Over 5000 Masks Distributed To Residents Today


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda began distributing mask to citizens.

Emergency Medical Technicians attached to the ABEMS visited the public market as well as the major supermarkets on island as well as the vendoers market during the 7am to 12 midday allotted outdoor time.

Patrons who received the masks were grateful for this much needed item.

At the end of the day over 5,000 masks were handed out.

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  1. Please be cautious and be careful when wearing and removing of your masks.Before wearing your masks there must be a protocol.If that protocol is not followed.The masks would be proven to be useless.So all recipients call the Health Department for guidance before using your masks.You could also go on YouTube and seek guidance.Just an idea folks.

  2. Was this announced? I’ve been home all morning researching how to make masks and all the while they giving away masks just round the corner from me. Chu!!

  3. They say stay at home….. You stay at home

    They give masks to people who not at home….What could cause that….

    How will people in house get masks?

    Why is everything so disorganized….. Who is causing all this anxiety???

  4. Please Mr PM I beg if the country is moving to a total lock down indicate to the general public as early as practical like yesterday…..

  5. It is a great initiative to have these masks distributed to the citizenary. However, it should be done through a level playing field…. Each citizen is faced with this crisis and is susceptible to the disease… A better plan of action need to be put in place to equally distribute the masks so that each citizen can be collect…. This exercise should not be like the ham & turkey exercise

  6. My Fellow Antiguans !!!!! Stop criticize and wear the MASKS. This VIRUS is for real. Be proactive. Give Thanks.

  7. Here’s a thought Antigua Government..: Just a thought. How about You distribute the mask through the voters registration in each constituency. Through their representatives .. hoping that the representatives don’t steal all and give to family and friends .. through those registration lists and date of births, maybe make sure the elderly get then the other constituents.. .. How about they drive around in those fancy government vehicles and distribute them in the constituency instead of randomly standing outside of places and causing more crowd to gather and more confusion. But then again I’m not a genius like all the high paid government officials and their cronies. Smh … a nation is only as great as its leaders and trust me this ain’t it!

  8. How and where are these masks being distributed? When is the next distribution? You take the time to send out a press release based on what you have already done. How about telling us in advance what you plan to do? We need better information.

  9. It’s a blessing to sharing, but I would keep those masks for the all hospital for the doctors the nurse says and all medical essential personnel, just don’t know when you are really going to need them most, maybe give to an elderly person and let the younger people’s make their own protection masks a scarf or a bandana it’s very useful, and don’t forget to wash after each use be safe.

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