ‘…note purportedly written by the teen to her mother.’
    Not sure why the ‘…Press Release’ omitted her name.

    She brazenly wrote ‘…Don’t report me missing, because I am not missing.’

    She had seemingly taken a ‘…second time-out.’

    No reasons for alarm. Sure she would return in due course.

  2. @Mr Pompey if she is 14 and her parents did not consent to her leaving the house, thus have no knowledge of her whereabouts made a report to the police, how should the police classify the incident?

    If she cannot be found isn’t she missing? Perhaps intentionally by her own accord but still missing.

    If she is harboured by an opportunist and it ends tragically, which cap will you wear. The Duncy one may not fit you.


    From professional experience, the caption used for this report was ‘…Runaway Teen.’

    No different from when ‘…Teen Boys’ ran away from the ‘…Boys’ Training School (BTS)’ or prisoner ‘…escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

    While it is never exactly known when they ran or escape or their whereabouts are not immediately known, they are not considered ‘…Missing’ – just escapees.’

    When they do this, they hide and became evasive. Children do these as well – ‘…Run first and hide after.

    The parents/guardians have a duty to report their absence from home to the Police.

    They in turn have a duty to investigate and try to ‘…locate and take her into custody, including obtaining ‘…Warrant to Search’ premises suspectedly ‘…harboring the ‘…Runaway Juvenile.’

    If located, take custody and detain upholder on whose premises the ‘…Runaway was found, and bring them before the Court’ [Sections 7 & 8: Juvenile Act: Chapter 229].

    Every officer is deemed to know this law and the provisions contained therein. With the frequency of ‘…Runaways,’ they would be considered ‘…reckless not to know.’

    While tragedy lurks, always be an optimist. Hope for the best. She will return home safely.
    You can only reach ‘…Ebenezer/Jennings,’ if you cross the ‘…Big Creek Bridge.’ If you do not meet it, you cannot cross over it.

    Always eager to know. These are your lessons my friend, ‘…Rastaman.’

    How are my other friends, the ‘…Real Rastaman and Duncy? New Year greetings as well.

  4. Rastaman – Ease off the high grade.

    There was a “scolding” and she left. Maybe with a family member thus not necessarily missing. Keep in mind we had a scolding of a young lady almost same age which ended up being fatal. We are mis-using the term “MISSING” for most of 2018. Some parents bang them pickney to much to the point it may be considered abuse. Not saying this is the case here but it needs investigation and analysis.

    • @Think Once here legal guardian did not give consent and have no knowledge of where she is, SHE IS MISSING UNTIL PROVEN OTHETWISE.


  5. THINK

    Absolutely correct.

    Know that some parents are not going to ‘…spare the rod and spoil the child.’

    Not sure if my ‘…Rastaman’ friend was on high or low Grade, but even with his independent views, he is also eager to learn.

    Some parents mercilessly beat. The beaten often ran away, seeking refuge, either by family or friends.

    Parents then make reports to the police.

    This is followed by an appeal to the public for help that they may return, frequently for more of what they initially ran from.

    Then if the home environment is not enabling, they ran off again.

    Because of this, many are reluctant to return home.

    Know that this is reality, and know that these are proven facts.

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