Panorama is back on as cooler heads prevail

PM Gaston Browne, Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew and ABPA President Patrick Johnson

National Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew has confirmed that the boycott by the Antigua and Barbuda Pan Association (ABPA) of the ACB Panorama Competition has been averted.

“The Prime Minister and myself met with members of the pan association earlier today,” Minister Matthew explained.

“We discussed the funds owed and paid along with the issue of the roof.”

Matthew explained that “the resolution that we came to was one we had previously discussed. It was accepted, by both parties, that we will utilize the area in front of the Carnival City stage and would provide a platform that is slightly raised on which the bands will perform.”

(from left to right): Vernon Henry, Joseph “Jawato” Henry, Daryll Matthew and Dwayne Mussignton

There is to be a site visit to the Antigua Recreation Grounds today to ascertain the cost of the additional platform. The Festivals Minister indicated that, “The Prime Minister assured the pan association that all additional funds necessary will be made available to accommodate the added feature.”

Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew with members of the pan executive during their site visit at the Antigua Recreation Grounds today

The pan association has previously held resolute on two main issues that would prevent them from participating in this year’s competition: The poor sound quality as a result of the carnival stage roof; and the monies outstanding to the association totaling $130,000.

“I would like to thank the pan association for continuing to engage with us while we continued to seek a resolution to this process,” said Matthew.

ABPA president Patrick “Stone” Johnson confirmed that, “We have an understanding in principle.”

“The government has given assurances that certain undertakings will happen before the panorama night and, if they live up to their part, we will live up to ours.”

The president was hesitant to say whether the association had given the Festivals Commission a deadline for completion of the stage, but did add that, “We will be doing evaluations even on the night of competition.”

This year’s ACB Panorama Competition is slated to be held on Saturday, 4 August from 8:00 pm at Carnival City (ARG).



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  1. I pray the Antigua and Barbuda Pan Association (ABPA) receives the money that has been outstanding before the night of the Panorama Competition. How can we have carnival without the main ingredient?

  2. They should ask for their money up front like all the imported acts do. Honestly, this government is so disrespectful of A&B culture and people. What is carnival without Panorama and Calypso? Hope other groups owed money for previous years get theirs too. Now what about sponsors for the pan groups that need them?

  3. Same thing I said. Montana from Trinidad done get he money.

    Every body else should strike till they get theirs.

    Antiguans Barbudans come last with this administration.

  4. People should stop the misinformation.

    1. It was said clearly that the Pan people were already paid before they sent their boycott letter.
    2. The decision to play on a lower platform was proposed by the Minister and the pan people had refused before. The have now accepted the same resolution.
    3. Other groups ARE being paid their money
    4. ANR has already published in the past the the whole Michel Montano money thing was an estimate that a private promoter gave to them.

    We like so much ugly in this country it’s not even funny. The Minister is doing a great job in his ministry and I hope God continues to bless him.

  5. Antigua really isn’t a reading public.

    1. It was made clear that they were already paid since yesterday..ANR put up a photo of the paperwork etc.
    2. They had previously refused to play on a lower platform, now they agree
    3. ANR published before that the whole Michel Montano money thing came from an estimate that a promoter gave to them, and not from confirmed figures.
    4. The Michel fees were SPONSORED and not paid by Gov.

    You folks really love ugly in this country

    • Montana is paid by taxpayers money. Stop lying to us and provide your receipts.
      Government always find the money when it comes to their cronies like Max’s 8 million and Montana and Movado quarter million dollars. Tian and CP on the other hand are thrown pennies and told to wait indefinitely for their pay.
      Up with this we no longer put.
      Arwe want arwe money dat arwe done work for.
      We do not love ugly but when a Trinindadian or Jamaican gets paid in advance to perform for carnival events and our own queens, panmen, calypsonians have to beg, borrow or boycott just to get what is rightfully due them it is blatant disrespectful to Antiguans.

      • @Lastone you sound like a very ignorant person. You comment on every artical cursing the government weather even though at times it jas nothing to do with politics. The way you are ranting I like it the first time these things are happening. This whom nonsense of carnival debt has been on going for years. Many mas troupes have stop playing mas for this reason. This is a known fact but people like you choose not to mention this because of you political bias. Go do your homework before you come and rant.
        Ps I know you going to reply and say I’m being paid by the government like the ignorant person you are.

    • You have to know the people behind the scene that are doing the writing. Carl!!. A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots

  6. Why were the pan players paid 11 months late and at the 11th hour anyway? Is this considered an acceptable business practice anywhere else in the world? Very suspicious!!! Sounds more like a ransom was paid, as opposed to just payment of outstanding prize monies to me!

  7. I think it’s about time we privatize Carnival. Why do we have to saddle up the government year after year with so much debt just because we feel we should have a good time vetting. The money making private vets are not organized by the government! We have t stop wanting everything for free and than look at our government to pay all the. If Carnival is a people’s thing why don’t they volunteer their services or ask for a reduce fee. But no everyone wants to make a killer at the expense of the broke Treasury. Time to start the process of privatizing this festival. And the government may want to subsidize it to the point of no taxes in the first 5 years. Let organizers that have interest bid on it and present their program. And demonstrate that they have the finances to do so and make it better every year.

    • A group of us came to the same conclusion approximately 17 years ago. Amazingly, it’s getting worse every year. The PM needs to set a timeframe (2020) for a 100% private sector takeover. (No government-private sector partnership).

      Too much fat cats supping at the Treasury’s small table. The so called “Carnival Stakeholders” are doing absolutely nothing to promote or improve their craft, yet expect the Government to fork out millions annually to a small useless clique who see our carnival festivities as a “Harvest”, where they can make an extravagant annual salary in just a few weeks. Privatise Now!

      • Hopefully this time around we have a PM that listen and can see the wisdom in this. The argument they are making that it has so much spin off for the economy is mute. because even if it were privatize it would have the same or perhaps more spin off. They say ticket cost may rise out of control. In that event the government can sponsor the ticket or set a maximum price every year that the organizers can offer. No argument they want to bring in holds. Culture? OK sponsor culture by giving some subsidies to the pan bands. They already getting their pans through sponsorship. None of them bought their own pans. I remember Stanford spending $500K buying pans for Mahico. Ask them where the pans are today? And I am sure Cable & Wireless and other sponsors spend more than that over the years. i have no problem with the government wanting to sponsor a price money or giving land. But all that money to pump in to Carnival for what. These are hard earned tax payers dollars. That the same tax payers will turn around and ask the government why their road is not fixed or why they still cannot get water. This is a hard decision but it needs to be made. Carnival in the hands of the government is not feasible but I can assure you in the hands of a private sector group it sure will. Just like how they go all out to hold pre-carnival fetes.

  8. I my personal not to smart view I do belive the members of the pan asscoation are very selfish and inconsiderate to the players espically the young ones. So funny that the have gotte their money and even been offered a solutuon towards the roof and yet they refused same. So of u take our political thing to far time and place to everything.

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