Opposition Leader, Senators sworn-in


Alex Browne, David Massiah, Shawn Nicholas and Jonathan Joseph were sworn in on Tuesday morning as the UPP’s opposition senators at a brief official ceremony at Government House.

Opposition leader Jamale Pringle was also sworn-in. Watch Below:

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  1. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn didn’t even get a Senate gig. She will remain UNEMPLOYED or wipe down sweaty gym equipment???

  2. @ Smh. Why are you in the people’s business? And what business is it of yours, what the good lady does? Did this lady hurt your feelings in some way? Did she expose your ‘equipment’ inadequacies.? Do you know of anyone who won their seat, but not given a ministry? That should be your concern.

    • @Mr. Byam

      Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn is all bark and no bite! PISS POOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS AT THE BANK and brainwash Barbuda people to stick with white men in wigs for justice. The LAND IS VESTED IN THE CROWN!!

      Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn is shallow.

  3. UPP is really a naïve political party. You would think they would have learnt something after the beatdown they got in the last two elections. Now they are groaning about how Labor stole the election and how they should have won because they were the nice guys and ALP was the bad guys.

    Grow up, UPP. Didn’t you know that ALP would buy the election just like they did in 2014 and especially in 2018?

    Did you expect them to change? They did it right before your eyes and the eyes of the law, and again got away with it. You knew things were not right up at ABEC. You knew about the entrance of the late registrations on the lists, and you talked about it, yet you did nothing about it.

    You thought you would win anyway, so why bother. Your leaders were complacent and more concerned with planning events than harvesting the lists. And while the candidates were on stage getting blessed, the Labourites were cutting out the stragglers in your herd.
    You believed you were better than them and more holy and you had God on your side and larger crowds at your rallies. And while you were having your gospel love concert they were sharing money to your supporters in plain sight.

    Your leader lost by 6 votes, asked for a recount, lost that too and then like Pontus Pilate, he washed his hands and threw the towel to the high priestess who couldn’t wait to get rid of him and start running roughshod over the herd.

    Sorry, UPP. Until you get politically astute. Until you learn that nice words and gospel songs and table manners and a leader who has gentleman manners cannot win a political race in Antigua. Until you learn that dealing with going low is not to go high.
    Until you learn to fight fire with fire, YOU WILL BE IN OPPOSITION FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

    • Lol!!!!!!? u really believe that UPP nun min ah gee out money???? Lol did you see do pics an video from di gathering at dry hill??? Did u know up to election day money min day a fling up ah potta 😂 gwan tink UPP r an innocet bunch ah chuch boy and gyal them just a guilty ass ALP just that ALP money longer 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Dr. Cleon Athill was the only one who did NOT accept any “filthy lucre”. All the others have their names written down in his little black book for future blackmail.

        $500 was sharing out in Freetown the night before the elections. Shame on Freetown people for sending a killer to represent them!

      • @ …

        All the ABLP does in secret will be revealed in due order……..

        I have said before that you ABLP supporters cannot have it both ways – you cannot claim that the UPP candidates are broke and cannot even pay their house rent etc. but now when it suits you that they were giving out money!!!
        Your arguments do not add up.
        So your days are numbered ABLP.

        • Lol so tell me wha dem min day ah do ah dry hill pics and videos all over social media even the loud foul mouth cash app mouth piece min dey the dry hill in he wash out red slippers🤣🤣🤣🤣 ya tink ah alp one min dey ah fling money only ting is alp money longer🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Grow up, UPP. In other words, go find a sheik and promise him land etc so that you can have money like peas to throw around. If that is what you call political astute, then no thanks! Leave UPP as it is. Principle is an important thing.

      • @ Zackie

        Amen……I do not think Grow up is a UPP supporter- maybe someone pretending to be, but is an ABLP decoy!

  4. Even the Senate picks I am not impressed with.
    Shawn & Johnathan have outdone their usefulness. Massiah too has outdone his usefulness but was only out there to stir up the industrial waters. Alex! Lord have Mercy! Anyway, he needs some 💰💰💰💰 to put back from his recent expense. Anyway, I hope they tell him Not to walk with a bottle to the Senate.

    • @ Sad But True

      No one was asking you to be impressed………you would be the LAST PERSON anyone from the UPP would want to impress.


  5. Let me say congratulations to the U.P.P. on the Senate Appointments.

    Some people do not have access to all the information so I understand why they hold the positions they hold.

    Time will reveal all.

    Keep focused U.P.P.

    Don’t get caught up in the idle chatter.

    Good job so far.

  6. Really UPP? Shawn Nicholas again? So what happened to the three ladies who ran. Don’t y’all think one of them should have gone and get some experience. Also why go with Mr Massiah again? Why don’t give Sean Bird a chance? UPP dropped the ball with those poor selection.

      • Do you feel good about yourself now. Does insulting me for my opinion makes you sleep better at night. Want some more of my opinion to help you improve you sad and pathetic life?

  7. It is obvious that Shaun Nicolas and Jonathan Joseph are there to get their box hand. That is horrible. You cannot get change without sacrifice. Shaun has been of little use to the party as a political force. She needs to spend more time as secretary trying to raise the party’s profile. If she is in somebody’s space because she wants a year to get full pension, then UPP is no different than Labor with the selfishness.

    Jonathan Joseph is friends with the higher ups in the party. UPP went for the youths and this is how they reward them. Not even Peter Blue?

    And Franz. We need some spark in the Senate. Looks like they did not care for our girl Pearl.

    BTW, is it just the chairman making these decisions? She could not wait for Lovell to vacate the place. If she is running the UPP now that Lovell is gone, there will be constant friction.

    My picks for the senate are Peter Blue, Pearl, Athill, and I would bring back Tabor for experience.
    Sorry ABWU, you should not be there. It is putting a damper on the party and the candidates who worked so hard.

  8. Pringle never pronounce nothing right. Can he even read? This morning at government house he struggled to prononounce C-O-N-S-C-I-E-N-T-I-O-U-S-L-Y

  9. Harold Lovell is using a political strategy on in order to return to leadership. First mistake he made to validate my hypothesis is to turn over leadership to Pringle. He knows pringle is incompetent, so if he did really wanted to abdicate the leadership of the UPP, he would have given the position to Richard Lewis because he’s capable to take the opposition party to the next level. That’s why I know he’s fake with this abdication nonsense.

  10. Congratulations to all the senators! Alp people please go and gripe somewhere else! Because you can’t tell Gaston that he is why the party lost so many seats. Smh.

  11. The Senate/Upper House is a waste of the People’s monies. They are simply a rubber_stamp for the Ruling Arms policy’s.
    They collect a paycheck, and some a retirement check for being a #rubber_stamp💮.

    Yes, I know it’s a part of the #system. The one and same which many are eager to replace.

    #Pay real pensioners and retirees!

    Vere C. Edwards

    • Just like waste a time Pringle!!

      Who actually allowed this guy into our parliament and politics?

      Anybody could have won his seat if he was placed in another constituency he would loose badly.

      We need a young person on the ABLP slate to get rid of him.

      • @ RED RED

        PRINGLE really burning your stomach. You promised 17-0 since you only lost by 10 in 2018.

        IF ANYBODY COULD EASILY WIN THE SEAT THEN TRY AND GET A YOUNG PERSON LIKE ROBIN OR CUTIE OR MOLWYN- they are much younger than PRINGLE. PRINGLE IS ACTUALLY 75. HE ONLY BEAT COLLIN BY 700 VOTES!! – not a lot- it would be very easy for someone YOUNGER to beat him. KEEP DREAMING. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  12. The union in bed this is why the union and the government didn’t complete the negotiations before the election.

    Typical DEAD DOG PRINGLE. Get people to vote for him, then NO ONE FROM ALL SAINTS EAST is good enough to be SEnator!!

    • @ Sad But True

      Anyone from CITY WEST is a senator?

      Anyone from CITY SOUTH is a senator?

      Anyone from CITY EAST is a senator?

      Anyone from ST PHILIPS NORTH and ST MARYS NORTH is a senator?
      There are only 4 to be allocated- the PM can allocate 11, so therefore NOBODY from those areas good enough to be elected SENATORS?

  13. Just like how they the UPP and supporters were saying ABLP candidates were old. All the UPP are stale and old. The UPP party need young bright senators for now and future. Wait what about Tabor? I am going to miss his unusual face

  14. Where is he? He not “greatful” anymore?

    The week before elections, BANKRUPT told Paul he would be swearing in next Friday and his first outing to the Parliament he will be wearing African attire & plans to make it a practice. So I am wondering if the Friday hasn’t come yet.

    Cutie lash he WOOTOOP wid he own bullbud!

  15. Quid Pro Quo. That is what you call it. You help me win the election and I’ll give you a seat in the senate. You would think they would prioritize their candidates that lost the election. Of the sixteen candidates they had on their slate nine lost. But when you make a promise you have to keep it.

    • @ From The Sideline


      Hypocrites……..go run ABLP business and determine the reasons why they have lost so much support. You did promise 17-0, so there is no reason to celebrate!

  16. @From The Sidelines

    List of UPP Losers:

    1). Lovell – God bless JOANNE MASSIAH!
    2). Franz
    3). Jonathan
    4). Alex
    5). Pearl
    6). Alister
    7). Icecream vagabun
    8). Clown Athill
    9). Sean

    • The DNA’s votes cannot be specifically assumed to be the determinant in Lovell losing- not according to mathematical analysis.

      Rather it was the $15,000,000 spent in the last 48 hours that bought the election- as confirmed by affidavits.

      • @election purchase

        Freetown people took more than that to vote for their KILLER. Dr. Cleon Athill has morals. She REFUSED the filthy lucre from the Arab from Guadeloupe

  17. Joanne will soon be relegated to the dust bin of time. Another self centered person who wanted to be leader . She is just a waste of time and a arm of the ruling party.

  18. I agree that the senate is a rubber stamp to the ruling administration. However, it could be a good training ground for young and budding politicians. I only have one problem with the UPP appointments . I would prefer to see a young person instead of David Massiah. Then you could have balance with another woman Dr. Cleon Athill or Gladis Potter. It could be a good exposure for any of the two on the political stage .
    Dr. Athill would have risen and become during her tenue an outstanding delator and add substance to UPP. David has been in the upper house before and did not make any memorable impact, except being fired by the then PM Spencer. Unions are almost useless in today’s world. You get better results from hiring an attorney.

    • So, Frankly Speaking…u mean fu tel we, dat r we tax dallaz fu train, educated CEO’s how fu rabb we?
      So, Frankly Speakjng, let me be frank, even do my name is not even close, why the hell are we using tax payers dollars to train, educated Ph D’s, MD, Attorneys, Accountants with MBA’s how to become #white_collar criminals? It’s best we take a bunch of High School grads, educate them. At least, they wouldn’t have being indoctrinated into the various orders of #Odd_Fellas, Cosa Nostra, and all of Hyram Abiff’s #variants who switch political allegiance faster, than a Indian Town wind gust, swishing around a mini_skirt on a #Cougar🐯during the Kite Festival.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  19. Unions agree with politicians getting full pension , they or their spouses after serving for just two terms and two years. While civil servants have to work until they are close drop dead to 3 scores and 10. Don’t tell me anything about people are living any longer. I watch the death announcements on TV and the majority of people dying are between 60 and 75. So if someone start to teach at age 20 . Shouldn’t that person get retirement at age 60 years after 40 years of service. A politician voted into office at age 24 can get full retirement at age 36 how LUDICROUS.

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