Over 3000 people apply for affordable housing

Maria Browne, Housing Minister

Housing Minister Maria Browne says there is a housing revolution taking place in Antigua and Barbuda.

Listen to her here speaking in parliament on Monday.

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  1. 4K illegals were given ALP amnesty and now 3K illegals are requesting “affordable” housing. This is an outrage! We can’t allow this illiterate fool to give away our patrimony.

    • @Mr Byam
      On the day that she got married you texted an equally offensive remark. Before she entered politics.
      Your comments seem personal. Do you have a personal grudge. I’m just asking.
      Cause it certainly seems so. If not that’s too bad.
      Politics and hate seems to be eating at our souls.

      • I always look forward to Mr Byam comments which might a little rough for some on the edges but deal with it . Time for being nice is over there's too much at stake now. I always look forward to Mr Byam comments which might a little rough for some on the edges but deal with it . Time for being nice is over there's too much at stake now.

        @ The original Chips ; What Mr Byam said that was so wrong and as you said outrageous that got under your skin?
        Stop don’t answer because no one gives a rats and care’s what you want to know.
        I’m sure My Byam has more important things than respond to your silly little banter like sipping some afternoon tea.

    • This is why nepotism never works.

      This is an unlawful vote-chasing exercise on behalf of her husband and the ABLP.

      If the electorate cannot see through this absolute charade, then we deserve everything that’s coming our way …

  2. Little girl how stupid do you think we are. We still waiting for the 500 houses in 500 days

  3. Election is near don’t believe the ABLP lies. They only desire to stay in power to enrich themselves while people suffer, anything they do or say they will benefit the most. Let’s get these old mongrels out that the top dawg is controlling

  4. @Fed…Up Boss man oooman tap find excuse fuh lib home. Or if you are under a rack get out. Whether it took 500 or 1000 days they were delivered. I wonder if you ah one ah dem who choose to not even wash you kin in the rain because you have a personal issue with ABLP and water.

    • @Just Saying
      Did you hear Trevor Walker ask the PM in parliament about his new farm? These people a throw you corn so then can stay in power to control all the fowls and them. They now want to take private people’s lands under the guise that they owe property tax for 50 years. Fall for these people’s games and I hope if you have lands in Antigua, you are up to date on the taxes. Or the land grabbers in government will surely own them. First it was Barbuda lands and now it is yours they are after.
      Do you notice that at first they gave people the impression that the affordable houses included the land? You know you have to own the land.
      A lot of people in Antigua make less that $2,000 per month. They can’t buy no house. Why doesn’t the government empower the people, especially the civil servants with a better salary?

  5. They seems do be a hugh demand for housing which is a good thing. Look like most of the homes will be able to withstand a strong hurricane.

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