Parent who attacked school principal has been charged


Parent Charged Over Attack On School Principal

The parent who is accused of physically assaulting the principal of Mary E. Pigott School on Wednesday of this week has been charged.

Police have charged Michael Samuel of Bathlodge with Battery and Malicious Damage. He is expected to appear in court next Monday.

Samuel allegedly hit the principal, Father Christopher Roberts in the head from behind, before hitting him several more times during an incident on the school compound which shocked teachers and students.

He had reportedly gone to the school over concerns about punishment meted out to his child.

Education Minister, Hon. Daryll Matthew had deplored the attack on the teacher, during his contribution to the Budget Debate in Parliament’s Lower House on Friday.

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  1. What a shit hole Antigua still is…
    In 2023 it remains legal for teachers to abuse and brutalized children, but parents are charged for defending their children.

    • There is a FORK In the Way
      Youths Gone ASTRAY….all over
      Household & Community Living
      LET dis BE A HALLMARK…
      It’s Quute a TASK .
      Anger Management
      Parent Teacher Dialigoue.
      Mixed up Moods & Arttitudes
      Your Attitude Determines ALTITUDE..
      (Children having children Confused.)
      ” Oh God Boss?? Love ❤️ more

    • Exactly! That is why my children can never go to Antigua and go to school, I will not stand for that ignorance. Leave the past in the past this is the 21st Century.

    • Some judicial decisions seem to be getting crazier and crazier. From my understanding the father was charged with all summary offences and in that case the Magistrate has the power to grant bail.

  2. Will Corporal Punishment in schools be finally banned? If not, then this situation will again play out at another school.

    • I encourage more parents take a stand and physically defend their children. That will surely speed up the process of ending corporal punishment by the ministry.

      • No wonder your kids and other kids are out of control, walking to school with knives, cutlass and so much other weapons because of lack of discipline
        They are not learning crap and just wanna be there smoking none stop, the generation of getting worse, punishment is still needed in homes and also school to get them back on track, not to kill them but to help straighten them out
        If u guys are fighting to stop the discipline then watch and c smh we will have another thing coming with the crazy youths
        Parents are to busy for the kids and then just throw them in the hands of the teachers thinking a miracle can happen, the teachers need help too.
        Teachers are not comfortable teaching and talking to the kids anymore because of being afraid, smh. Law enforcement getting too much work to do from them rude kids with weapon then got forbid one is shot u as parent gonna say this and that should not happen
        Parents please get involved and talk to your kids before it’s too late, things has changed

        • And people like you makes asses of yourself when you make assumptions.. I have NO school age children. There are no evidence that shows beatings in schools has any positive effects on students; NONE; as a matter of fact, it does the opposite. Just because some of us grew up under this abuse doesn’t mean it works. Change is the only constant in life and corporal punishment has outlived its uselessness.
          Educators that are shaping the minds of the next generation must find new methods of disciplining children. Beating children only teaches them that this is how conflicts are resolved. Maybe teachers should get more psychology classes as less education one. Beatings are sn easy way out, no thinking is required.

  3. My grand nephew was beaten by a Liberta school teacher so brutally that he suffered an asthma attack. I found out later that the teacher had a thing for his father (my nephew who 🍆 it and quit it). The child’s mother went to the school principal and complained about the abuse, but as usual, it went no where.

    These are the kinds of people that are given authority to beat peoples children. For all those who thinks there are no personal biases when some teaches beat children, better think again.

    Time to end this shite!

  4. It’s so sad to see two good guys ends up in this conflict. They are both my friends known them for 20 years plus and base on their characters the should settle this outside of court. But should also demonstrate to the general public better conflict resolution for such circumstances in the future

  5. Hope this parent is sent to jail as a warning to other parents who think they can assault teachers. The story said that the child was suspended from school. Where did all these stories of the child being abused came from? If a student is having problems with a teacher, the parents should ask the education department to move the pupil. When a pupil lands in the principal’s office the pupil was really exhibiting some serious bad behaviour.
    A lot of these posts show a hatred of teachers. Why don’t you people educate your children at home.
    When students have bad behaviour and their parents do nothing about it, just throw them out of the classroom and if the situation involves other students, call the police to lock them up. Some of these students today are too disrespectful and bad behaved and are the same ones stabbing other pupils and breaking into people’s property.

    • Some of the THOT teachers that’s lusting after their students father’s needs to leave their pent up
      frustrations at home. Some children becomes victims of these THOTs that can’t get their desires met.

  6. This whole affair is regrettable. But we cannot condone any parent for going to school to fight with a Principal. That was dead wrong and he will be prosecuted for that. It is no secret though how i feel about Corporate Punishment in school and the time has come to abolish it completely. If not, we are bound to have more instances when parents intervene because they thought that their child was punished unfairly at school. We are living in a new technological era, and children are open to a lot of things they see on social media and the likes. The hostility that we are witnessing playing out among kids at school and in the communities has its genesis in the violence (flogging) that many of them were subjected to at home and at school. We must find alternative means of disciplining children. What worked when we were children is no longer relevant today. We are simply showing the kids how to be hostile and violent. Many of our adult men today are spouse beaters and that sort of behaviour started because of the aggressive and abusive behaviour that they were subjected to at an early age.

    • @Audley Phillip
      You are spouting bull crap which is spouted by people in the so-called western world. The hostility playing out among children has nothing to do with no flogging that they were subjected to. I am sure you or students you know got a flogging in school and are upright citizens today. I never got any flogging in school because I respected my teachers and people in society. We as children also knew that if our parents were ever called to the school we would probably get an assing right then and there from our father. Our parents rarely beat us except for a brother who we called then own way. He turned out ok. As a matter of fact we probably got more licks from our parents’ friend and neighbour for raiding their fruit trees. We all went to private schools so different students, coming from homes with different values.
      I don’t believe that principals should administer corporal punishment. If there is a problem the parents should deal with it. And if they the student has harmed or is a threat to other students and teachers, they should be expelled. I like private schools because they don’t tolerate bad behaviour. They just expel the students and let them go to public schools. Why do you think private schools students pass out of school with the highest grades?

      • @Observation I like you point about private schools vs public schools. But, remember every one cannot afford a private school. And those that get expelled from the private school, then they go to the public school. But the public school cannot expell them until they are a certain age.

        You mentioned that if there is a problem, let the parents deal with it. The real problem is that the kids who present the problem itself are suffering from a lack of parenting. These are the same parents that would never show up at parent and teachers meetings, etc. These are the same parents that would not correct their kids. These are the same parents that are missing in action. You might not be aware of the real life that in going on in school today. Instead of the parents attending the meetings at school, the kids lover might show up.

        Parents need to build to meet with their kids teacher – it is of utmost importance. The kids needs to know that their parents would know of their behaviour. Most of the problem is not the teacher, most of it is from parenting.

        • @JBF I totally agree with you. Most of these comments from people either do not have kids or dont understand parenting! The parents has a massive role to play in the child’s development! Parents need to build relationships with their kids, make a special effort to be at every event in their childhood, spend time with them. Most of these kids who commit crimes the parents is shocked because they dont even know their own child. And Get rid of corporal punishment! I wouldn’t want anyone to beat my child unless it’s me or the mother!! For those of u who want that is sick in the head bc not all teachers are disciplined enough.

    • @Audley You made some interesting points and I know you are a critical thinker and welcome the debate. While I agree with you that the hositility in the youth has its root in the environment at home or school, I disagree that a few licks would be considered voilence. If a teacher or parent abuse a child, then that is unacceptable, but punishment can be administered properly and provide a positive outcome. One important thing, the child should know why he/she is receiving punishment. On the flip side of the coin, have you ever considered how many children were saved from prison because their parents or teachers flogged them in the early stages.

      Also, is it the flogging that would cause the adult male to be spouse beaters? Maybe you could consider two other factors. 1. Some of the kids are growing up in household where their fathers beat the mothers and those kids then believe that this is an acceptable behaviour (most common). 2. Some of the kids grow up in single parents household and sometimes lack the knowledge of fatherhood because there we not male figures around.

      Some kids are growing up in household having to defend themselves too early. They are being robbed of their childhold – both parents are absent (in prison or drugs, etc).

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  8. If the child was abused physically n the mind of father why he never pressed charges in the past?

  9. I am wondering what was said or not to provoke this end situation. In my opinion,it should not have come down to this. However,we as a Nation always seems to react when the chit hits the ceilings Instead of putting things in place to prevent such things from happening. Are there persons in the Schools available to discuss certain issues with a Parent. Without having to go directly to the Principal in any Schools. I do hope all involved from the top to the bottom did learn something from this. Come up with some direct planning and policies in regards to Teachers not beating children into a pulp. For in my world,the differences between punishment and abuse of a child walks a very thin line. Some Teachers have crossed that line. They in essence give all Teachers a very bad name. When any Teachers abused a child by vicious beatings. Those Teachers should be charged with a CRIME and be arrested. Beatings should not be the first thing on any Teacher’s mind.

  10. I was at the West Bus Station one morning and there was a mother there with a son around eight years old. The mother thought her son had bumped into me. Rather than asking me what happened and ask the son to say sorry, she became very abusive to the child. I was in disbelief when she said the only person the child listened to was a family member who was a police officer. It was during school hours, so why wasn’t the child in school? If the young child doesn’t listen to anyone but a police officer, is he going to listen to his teachers? She then dragged the child onto the bus.
    I hate to say it but some people shouldn’t be parents. It takes a couple of hours of fun to make a child but a lifetime of love and caring to raise a decent human being. I thought to myself what was in store for this child’s future?
    A lot of people are talking about abusive teachers, but a lot of children get more abuse inside the home. If this child was in North America, he would probably end up a police statistic.
    I felt so sorry for the child as he did not ask to born to an abusive mother. Who you come from can determine your life.

  11. Our children are our most cherished resources and we as parents must set the best examples for them to see and emulate children learn from what the see , learnt behaviors and so it’s important to give them out best support every time for them to develop confidence to succeed the children that are most successful are those with excellent parenting and the are parents who must be congratulated for their roles big up yourselves on the other hand the are those who doesn’t pass the litmus test of being mothers and fathers some may argue or blame how they were socialize with a plethora of excuses for their dysfunctional roles a parent assaulting a teacher is jail time plus compensation of his medical bills or Community service at the same School he must answer for his ignorance and must be a deterrent for the next ignoramus who contemplates being a jackass leave our teachers alone !

  12. Since most want corporal punishment to be ban I recommend building loads of prisons cause definitely the youths gone astray.

  13. Not supporting what the parent did but he too is human and due to his frustrations could have acted the way he did. There was a abusive teachers at Clare Hall secondary when I went . This industrial arts teacher is the most abusive human I met. He challenged parents and students to physical fights. He actually had a fight with a parent at one point. I later met one of his son who told me that his father abuse him at home and was also abusive to his mother.

  14. We beat around the bush all of the time. Let’s ask ourselves again. Other races of people are looking livng here, sending their children to school. How is it that they are not involved in situations like these? Correct me please but I have never heard of any white, Syrian or Chinese child fighting in school, liming on market street, stabbing others, taking weapons to school, having sex in classrooms. Enlighten me please. What makes the black man different? Blame teachers my behind. All of this starts at home, family genes etc. If some of you believe that teaching is easy, spend a day in a classroom. Teachers have to spend half the time dealing with disciplinary matters. And the children who don’t look like the majority of us, are there in their books, whilst we are quivering about the rights to have cellphones. Stop burying your heads in the sand. Call a spade a spade. Don’t sugar coat things. We have a problem as a people. Young, old male female. And when the good ones try to be well mannered, knowledge oriented, they are bullied. Some of these kids go through a lot of trauma bat home and communities. Molestation, no father figure and such. And some of the parents are so disrespectful, you won’t believe it. My fellow teachers, hold your heads up high and do the best you can and have to work with. Our name isn’t Jesus. We can’t all solve world problems in five hours. It’s all well and good to redicule teachers, but some of you would be shocked at some of the things children tell us too that needs some serious jail time too. All it calls for is mutual respect.

  15. @ opening our eyes, you’re dead wrong. Clearly you don’t hang around the private schools, but those different races do some of the most vulgar acts in private schools. I know of some acts of brutality that was carried out by those folks, please do some research. They only get “transferred “ to another private school because their money don’t stink.

  16. The stresses which one goes through will most definitely, determine how balance, one feels as they #act, and #react to moments, in, of, through time.

    As I was discussing, the topic of Corporal Punishment with my 95year.young mother, a former school teacher, who by the way, was punished, got fired from her teaching position, not because she was rude or she didn’t have a good family background, but simply because she had a child, out of wedlock. Please remember the word “punishment,” the main issue at hand.

    My mother began to tell me, of a youth, who several years ago, was labeled disruptive, rude, lacking in discipline etc; probably, some of what the youth, at the center of this controversy is accused, of being. She went on to state, until a teacher later on in his schooling, who approaches teaching, learning, transfer of energy, wisdom, etc from a wholesome and holistic perspective, rather than indoctrination’s with a purpose, had the child hearing a tested. This was due, to the fact, that his communication skills through action, reaction did not seem to be balance.
    Note that, the ear, the hearing mechanisms which allows communication is very complex , as it has to deal with one of the most powerful form, of #Energy, sound. Remember, #word_#sound_#power!

    After the child was tested, science etc did their analysis, they adjusted the child’s hearing and voila, his communication skills improved, and his anger, short tempered action/reaction was being balanced by him being able to communicate with his surroundings, to include HUEmans.

    This short story is to address a very important aspect of one’s behaviour(action/reaction) especially, in children and that is, the physical well being. This aspect includes food, shelter, clothing, access to health services which addresses HUEman needs and wants, and in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA’s case, we can all agree, that while the home is the most important place where knowledge to wisdom etc are transferred, if said home is in an environment whereby water is lacking, health services are slow to diagnose and treat symptoms of mental and physical health. If, said home is located in a Community which has being allowed to become a cesspool, by design, don’t the monkey see, monkey do syndrome come into effect?

    All of a sudden, and I have to laugh at this one, and it’s when the “Blackman” surroundings/ether/matter which his home and family are existing in every day, the same, as the WHITES, SERIANS, LEBANESE, CHINESE, surroundings/ether/matter which their families are existing in every day. A quick question example is the proliferation of prostitution houses, rum bars, tits_N_ass Expresses, poor quality foods(getting more expensive) in the “blackman” neighborhood, versus those of the WHITE, SERIAN, LEBANESE, CHINESE, ITALIAN neighborhoods. However, one thing is certain, those WHITE, CHINESE, SERIAN, LEBANESE, ITALIANS, are coming to these #blackman fucked up neighborhoods to get their pieces of gold, to keep their homes and neighborhoods pristine and well balanced.

    I, laugh when society accepts such things as adultery, fornication, sexual abuse, embezzlement, fraud, etc as negative behaviour, are aware of their existence, in OUR pristine WHITE, SERIAN, LEBANESE, ITALLIAN, CHINESE community’s, but their punishment is turn the #blind_eye, give them more freedom, but harass, malign, interrogate the #blackman home and community, for becoming what they’re surrounded by and living in.

    The whole premise of “punishment” is rooted in control.

    My question is, when those in the purported upper eschelon comes from one of those well balanced homes with all of the best and godliest home training commits crimes, because they phucking do, from embezzlement to fraud to treason to and are found guilty, where is the outrage for them to be stoned to death?

    HUEmans with their hypocrisy’s, fallacy’s and indoctrination’s do make a #Sweet_Pepperpot.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere Cornwall Edwards

  17. People! People! People! When aru hab aru rude pickney inna aru home an want teachers fu accept dem rudeness inna school, jus rememba Teachers ah deal wid 10/15/20 maybe more pickney inna classroom fram different household different upbringin. Teachers job is to educate NOT raise other people pickney, dat ah dem responsibility. Some hab dem own pickney home fuh go raise wen dem dun fram school. Should children be allowed to be disruptive in class to Teachers and other classmates without a deterrent consequence? Suspend them and they will come back and do the same after suspension. The VAST majority of students are well behaved and are there to get an education, and just like any other thing in this world, there is a few bad ones who are bent on making things uncomfortable for others. Some ah de blaggas pan yah ah talk bout if ah min fuh me pickney wha an wha aru would ah do….Aru tink ah Teacher can’t defend dem selves and dem nah ha family membas fuh taek care ah aru wen aru do dem anyting.

    • @Alex…a bet😀😀😀🤓u cyan talk lakkah dat, as wan teacher! A wey, de queen/king english gorn?

      Me tink, r we suppose fu teach, the language, dat u a chat innah!
      Maybe, sum yutes larn easier wen dem hear dis, kindah talking!

      Hail, no fret pan dat! Dis language serve me well. Especially, wen u meet wan nice lady, girl. U accent melt she. Truss me! Wurk nice!
      As dem ladies say, you have one of the most unique accents, I’ve ever heard!”

      Me larne dis, fram me first flight pan Pan Am, at ten, and a chat wid de hostess dem to dis day, 50years later. Antigua accent, a wan #Ice_Breakah and de ladies #Baddy_Warmer, jus lakkah ten year old English Harbour!

  18. I know of a child in Antigua who was very intelligent in school. All of a sudden she started giving problems at home and at school. She dropped out of school at fifteen and was walking about the place with an older man. She even moved in with him. No one could figure out how she had such a behavioural change. Her parents were not married but she loved her father dearly and preferred to stay with him. All of sudden she wanted nothing to do with her father. When questioned by family members, it was determined that her father had sexually abused her. You see a lot of people are talking about abuse by teachers, but what about the fathers who are sexually abusing their daughters and the teachers have to deal with the psychological fallout? We need to determine the underlying factors that make children behave the way they do. Some of them are mentally, physically and sexually abused at home.

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