Owner of Jam Dung Charged With Human Trafficking

Cheryl Thompson

(STRATCOM Release)

Police have formally charged Cheryl Thompson of Paradise View, the owner and proprietor of Jam Dung Night Club, with four counts of Human Trafficking. The alleged offences occurred between November 30th, 2017 and February 9th, 2018.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a joint operation was conducted on two separate establishments, which included Jam Dung Night Club. Thompson, among others were arrested and taken into custody and questioned in connection with allegations of Human Trafficking. Several persons, who were deemed to be potential victims of human trafficking were also questioned and released pending further investigations. She is expected to appear before the Court (Today) Tuesday.

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  1. Thus is not her first time. Do you know that? She got off on a technicality . Thus was of course thanks to her esteemed lawyer. What are the words of this same lawyer today? Listen to last weekend’s news clips on the topic! Hypocrisy to the letter T!

  2. Well to be honest with this thing ya .. how can this be trafficking if the said woman (strippers, hoes, nite workers) from Jamaica and Guyana or wherever else they come from know exactly wa them a come for .. u come fu strip and please men and u knew that before u come a Antigua , so wa u a try fu tell me things so bad in are u country that are u prefer fu come Antigua fu hoe u all self … i blame immigration fu this beca wa they tell are u so fu let them in the country , but say one say two the politicians a them frequent them places so i guess they want see fresh things ever so often .. Antigua are u need fu close down the immigration flood gates before its to late .. are u think canada tec way they visa because of CIP alone give me a break , its because we giving way our passport to all caricom people as well , Jamaicans, Guyanese’s and them santo domingans… wake up people it needs to stop …

    • Politicians in Antigua dont care about anyone….When yall gonna wake up and realize this….More foreigners bigging up the government for making them stay and become citizens is more votes…keep them in power to continue doing whatever the hell they feel like doing….election time is here so things will be done and ppl will smile but when it’s all over guess what it’s the same thing that’s always been happening from both sides…These women knew what they were coming here for and it was no promise of anything else other than they will earn way more stripping and prostituting in Antigua….Cheryl jus need to find some willing locals and end the importing…

  3. Her ugly Ass needs to be thrown in jail to be taught a lesson,that’s the only way she will stop.. What a despicable human.Ugly outside and in.

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