Over 1000 small businesses closed under ABLP, says Pringle


Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is challenging the government to say what it has done to help over 1000 small businesses that collapsed under its watch.

Pringle was debating the 2022 National Budget on Thursday.

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    • Pm refuse to get up and speak when Pringle yield but he and his colleagues gabbing all through. SMH the disrespect is blatant

  1. The reason all those small businesses has closed right now is because the former administration ,thats their favourite line after being in power for almost 10 years. Just blame no creative measures to solve problem because they desire to stay in power.


  2. Until the government of Antigua and Barbuda is able to replace the tourist industry with another, the Economy will keep going downhill. Open up the hotels and get the economy going again . people will start coming back to the Caribbean so give the locals a chance to become part owners until the foriegn owners sort out their mess.

    • If the current regime ACTUALLY cared about the citizen’s of Antigua they would doing everything in their power to get the ONE & ONLY economy we have to get it going again.

      If the failed leadership were SMART (which they aren’t) they would take measures to create a second economy for our country. LIGHT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRYS would be a good choice IMO.

      We can not continue being ONLY about SUN, SAND AND SEA anymore.

  3. The ABLP is following Karl Schwab of the The World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda to destroy the middleclass which is largely comprised of the small business owners. When they say “Build Back Better”, watch out… This is their New World Order Agenda of bringing in the Great Reset!

    The ABLP and Gaston Browne are globalist puppets and The Rothschild bankers and the World Economic Forum’s Davos crowd are who is pulling their strings.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!

      “I find myself in the world and I recognize I have one right alone: of demanding human behavior from the other.” ― Franz Fanon!

      It would be prudent for Angel and by extension ANR to both apologize for Angel’s comments!

      Such Values are not those of the People Of African Descent Of Antigua and Barbuda! “Each Endavouring. All Achieving!”

      “The philosophy of Afrocentricity is a way of answering all cultural, economic, political, and social questions related to African people from a centered position. … Indeed, Afrocentricity cannot be reconciled to any hegemonic or idealistic philosophy. It is opposed to radical individualism as expressed in the postmodern school. But it is also opposed to SPOOKISM, CONFUSION, and SUPERSTITION.” – Dr. Molefi Asante!

      • @Betty’s Hope and @John French II
        FYI I’m not anti-Semitic… and I have no strings to pull.
        It is a fact that Klaus Schwab is a Jew who hates other Jews. His family collaborated with the NAZI’s during world war II to steal gold from his Jewish brethren and collaborated with the NAZI to literally work to death the Jews in the camps.

        I have said nothing for which I need to apologize.
        “Each Endeavoring. All Achieving!” aren’t VALUES… they are SLOGANS!

        “The philosophy of Afrocentricity” as it has been described by you, is a bunch of SOCIALISTIC nonsense that, although it sounds nice on the surface, in reality strips people of their individualism and reduces people to SLAVES OF THE STATE (for the common good).

        I sure hope the people of Antigua and Barbuda are smart enough not to fall for your crap!

  4. Absolutely correct, mine was one of many, and I still have to pay my taxes whilst in exile. SICK OF ALP DISCRIMINATORY POLICIES …

  5. When Single Pringle becomes the political leader of the UPP then you’ll see something. Harry is on the way out, and Single Pringle is on the way in. Stop laughing. Pringle IS the best they got. Pringle is THE MAN!!! He sooo bright and sooo articulate.

  6. still waiting for One Single Pringle to even DEBATE THE BUDGET!!! all he did was cuss, hack and bark and spew noise in our Legislature.

    Where is his PAID “RESEARCH OFFICER” to help him?

  7. Pringle doesn’t seem to be aware that we are living in a pandemic. This is a world health and economic crisis. Many businesses have closed down. Not because of any policy of any government. But because economic activities came to a halt for many months. It’s called the country was locked down. Small businesses and those businesses that had no deep pockets could not do anything else but to close down business as their was no business. But the country is opening up again. So, Pringle pay notice. I’m sure Pringle was not able to rent any tents or any party event items because of the curfew and the lock down. But I guess Pringle has deep pockets, because he still can pick up dead dogs. But I wonder if Pringle tried to find out how many businesses closed during the UPP time in office.

    • @From The Sideline
      What you conveniently left out of the description of the CAUSES of businesses closures was that this entire pandemic lockdown was the brainchild of the W.H.O. (bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists and Globalists/Eugenicist like Bill Gates) and the World Economic Forum headed by TRANSHUMANIST Klaus Schwab, plus a LONG list of groups and individuals that want to see us “useless eaters” done away with as soon as possible.

      The spineless COLLABORATORS, that pass themselves off as leaders of governments from around the world (here too), are merely installed puppets of the criminal mafia-like cabal and they want to institute a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (that they control). As part of their master plan, they needed to liquidate the middle class (business owners). This is why our government closed your business down…. they want you destroyed.

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