Over half a million dollars in traffic tickets issued in 2018


The estimated sum of traffic tickets issued in 2018 is over 572 thousand dollars, according to figures provided by the traffic department.

The revenue is estimated because the calculations for the last quarter of the year have not yet been finalised.

July was the biggest revenue month for the traffic cops and wardens. They issued 820 tickets for a variety of traffic offences valued at $123,000.

523 tickets were issued in May with estimated revenues of $78, 000.

Other big revenue months were January $63,750.00, February and March with revenue of above 61 thousand dollars.

The month with the lowest revenue was $53, 000 in April.

The police did not say how much of the revenue was actually collected.

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  1. For a population of 120,000 this is a serious problem.

    Education obviously is not working.

    This shows widespread lawlessness.

    I hope this is not to show that the police and wardens are doing a good job…BECAUSE IT IS THE REVERSE IT SHOWS WHAT A POOR JOB THEY ARE DOING TO ENSURE DRIVERS KNOWS HOW TO USE THE ROAD WAYS WITH DUE CARE.


  2. Revenue? Are the police issueing tickets because they believe a traffic offense occurred? Or that it’s a source of revenue for the government? Words should be chosen wisely!!!

  3. I’ll bet you the collection rate of these monies is very low. Antiguan drivers do not care about tickets. They know it is going to stretch out to years of collecting Unless we have a special traffic offenses court. And I believe the revenue could be twice as high of the police was really doing their job. Too many drivers do as they like in this country. Especially taxi drivers and bus drivers. You cannot tell them where to park or stop. Or who to block or not. The other day a bus driver blocked be where I was parked and he went about his business to get hos breakfast. And I just had to sit and wait for the man to come and move his bus. And the attitude when he came, thank God I kept my cool otherwise I would have been in 1735. Drivers here will stop in the middle of the road to have a conversation with someone and they don’t care about the traffic behind them. As far as they are concerned you can’t touch them. It is amazing someone didn’t get shot yet. And these things happen because the police is missing in action in the traffic. Look at what the disability community had to do to bring attention to the fact that persons are parking in disabled spots that are not disabled. And it continues even after that. Just go to Woods Center or Epicurean. You see it all the time and the police does not do anything about it. if it is that there is no law then our AG has the duty to present a bill to parliament to address this issue. These are simple small bills. But at least than the police can act and execute the law.

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