Ounces owner remanded to 1735

Bertsfield Smitten

The Owner of Ounces Ice Cream Parlor and Grill, Bertsfield Smithen was remanded to prison when he appeared in the All Saints Court Magistrates Court this morning.

Smithen, who is a resident of Cartys Hill, allegedly shot Aiden “Muscle” Russell in his stomach during an incident at the restaurant last Friday.

Police charged the accused with Shooting with Intent to Murder and Shooting with Intent to cause Grievous Bodily Harm.

The Magistrate did not offer bond since Magistrates do not have the jurisdiction to grant bail on a charge of Shooting with Intent to Murder.

Smithen still has the option of seeking bail in the High Court.

He will return to the Magistrates Court on January 9 for committal proceedings.

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  1. I thought when someone applied for a firearm licence is to protect their homes and businesses including their self and family.

  2. Why didn’t his lawyer addressed the issue of the conditions of the prison. It would b inhumane and a breach to his constitutional right to send him to a foul place like 1735. His lawyer should have asked that he be sent to accommodations at the base instead.

  3. He should fire his lawyer and represent himself after the latest revalations lawyers continue to allow the court to remand their client in court. Serious neglect of duty

  4. Why can’t he stay at navy base and a sick man come at me with a gun or cutlass I should stand and let him chop or shoot me like really, this place sick my stomach the law is awful

  5. Mr Russell never had a weapon and the owner of ounces attacked him first verbally then physically mr. Russell defended himself with a chair

  6. Why wasn’t this Black Antiguan remanded to the former US Base, where the White British guy is being held? What good for the goose good for the gander. Equality for all.

  7. The man from England had England to fight on his behalf so he wouldn’t go to the nasty prison. Sadly for Antiguans there is no one to stand up and say the prison is not good Enough for Antiguans. Maybe the leaders of Antigua that we elect should fight for our rights and protect us the way England protected her own citizens Don’t be mad at the English man sans England cause they look out for their own. Antigua leaders and politician and those in charge are ok with putting Antiguans in that nasty prison so they will continue to put Antiguans there. England stood up for what they believed in and stated that the place was in humane which it is. Nobody standing up for Antiguans. Maybe we should think about that the next time we vote! So stop complaining. England is only looking out for her citizens. DONT HATE THE PLAYER! Antiguans should demand leadership who will look out for them same way! Now somebody else get a better deal cause their leaders looked out for them don’t hate …. nothing was being done about the conditions at the prison … y’all didnt know until England said it was horrible to complain … BE QUIET and continue to go in the dirty prison cause no body was complaining before or u would complain and nothing is being done! Antiguans must learn to stand up! Protest for what they believe in…. only when England say the prison bad everybody a run dem mouth!

  8. They send the black man to the CCJ prison and send the white man to the Privy Council hotel. What a so called country.
    Ask the prison warden to commute your sentence to one day sir.

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