Opposition to vaccines have been politically motivated – Greene


The Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party  EP Chet Greene has called out political activists for their role in vaccines hesitancy.

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    • This idiot fit into the second option,this traitors believe we are as the venezuelan country… and see if their are brave as the stupid valet parking uniform their use to send a message… pathetic clowns their are,their be and their will…let me go out and drink me cavalier shot

  1. What is this Red Army uniform all about anyway? Something is wrong here. It looks like something the doorman at the New York Hilton might wear, or the head usher at a Broadway play. I’m confused????

  2. Dictatorship uniform those are some the gifts the Chinese gave them ” if the Chinese wants to colonize us let them bring them gifts and come”A🤡 once said

  3. Greene said locals are more likely to spread covid than tourist. The UPP disagrees but guess what if the UPP becomes the government is the same tourist they will allow in. Just think about that fact.

    • JUST SAYING tourists will be allowed in under more coherent policies and not the changing of policies willy nilly. The government has placed livelihood over lives and as a result has changed the policies from time to time to facilitate livelihood. That would be the difference in operation between a UPP Administration and the present government.

  4. It’s the R.I.S.E of H.I.T.LE.R, please you Sir and Gaston please to leave that man dead we don’t that spirit roaming this country. Thank you My God is much bigger than your party.

  5. The blue wave politicians are always acting like snakes in high grass…. At first, they formed LUMP, then THE MOVEMENT then THE FAITHFUL NATIONALS & now THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS….. What next? THE NATIONAL DISGUISERS???????

  6. Red Communists Uniforms? That was a surprise. The Political elements saw a way to infiltrate and CONTAMINATE. These people who are marching is being used however their cause is genuine. They use this virus as leverage to lash out at a system that’s been neglecting them for their entire lives. When the upper crust get sick or injured, they fly out. Poor people still carrying water in many areas, after all it is 2021. You would think they would be able to give you water in 1000 days, Remember Yearwood’s speech on water? We are still waiting, its way pass 14 days Sir. I need to flush. Health care. MSJMC have no wheelchair ramp leading from the parking lot to the main building, now that’s a first. Sure could use an Office of the Inspector General. And what the hell you injecting in the youths at Clearview, looks like an assembly line, are you guys using the DSM-5? Yes, lots of politricks. When Chinese and so-called foreign investors are getting some weird concessions but you don’t hear Antiguans And Barbudans getting those same kind of deals. While we pursue the dream of being “An economic Power House” but for who? Where is the creativity of the Development Bank our (CDFI) Community Development Financial Institution. We now have people who call themselves Antiguans and do not speak English, just come and doing fantastic. Nope, it’s not about masks or CV-19, it’s about talking back, it’s about trust. The politicos have done it again!

  7. I would like to see the entire Cabinet parading in that Ref Army Uniform on Independence Day. Could you imagined what some would really look like.

  8. These red military uniforms on civilian politicians… we all know these came from the Chinese government. We all know china is our new colonial massa. They’ve sold us to the Chinese for some trinkets and red uniforms. Me hope y’all learning your Chinese. But then again, maybe they make our men pull up dem pants… disgusting staring at all that underwear everyday, all day. You all wannabe gangsta!

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