Pandemic Abuse: People Hiding Items At Bottom of Barrels


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says some people have abused the pandemic barrel initiative.


Over 19 thousand barrels have come through the port at reduced fees since the government introduced the programme.


The Prime Minister says the initiative, set to end his month, was to provide relief for poor people affected by the pandemic.

The programme will end in July.

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  1. Any word on the forged signature of the head of the State
    Huh what ? Oh ! that was my voice echoing 😡

    • 😂🤣😂🤣 good one.
      Just say your ending the dollar barrels, stop trying to make it about people bringing in stuff at bottom of barrels. You say that’s happening so the 🛃 offers are doing their jobs to discover that, so the next step is to charge for what isn’t allowed under the dollar barrels initiative. Talking about your government not getting credit for what their doing and what’s not fear. Question 1) are tax’s payers of Antigua and Barbuda get credit for supporting you and your lifestyle?
      2) when are you going to stop exploiting Antiguans.
      Gaston another word that describes you unaccustomed. Stop using citizens to support you and family

      • I agree with your comment. The custom officers should just charge for the items at the bottom of the barrel which are not part of the barrel initiative. The Custom Controller need to run Custom and stop run to daddy every time.

  2. PM with all due respect this is BULL S£1t and poor people will feel it again. Question How you know that they hiding stuff at the bottom of the barrel? And if the custom officers find them aren’t they charged as a normal import and not the dollar barrel? If not who’s to blame? Allot of persons who are not working because of covid have their family members in the US that send stuff for them to sell at the side of the road. When they sell them, they make money to buy gas for their vehicles( tax pan dat), pay electricity, internet and water bills(tax pan dat to) and buy food at Chase, Perry Bay Supermarket, First Choice, Little Canton and others( them pay tax pan them day to) you all need to rethink this thing Robbery increasing because people hungry. You don’t get it

    • The PM don’t care about poor people. He already reach the top of the ladder out of the ghetto and poverty, so instead of helping the poor to elevated like himself, he push down the ladder. Poor people you know what to do when he coming asking for your votes… you don’t need money because it would done in blink of an eye. You need better opportunities, education, lands and housing for popcorn prices, small businesses, etc.

  3. Now, if what the PM said that will cause the dollar barrel initiative to end at the end of July, it is very bad. Why is it that some of us cannot appreciate and good and find someway to beat the system just for their own personal gain and not thing of others. Some people just like to grab while others are scraping. My God man, think of others. Now, the innocent suffering for the guilty. Some people ARE really in need, believe it or not. Since the Pandemic Barber initiative started, I received two barrels for which I paid the full value because of the contents and I had no problems paying because of the contents although I would prefer the initiative but I purchased other things so it was so. I am not a vendor. I get things for my family and who I can help. Honesty is the best policy. NOW THE SUDDEN TAP.

  4. What a backwards practice.

    Duty should be a nominal fee of less than 10% for everyone except later merchants.

    Gaston acting like he’s doing something by cheating people less to pick up their own belongings. It’s akin to robbery and I’m sure the wealthy aren’t paying these fees (cough, cough Hadeeds)

  5. Prime minister what ppl hiding in the bottom of the barrels and boxes we need more details is long time u wanted to stop the dollar Barrel a so a u wicked

  6. Mr PM, what you say is just an excuse to end the dollar barrels. If the custom officers find things in the bottom, why don’t they not just charge the duty on them? The government will not collect any additional revenue as people will stop shipping barrels and send money instead. Where will unemployed people find money to clear barrels? Do you really care about the poor people unemployment because of covid?

    • The PM, his family, and friends done set so he don’t care about poor people. I hope the poor people of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 know what to do when he comes looking for them to re-elect him again back into government.

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