Our Criminal Investment Program is a shame!


Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are not our own.

By Makeda Mikael

Acronyms can offer a great advertisement objective or the worst interpretation thereby exposing the real objective, and Antigua’s CIP translates to a Criminal Investment Program, which is marketed through the sale of passports.

Introduced by the UPP and monetized by the ABLP, both administrations are culpable in their laziness and refusal to develop Antigua & Barbuda through hard work for and with the the people.

And even if Antigua wished to engage in a real citizenship invitation program, it would have to be properly planned as an investment incentive including the use of its resources even as St. Kitts has something to show in their infrastructure.

But St. Kitts also has paid dearly with their own crooks wielding their passports as they took cover from their deeds.

Antigua and  Dominica have been totally demoralized in this nasty foiled kidnapping cum hijacking cum illegal rendition of an Antiguan CIP passport holder. One cannot ask for a clearer demonstration that selling passports and gratuitously granting citizenship for money can be most attractive to criminals, which often forces high government officials and police into diplomatic situations on which they are compromised by ill-advice and their personal ignorance being over-publicized.

Antigua & Barbuda is now embroiled in an international diplomatic issue between an Indian Prime Minister, who has no COVID sympathy for the East Indians of Trinidad and Tobago, but chose to befriend the two most notorious Caribbean passport salesmen, the Prime Ministers of  Antigua and Dominica; St. Kitts having moved away from a direct criminal investment program.

The tentacles of this atrocious activity by Heads of Government are far-reaching into the definition by the law of citizenship and the commitment of governments to protect their citizens. The pronouncements in the media have opened up the levels of citizenship, which are sold, or is it all citizenship which has been devalued, and only a unique situation opens up the true value of the Antiguan citizenship?

All Antiguan citizens should seek to regularized their citizenship to clearly establish when they are entitled to government protection, and to whom they can appeal for help when kidnapped locally, beaten by appointed thugs, carriage by engaging a vessel linked to two sister islands, thereby making them accomplices, and being held by police without charge.

All of these woes have been brought upon us by the (CIP) Criminal Investment Program and the economic development by sale of passports to create slush funds which are used arbitrarily.

The citizenry has been defrauded by this illegality and criminal conduct, which has reduced the security of the Antiguan & Barbuda’s passport.

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  1. While Antiguan government was helping Mehul, its name was tarnished. Now great respect coming up for Antigua for honesty of actions of its government for delivering justice to a fraud who looted poor people’s lifesaving from Public Banks.

  2. Well written and on point, a must read for all born Antiguans. The writer of this article is not a born Antiguan and if she can see clearly what is happening to us in this gangsters paradise under the failed experiment and we born Antiguans can’t then something is definitely wrong with us born Antiguans. (Notice I left out Barbudans) who can’t understand what is happen to us because of partisan politics, well only JAH can help us. I just want to add to this part of the article, when she wrote “All of these woes have been brought upon us by the (CIP) Criminal Investment Program and the economic development by sale of passports to create slush funds which are used arbitrarily.” Let me add a part that the writer failed to mention that we the people gave a bunch of old renegades who have demonstrated over the years their appetite for corruption. I am not one for selling of passport, let me make that clear. I agree with the writer what we have is a bunch of lazy politicians that don’t care about the people, they only care about self enrichment. “Wake up my sleeping people.” Thank you Makeda Mikael.

    • You just can’t take money from thieves / fugitives and give them citizenship. One day, they will bring shame to your flag and passport. Antiguan government repairing the mistake they did in 2018.

  3. Imagine an Indian reporter said in an interview, ” India has been good to Antigua and Barbuda by giving you vaccines, so why don’t you give us Choksi”.
    Was this an exchange agreement and plot.?

  4. CIP has been a national disgrace from the start. It should be scrapped posthaste. MM is correct, successive governments have been to lazy and inept to do the hard work needed to develop the country.

  5. CIP programs have existed for years (in SKN since the 80’s), yet there has been less negatives regarding said programs than for eg naturalizations programs or even born citizenship programs. What is the percentage of born citizens who go afoul of the law? What is the percentage of naturalized citizens who have done same? Since its inception in about 2013, of the some 4K persons who have received citizenship, only a handful have run afoul of the law. Unlike other paths to citizenship, the CIP act sets conditions to citizenship. Among them is if a successful applicant runs afoul of the law, within the first five years, they will lose their citizenship. While the writer sees no value to CIP, it has paid some 36 million annually to Social security, it provided funds for APUA to make needed investments, it aided government in paying back the IMF 300 million loan, it has aided government by paying for systems to aid in the anti money laundering fight. I gather if government had used CIP funds to pay for the property the writer wishes to sell, its only then she will deem CIP as valuable.

    • @Tenman: Why do you,Sidelines, and other locals within the inner belly of the Administration’s bowels. All seems to either envy,jealous, or hate this lady.

      • Boss I have no hate for the lady, only know her by her reputation. Lady is seeking relevance. Misses the old days when she was in the in thing. Seems you forget when she was in the belly of the said beast and Sir LB boasted about sending her to comfort Dr. Cort when Cort was in college and felt stressed

        • And her reputation is known to many. Anyone wonder why not even her sons want to work with her in the business? Must be an awful woman. Even tries to control the grandchildren’s lives.

  6. Well said Makeda. Our Passports have been an issue for some time now. Going back to the Sniper in the Washington,DC area. Remember,Lee Boyd Malvo and his accomplice. Then the CIP Antigua and Barbuda Citizen in Thailand. The one involved in the Dark Web. He committed suicide when Thai Police went to arrest him. Then there was a Chinese National. She got her CIP Citizenship. Then it was publicly found out. She was a wanted person by the Chinese. Even though she told them about her issues with the Chinese Government. They still issued her that CIP,Citizenship. My guess they saw $$$$$$ and nothing else. That matter was taken up by a Law Firm in Antigua. What has become of that case? Now Choksi and his issues. This one is likened to a Hollywood Movie R rated for content and Co-Stars. Give those Passports to the Hucksters down at the Market to sell. They could not do worse than the CIU. In terms of their background checks. Keep up the good works Makeda. Keep their damn feet the grind.

  7. Could someone please give #tenman a soap box and a megaphone so that he can spew his red coolaid rhetoric for everyone to realize how foolishly ignorant he is. If only, as the author mentioned, work was actually put into developing Antigua and Barbuda with hard work and sound economic policies A&B would not be so economically volatile. Antigua needs major capital investments both public and private in quaternary sectors. We need major infrastructural development in areas that will allow for better standards of living for all Antiguans and Barbudans. We need a lower tax burden to allow for higher disposable incomes and more spending, thereby increasing economic activity. These are just some of the things that a government that is not lazy could do to improve Antigua and Barbuda’s economic prospects.

    • @Economist…what were you doing and continue to do when tasked in assisting the government (AS A CIVIL SERVANT)…FISHING!!!!!

      • @Ah You Cooh Yah I am a small fish whose research and opinions only matter to a select few. Maybe if i was in some inner circle then maybe then I would be of use to the powers that be. I have and will always continue provide my knowledge and expertise to anyone who accepts it.

    • ECONOMIST I am fast coming to the conclusion that TENMAN and FROM THE SIDELINES should be just ignored for the stupidity that they spread. I find TENMAN’s comparison of the other routes to citizenship to the CIP route is irrelevant and perhaps even ridiculous. Further more Antigua has had many, many of its CIP citizens running into problems internationally because they were shady, underworld characters. Anyway, my initial reason for commenting under this Article is to commend Makeda Mikael for another great piece.

      • Tabor looking forward to the times when you ignore me. In the meantime was funny seeing your party leader on the defensive, via Indian TV. Him essentially being asked directly why he is cuddling a wanted felon brought me some laughter. Not sure what many CIP citizens from ANU has proven shady, suspect you are confusing CIP citizens with those “investors”, now serving prison time, Baldwin took money, into his personal bank account, for diplomatic posts

        • TENMAN are really serious with your comment about Baldwin (we know you are referring to former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer)? Boy do you know you could be sued for defamation for that statement. I really should not be giving you legal advice since you can get it free from Sir Gerald or at least Gaston would pay for your legal costs as he will be doing for Donna.

          • Charles, give that legal advice to Lovell or Baldwin and when you sue Tenman, sue me too. Because I have said the same thing many times. Baldwin admitted on the radio and tv that yes he took the money and deposited into his account and later he claimed to has handed over to the Party. To date no documents have been provided about that. And Mansoor also admitted that he has used his families business to receive monies. It was all in the public domain. So what you want to sue about. The same stupid advise you give to Lovell to sue Donna, Point FM and the PM. Guess what, they are all still waiting on your sue. When is it coming?

    • Seems you are ignorant to the fact that the author used to be an advisor to the former PM, LB. Poor you, ask even the IMF and they will tell you that our “tax burden” is one of the lowest globally, hence they argued that government look at doing things like increase the tax on fuel and possibly increase VAT, while still keeping PIT. Its the recognition that these suggestions would be too burdensome why CIP was embraced. Our small population size dictates that we look at non tax revenue measures.

      • Boss TENMAN are you talking to me about tax breaks and economics etc? BOY I have a Masters in economics. You need to wheel and come again as they say.

        • Nope not for you, since aftercall you were to ignore me. Lets just admit that like the law degree, the economics degree not working for you. Waste of money. Anyway watch me from now on , do what you can’t do, Ignore you.

          • TENMAN just to let you know I find it hard to ignore the stupidity of people like you and FROM THE SIDELINE. I am trying but it is difficult since I am still hoping that you will at some time see the light. Even your rationalization today of why Gaston should go to the IMF is baseless and pointless since the criticism is not about the extant objective economic conditions, but rather the shock and shamefulness of the Top Dawg going back to eat not only his words but worse his own vomit. Try to juxtapose all he has said in the past about the IMF with his recent statement about discussions with the IMF. He can get away with that hypocrisy with mindless minions and sycophants like most of you.

          • Tenman are you going to ignore him like the PM.
            I believe he has all these fake degrees. Now he has a Masters in Economic and he doesn’t understand one iota of economic principles.

  8. Everyone knows that the CIP was a disaster long ago. If this Choksi mega-crook is not deported to India, the key reason is the cancer of corruption in our society, be it in judiciary or executive or politics! Makes me wonder if it is a colonial hangover from the French to the British!

    Selfish, notoriously corrupt and shameless politicians like Linton are an insult to Dominica’s Maroons that is so well illustrated in the “Forests of Freedom”

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